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LOCATION:  Somewhere Along a Coastline in Trammel, Test Center Shard

[25:47] Mesanna:  There you are.

[25:51] Grakulen:  Now it’s red in here.  This is somebody’s house?

[25:56] Mesanna:  Yes.

[26:02] Grakulen:  So what do you do to build this big, huge house?  Do you have to do quests and collect stuff and…

[26:06] Mesanna:  No, you don’t, actually.  You lay down a foundation, there’s several different sizes.

[26:12] Bleak:  It’s a trap.

[26:13] Mesanna:  There are different types of walls, flooring you can put down, and then rest of it’s your imagination.

[26:20] Grakulen:  How do you get the items?  Do you have to earn them, or do you just get them, buy them, upkeep, anything?

[26:28] Mesanna:  Well, some you do.  Like this statue here, you get it from doing a…yeah, this person designed this house.  But a lot of the things you get from different areas in the game, steal artifacts, or you go to champ spawns and they drop there or whatever.

[26:48] Grakulen:  I am stuck in the house.

[26:55] Mesanna:   No you’re not.

[26:55] Grakulen:  No, I was too.  I walked up the stairs and I totally got stuck there.  There’s a…like right here.

[27:07] Bleak:  Yeah, there’s a drop-off.

[27:09] Grakulen:   There’s a trap.


[27:18] Grakulen:  So yeah, I did.  I got trolled into a house.  That’ll make the highlight reel. [Writes on a piece of paper.] UO notes to trolls:  UO Trolling.  Trapped me under the stairs.  Also, horse called me “Poppy.”


[27:43] Grakulen:  Offered me strange objects.

[27:48] Bleak:  Oh my god.

[27:49] Mesanna:  If he offers you candy, run away.

[27:51] Grakulen:  Yes.  I feel dirty.  There we go.

[28:02] Grakulen:  McRippens, I’m glad that you enjoyed this.  I do this all the time, like once a week, three times a month.  Show off, I wouldn’t call them old games, I’d call them classic MMOs.  That’s why it’s Wayback Wednesday.  If you like what you see, we do regular games too.  So make sure you follow the channel, follow us on Twitter.  Make sure you check out the UO Herald.  See the new stuff there coming out.  A lot of community-driven events through their EMs, so it’s not a static game.  It’s a vibrant game that’s got player- and community-driven content being added to it.

And there’s a scorpion in your house.  You definitely need to call the exterminator, because that thing is big enough to eat us all, child.


[28:45] Mesanna:  Oh lord.

[28:45] Grakulen:  I don’t know what the hell you’re doing here.  What kind of house you’ve got going on.  And you know what else I’ve also noticed?  You have a surprising lack of bathrooms and no chamber pots.  So…

[28:58] Mesanna:  And no hot tubs.

[28:59] Grakulen:  Yeah.  There is a…you must have one hell of a maid service.

[29:08] Mesanna:  Seriously, everybody needs a bathroom.

[29:10] Grakulen:  I know!  Right.  I guess you know what, I fell in the bathroom earlier.  That’s what it was.  [indecipherable] when I first came in.  Whew!  There we go.  And I’m in it again.  Escape the house.

[29:25] Mesanna:  Oh my gosh.

[29:25] Grakulen:  There we go.  See, no, really if you’re not paying attention, you get stuck right there.  But Ghost of Gray Lakes, you’ve got the coolest mount in the game so far I’ve seen.  Just want to throw that out there.  Drowy, you are the coolest character in UO I’ve seen, because you are a polar bear.  Bromide is a llama.  I don’t care if someone tells you you’re a goat.  They lied to you.  You are a llama.


[29:50] Grakulen:  And Elvolin, you have a giant frigging scorpion following you around.  Lord help you.  Because if that thing gets pissed off at you, I don’t know that anyone else is going to be able to stop it.  Speaking of which, I look like Friar Tuck and I’m going to run over here.  Put my clothes back on before somebody gets me.  [Opens the backpack gump and begins dressing his character.]

So, anyway, yeah there’s a…just be glad there’s not guards in this game that can kill me.  Because if there was, we would have found them.

[30:20] Mesanna:  Oh, there are.

[30:21] Grakulen:  Oh, there are.  Let me rephrase that.  Be glad that I didn’t find the guards in the game that can kill us, because that turns into a fun time.  It’s like, “Hey guys, let’s follow this guy over here.  What’s he doing? There’s guards!  Oh!”  Dead.

“Hey, I think I’ve got them ranged.  Some of us sit here and…oh, dead.”  “Hey Rob, where are you going?  Oh, this… Hey, oh…now I’m dying.”

OK.  So yeah.  It’s a good time had by all.

[30:49] Mesanna:  Oh I can see it now.  “What did you learn tonight?” “ Oh I learned to die.”

[30:52] Grakulen:  I learned to die.  I learned that I’ve got 1, 2, 12 robes in my backpack.  Thirteen.  Oops, one was hidden.  That’s my lucky number.  Really, I don’t have a problem with it the number 13 [indecipherable]

All right.  Is there anything else that you want to leave the stream with before we call it a night?

[31:14] Mesanna:  Umm.

[31:17] Grakulen:  I know it’s getting past midnight where you’re at.

[31:20] Mesanna:  I know, it is.  No, I think I’m good for now.

[31:25] Grakulen:  All right.  Well we…

[31:25] Mesanna:  We should do this more often though.

[31:27] Grakulen:  Definitely we can set something up where we can do it again.  It’s not a problem.  And hopefully we’ll have this turn out and we’ll schedule a little bit something more.  [Reads from the chat panel.]  Shout out for…what’s the “Yew Times”?

[31:42] Mesanna:  Yew Times is good.

[31:44] Grakulen:   Yeah, OK.  There you go, SunWolf.  “Yew Times.”  Yeah, we’ll definitely set something up.  I’ll send you an e-mail.

[31:51] Mesanna: OK.

[31:51] Grakulen:  We’ll get something going.  I appreciate your time.  Everybody, thanks for coming out.  Had a great time and you are very welcome, King.  Make sure you follow the channel.  Follow me.  If you’ve got any questions or you want to see this again, you can come to the MMORPG.COM forums and there’s a sticky thread called Wayback Wednesday.  So if you’ve got any suggestions or ideas, feel free to post them there.

[32:12] Mesanna:  It was great meeting both of you.  Thank you very much.

[32:14] Grakulen:  You’re very welcome.  And you have a great night.

[32:17] Mesanna:  You too.

Haven Bank (Trammel) | Covetous Dungeon (Trammel) Entrance and Level 1 | Covetous Dungeon (Trammel) Level 2 | Covetous Dungeon (Trammel) Levels 3-5 | Wind Maze (Felucca) | Yew Moongate Area (Felucca)


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