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LOCATION:   Yew Moongate (Felucca), Test Center Shard

[1:44:45] Misk: I’d like to know how that’s any different from what has already occurred today.

[1:44:48] Grakulen:  Oh, there’s…oh…hey.  “Get-Maged The Gladiator.”

[1:44:54] Pokket:  I’m not very good on an archer anymore.  See, because I had a dismount archer tamer, so all I had to do was dismount them, so I only had to successfully hit them once and then my pets did all the work.

[1:45:06] Grakulen:  This guy’s like naked–Get-Maged–and he’s running really fast.

[1:45:12] Pokket:  Who?

[1:45:13] Grakulen:  Get-Maged.  Looks ill.  He was naked and half dead and we’re trying to attack him and kill him.

[1:45:19] Pokket:  He’s gonna die.

[1:45:20] Grakulen:  Trying.  Trying.

[1:45:22] Pokket:  Oh no, oh no.  Oh my gosh.  What are you doing?

[1:45:25] Grakulen:  Trying to kill him.  I don’t know.  What am I doing?

[1:45:30] Pokket:  You’re dying, that’s what you’re doing.

[1:45:31] Grakulen:  I’m running now, yeah.

[1:45:32] Pokket:  Oh now you’re getting me killed.  Why are you getting me killed?

[1:45:35] Grakulen:  I don’t know that.

[1:45:36] Pokket:  I’m mortal-striked.  I’m mortal-striked.

[1:45:36] [Grakulen’s character is dead for the eleventh time.]

[1:45:37] Grakulen:  How am I getting you killed?

[1:45:37] Pokket:  I’m mortal-striked.

[1:45:38] Grakulen:  You’re mortal-striked?

[1:45:39] Pokket:  It doesn’t even matter.  I mortal-striked him.

[1:45:40] Grakulen:  Oh.

[1:45:47] Pokket:  Not you, not you.

[1:45:48] Grakulen: So bad.  Oh no, I am.  Don’t worry about it.  It’s a truism.  This person speaks truth.  OK, let’s see the body.  [Tries to click on corpse.]  I’m dead and cannot do that.


[1:45:56] Pokket:  They’re not taking the bait.  They’re not.  I push something invisible out of the way.

[1:46:02] Mesanna:  Where’s your mount, by the way?

[1:46:06] Grakulen:  It’s in my bag.  I like to hoof it.

[1:46:06] Pokket:  [inaudible]

[1:46:10] Mesanna:  You run much faster.

[1:46:12] Grakulen:  Can I attack while I’m mounted?

[1:46:14] Mesanna:  Yes, you can.

[1:46:15] Grakulen:  Well, see there.

[1:46:18] Pokket:  This guy’s gonna own me.  It’s gonna be great.  Oh, there we go.

[1:46:25] Grakulen:  [Reads from chat panel.]  What is KR art?  Someone’s asking if you’d bring back KR art for the 15th birthday.

[1:46:33] Mesanna:  [laughs]

[1:46:33] Grakulen:  As an option to download it unsupported.  I’m just asking.  This person’s really wants to ask. They’ve been asking in chat, sending me IMs, all kinds of stuff.

[1:46:47] Mesanna:  There’s no way we can get that in, especially for the 15th.

[1:46:52] Pokket:  He’s telling me take the rez.

[1:46:54] Mesanna:  It’s huge.

[1:46:55] Grakulen:  So there’s an answer to the question.

[1:46:58] Pokket:  Hey, you should talk.  I can see it.  I’ll tell you what you say.  See, you said, “Rez me.”  That’s pretty easy.


[1:47:15] Grakulen:  Oh hey, I typed in “help me” and it said “Welcome to the Test Center.”

[1:47:20] [Grakulen’s character is resurrected when a player casts Noble Sacrifice.]

[1:47:22] Grakulen:  Not quite what I meant.  [Grakulen opens the backpack gump and begins dressing his character.]

[1:47:28] Pokket:  How come some people have really long names?  Lady MrsNotSoNice of Catskills.  Why am I…no way I’ll attack.  Dang it.

[1:47:37] Grakulen:  I think if you turn the war function off, you won’t have to worry about that any more.

[1:47:40] Pokket:  Yeah.  I keep forgetting.

[1:47:43] Grakulen:  I rez automatically with it off, so….  Maybe I’m just special.  They’re like, “We really need to help this guy out so he will not have him auto-attack as soon as he rezzes.”

[1:47:57] Mesanna:  That’s…um….I actually rezzed you.

[1:48:02] Pokket:  She has many much hacks.

[1:48:04] Grakulen:  I don’t….  Oh yeah.

[1:48:06] Pokket:  She can rez people.

[1:48:07] Mesanna:  Yeah.  From afar.

[1:48:10] Pokket:  Yeah.

[1:48:17] Grakulen:  There we go.  [Closes backpack gump.]

[1:48:23] Mesanna:  Oh, I know a lot of the people are upset because they can’t character copy right now.  But they will be able to character copy again come Tuesday.

[1:48:31] Grakulen:  There you go.  Character copies come Tuesday.  See someone tried to be funny and point nooob at me, but I’m to their left, so they can’t get it at me.  Ha ha.


[1:48:45] Grakulen:  You tried!

[1:48:47] Pokket:  See that red?  That red wants to die.

[1:48:49] Grakulen:  I’m not that newb though.

[1:48:51] Pokket:  I’m gonna kill that red.

[1:48:53] Grakulen:  Like BOOM GOT HIM?  SX:F? Niki?

[1:48:54] Pokket:  That red wants to die.  Yeah.

[1:48:59] Grakulen:  Especially if it’s Niki Menage.  I can’t stand it.  Anyway.

[1:49:01] Pokket:  I need one of the crossbows or whatever does dismounts.  They they can’t run.  Then I’ll switch weapons and kill them.

[1:49:07] Grakulen:  All right, Niki.

[1:49:09] Pokket:  Oh.  Uh oh.

[1:49:13] Grakulen:  We’re gonna kill you for making that stupid super [inaudible] song.   Back up.  I’m back and alive.  Which is more than I can say for the last time.

[1:49:32] Mesanna:  This is true.

[1:49:35] Grakulen:  JC’s attacking me.  Where is JC at?

[1:49:37] [Grakulen’s character is dead for the twelfth time  A gump appears asking if he wants to report JC as a murderer.]

[1:49:38] Grakulen:  What the hell?

[1:49:39] Mesanna: What?

[1:49:39] Bleak:  Oh you’re dead now, dude.


[1:43:43] [Grakulen’s character is resurrected.]

[1:49:47] Mesanna:  You know, if you stay in these rocks right here, this is guard zone.

[1:49:51] Pokket:  And if someone attacks you…

[1:49:55] Mesanna:  So you might want to stay in here to get dressed.  Unless [indecipherable].

[Grakulen opens the backpack gump and starts dressing his character.]

[1:49:55] Pokket: And you type “Guards” if you want them to die. Oh, who is it? Oh my gosh, that person died so fast. Where are they? Ah, that was you? You’re so dead, if I hit you. I’ll hit you one of these days.

[1:50:25] Grakulen:  It will happen.

[1:50:26] Pokket:  Just stand still.

[1:50:30] Mesanna:  Who are you talking to?

[1:50:31] Grakulen:  Herself.

[1:50:31] Pokket:  JC.

[1:50:32] Mesanna:  Oh.

[1:50:34] Pokket:  Stand still.  See that guy’s killing you.  How come I’m not hitting anything?  I am just horrible.   So you run through all the blues and they don’t even attack you.

[The backpack gump closes.]

[1:50:48] Grakulen:  All right.  I just apparently attacked….I’m attacking somebody on accident, apparently.  That’s not good.

[1:50:56] Pokket:  Oh I just attacked a red.

[1:51:00] Mesanna:  And Bleak is running for his life.  “Help me, help me!”

[1:51:05] Bleak:  [inaudible]

[1:51:06] Pokket:  And you’re dead.

[1:51:07] Grakulen:  [Reads from chat panel.]  Best gift for Christmas?  Get rid of Fel Yew guard zone.

[1:51:13] Bleak:  Ah….yeah.


[1:51:19] Mesanna:  A lot of people want it gone.

[1:51:24] Pokket:  That would be a good April Fool’s.  Haha.

[1:51:27] Grakulen:  Oh. I got dismounted..

[1:51:28] Pokket:  April Fool’s.  No guards.


[1:51:34] Pokket:  I’ll attack you too.  I’ll attack you.  Yep.  I will attack you too.  And only hit once. And oh my gosh, he’s going to cast abilities on me.

[1:51:45] Mesanna:  I definitely have to get your accounts back up running.

[1:51:52] Pokket:  That wasn’t very nice.   I ran around with the, what were they, like the three-tailed foxes.  They would double flame strike and they were really, really fast.  So when you dismounted someone, they were just guaranteed dead.  And it got to the point that on the server people started using bards against me and it was horrible.  As well as others that decided to do that.  Oh, I’m going to attack this red too.  I’m just going to attack all of them.

[1:52:31] Mesanna:  You know that we redid barding right and made it where it wasn’t so nerfed anymore.

[1:52:37] Pokket:  What’s it do now?

[1:52:39] Mesanna:  You actually have masteries.  It’s a lot better.  You can do group healing.  You should check it out.

[1:52:49] Pokket:  See, I know the spelling for the three-tailed foxes.  I don’t know how to say it. So instead of actually saying it… oh my god, this guy’s gonna kill me.

[1:52:57] Bleak:  You mean a cu sidhe?

[1:52:58] Mesanna:  No, not the cu sidhe.  The bake.

[1:53:05] Bleak:  The bake.  Yeah, that one.

[1:53:15] Bleak:  And I died again.

[1:53:16] Pokket:  The bake kitsune.  And I know that’s way wrong.

[1:53:17] Mesanna:  The bake kitsune?  Yeah.  What’d you say?

[1:53:22] Pokket:  I said the bake kitsune.  It’s way wrong.

[1:53:24] Mesanna:  Yeah, it’s bake, I think, but you’re really close.

[1:53:30] Grakulen: Oh, here’s Everett.  He’s trying to be sneaky over here.  A red.  We’re just dead, right?

[1:53:36] Pokket:  This red keeps coming back to hit me.  But you know what, he’s hidden right there actually.

[1:53:42] Grakulen:  It’s telling me…I don’t think I’m actually attacking him.  What’s going on here?  That looks like a tree.

[1:53:56] Pokket:  Oh, this guy again.

[1:53:59] Grakulen:  Oh, people.  I ain’t smart.  It’s an NPC.  Hey, stop it.  It’s red, man.  Gotta give me slack here.  I was just going for a red name.  I’m like, “Dude, this is a slow-ass moving guy.  What’s up with him?  He’s just standing there.”


[1:54:12] Pokket:  Oh no, this guy’s like throwing arrows or something at me.  What is he throwing at me?

[1:54:15] Mesanna:  He’s a healer.

[1:54:17] Grakulen:  I was like, oh he’s a newb.

[1:54:17] Bleak:  Is he a gargoyle?

[1:54:25] Grakulen:  I’m attacking Fuzion.

[1:54:25] Pokket:  Oh no.  This guy really wants to kill me.  I’m gonna go over here and attack him some more.  I hate when people hide on the moongate and then you can’t run quickly.

[1:54:43] Grakulen:  I hate when you’re attacking NPCs and they don’t die.


[1:54:47] Grakulen:  What’s up with this building?  It’s like Rainbow Brite over here.  I say that because it’s literally got a rainbow on the building.

[1:54:59] Mesanna:  Players love their colors.

[1:55:02] Grakulen:  No, I mean is that like player-customized, or did you guys do that, or what’s up with that?

[1:55:06] Mesanna:  No, that’s all player housing.  They do that.

[1:55:09] Grakulen:  OK, so this is all player housing that we’re in?

[1:55:11] Mesanna:  Mm hmm.

[1:55:12] Grakulen:  OK.

[1:55:12] Mesanna:  Yep.

[1:55:15] Grakulen:  Another UO feature.  Our party’s been disbanded?  Now our call’s gonna kill.   [Tone]  Whoeverwas hosting the call hung up.

[1:55:30] Pokket:  I have no idea what just happened.

[1:55:31] Grakulen:  Someone who was hosting the call disconnected because they left.  They disbanded the party in-game too.

[1:55:38] Pokket:  Oh no, I just attacked him.  And he’s a mage.  Oh, I’m so dead.  He is chasing me.

[1:55:43] Grakulen:  Oh you have fun with that one.  Oh, he’s in the party.  He’s in the rocks.  What’s up?  I’m just so….

[1:55:54] Pokket:  Get ready to heal me.

[1:55:54] Grakulen:  Yeah, I’ll do that with my sword.  I don’t remember [inaudible]

[1:55:57] Pokket:  Get ready to heal me, even if it’s with the sword.  [inaudible]

[1:56:00] Grakulen:  Could toss some bandages on you.

[1:56:02] Pokket:  Yeah, I used to say that to my guildmates and stuff—Get ready to heal me—and they’d always have a flame strike ready.  That was pretty fun.

[1:56:10] Grakulen:  That reminds me.  You are the healer.  Let’s see.   I don’t know if anybody’s left.

[1:56:24] Bleak:  Still here.

[1:56:26] Grakulen:  Where are you at?

[1:56:28] Mesanna:  Yeah, Mike has left.

[1:56:28] Bleak:  I went and got on my mage because the other guy didn’t have any gear.

[1:56:36] Grakulen:  Are you Get-Maged?  Are you the one griefing us?

[1:56:37] Bleak:  No.

[1:56:40] Grakulen:  You say no.

[1:56:43] Bleak:  No.

[1:56:47] Grakulen:  Oh, someone cursed me.  And they’re killing me.  How are they killing me when I’m in the guards?

[1:56:51] Pokket:  Oh no.  Oh no.  I don’t have any armor on.   Nooo.  [laughs]  What a jerk.

[1:56:59] [Grakulen’s character dies for the thirteenth time.]

[1:57:00] Grakulen:   Ahhh.  How in the world did I get killed in the guard area?  I didn’t think that was supposed to happen.

[1:57:14] Bleak:  You don’t call guards.

[1:57:16] Grakulen:  Oh.  Now you gotta go and bring that up.

[1:57:23] Pokket:  Get away from my body.  I actually attacked the guy, so I kind of deserved to die.


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[00:00] Pokket:  I don’t know what you did to deserve to get killed, but I know what I did.

[00:03] Grakulen:  I just run around and get myself killed.

[00:30] Grakulen:  Oh yeah.  For anybody that’s watching, old Pokket’s running for King of the Web.

[00:34] Pokket:  Oh no, oh no.  Noooo.

[00:42] Grakulen:  Yes, you are.  Did you forget?

[00:45] Pokket:  No, I meant I just died.

[00:46] Grakulen:  Yeah, I know.  Just being a smart-ass.  That’s what I do best.  And I have to accept their rules and set up a….  OK.   1-2-3-4-5.  You can vote ten times a day, so make sure you go to King of the Web, which is linked.  Just posted it in chat.  Vote ten times and you can see the infamous Giggles in a video.

[01:06] Mesanna:  Nice.

[01:06] Grakulen:  And Pokket with her new hair color, which I guess is a couple weeks old now.  But it’s mostly about Giggles.

[01:25] Pokket:  Oh, that jerk.  Yes, he gets a murder count too.  Murder counts for everyone.  OK, I’m going to go in here.

[01:32] Grakulen:  I just want a rez.

[01:46] Grakulen:  Black Silverlock’s in the party right now.

[01:49] Pokket:  Please don’t kill me.  Please don’t kill me.  Please don’t kill me.  Whew.  Oh no, he tried to kill me.  That jerk.  Guards.  I had too many warning signs.


[ 02:00] Pokket:  Oh no, he can kill me!  No!  No!  What’d I do?  I do not deserve this.  Oh that jerk.  Oh whew.  I’m invisible.  And someone did that.  Someone revealed me.  That was him.

[02:23] Bleak:  Oh wow.

[02:23] Grakulen:  Did you just now…oh no, you’re dead too.   We need a rezzer.

[02:32] Mesanna:  “We need a rezzer.”  [laughs]  Yeah, right.

[02:37] Bleak:  There you are.

[02:45] Pokket:  Here he comes.  He’s gonna kill me again.  If I die….  Oh, sorry.  Who’s this guy revealing me?

[03:05] Grakulen:  Are there any plans to add additional areas for housing?

[03:15] Mesanna:  No, there’s not.

[03:19] Grakulen:  All right, Justus Valots [spelling?], go vote.

[03:24] Mesanna:  I’m sorry.

[03:26] Grakulen:  Someone in chat asked.  They said, “I will vote if they ask the devs about the housing system.  Are they going to fix it or are they going to add more areas where people can plant a house?”  I asked if you’re gonna plan more areas to plant houses, you said no, they need to go vote.


[03:39] Mesanna:  I don’t think it’s going to matter whether they vote or not, honestly.  I hate to say it. But I will delete any houses that are standing for no reason, that are still standing for the Return to Britannia type stuff.

[03:53] Grakulen:  I’m talking about voting for Pokket for King of the Web.

[03:54] Mesanna:  Oh.  Pokket’s really different.

[03:57] Pokket:  You know who I’m voting for?

[03:59] Grakulen:  Yourself.

[04:01] Pokket:  I’m going to go kill this guy.  That’s who I’m voting for.

[04:02] Grakulen:  How did you get rezzed and I’m still dead?  Seriously, people, this is like total favoritism.  I’ve got a cat that looks like Giggles.  Do I need to start putting him on the stream?

[04:11] Pokket:  It’s because I am talking the most crap, so therefore I have the most player skill.  Because the person who talks the most crap is the most skilled.

[04:17] Grakulen:  Oh well.  [Fades to being inaudible as he leaves the room.  Returns in a few seconds holding a cat.]  Fun, fun.

[04:35] Pokket:  Yeah, you don’t have Giggles.

[04:36] Grakulen:  No, I don’t, but he looks surprisingly a lot like Giggles.

[04:40] Pokket:  So that might work.  It might work.  They might be fooled.

[04:48] Grakulen:  So [holds up cat] this is Rascal.  He’s not Giggles.  But he looks kinda like him, only he doesn’t meow as much.  And he listens.  Kind of.  If I tell him to go lay down, he’ll go lay down.

[05:11] Mesanna:  Really?

[05:11] Grakulen:  All right.  Where’s my rez?  Yeah, actually he takes commands.  He’s kind of interesting.  I saved his life at one point and after that he started listening to me.

[05:24] Mesanna:  That’s actually pretty cool.  I’ve never heard of a cat taking commands at all.

[05:29] Grakulen:  Yeah.

[05:31] Pokket:  I’m setting up a duel, guys.  Setting up a duel.

[05:32] Grakulen:  Really?  I promise you I won’t interfere with it.  You want to know why?

[05:37] Pokket:  The horse is so dead.  I’m going to kill it.  Where’d it go?

[05:40] Grakulen:  You want to know why?

[05:42] Pokket:  [inaudible] attacking Mrs….Ahhh…what a jerk!  I just got like one shot.

[05:45] Grakulen:  I think you did, yes.  I watched that.  Because I was getting ready to say that I will not interfere with your duel because I’m dead and then you were dead too, so…

[05:51] Pokket:  Oh, I attacked a blue on accident.

[05:54] Grakulen:  I think I’m just going to start haunting people.

[05:55] Pokket:  Am I gray?  Dang it.

[05:57] Grakulen: Ooo Oooo.

[06:03] Grakulen:  BOOM GOT EM, I am the ghost of Christmas Past.


[06:12] Grakulen:  Come rez me!   Ooooo.  No?  Nothing?


[06:22] Mesanna:  Oh, you’re insane.

[06:24] Grakulen:  [Reading from chat panel] Jen Hartnet, see I’m totally [inaudible] bald.  Yes, if we were ever in the same room, the Internet would probably explode.   All right.  Wave goodbye to the Internet, Rascal.  You can go hang out with your sister.  [Leaves room with the cat.]

[06:57] Mesanna:  Cuz you needed a rez?  I don’t think that’s a good enough reason…

[07:02] Grakulen:  I’m still not rezzed.  I’m still dead.  [Returns with a different cat.]

[07:04] Pokket:  This person just went gray.  So I took it.  I’m going to die now.  [Laughs.] I did.  I’m talking crap.

[07:16] [Grakulen leaves with the second cat.]

[07:27] Pokket:  See, if I were a GM in this game, it would just be too fun.  I would just be running around.  I’d be like, Oh you want to sit there and camp someone?  Yeah anyway.


[07:44] Pokket:  I used to have like…I don’t know if I should say this.  Never mind.  I’ll wait until later.  Nobody listens to me.

[A player casts Noble Sacrifice in the middle of the gate area.]

[07:53] Grakulen:  Oh, hey, look at this!  Someone’s rezzing me.

[07:57] [Grakulen’s character is resurrected.]

[07:58] Pokket:  No one listens to me.

[07:58] Grakulen:  I wasn’t listening to you because I was trying to get a rez and I was sitting there pimping out my cats on the stream to get a rez.


[08:07] Grakulen:  [Opens backpack gump and starts to dress his character.] Free kitty plugs if you rez me.

[08:09] Bleak:  You’re red?  Are you seriously?  You’re red now?

[08:12] Grakulen:  Who, me?   Am I?

[08:13] Pokket:  No.  No, he was just saying that.

[08:16] Grakulen:  I hope not.


[08:22] Grakulen:  Please don’t kill me.  It’s been a rough life.  OK.

[08:27] Mesanna:  How many people have you killed?

[08:29] Grakulen:  Ah…myself.

[08:31] Mesanna:  Um hmm.  Besides yourself?

[08:33] Grakulen:  Uh…myself.  I think I’ve killed myself a couple of times.  Yeah.  I’m still trying to figure out this whole combat system, because it seems like I’m just left clicking on them and then right clicking to follow them around.  So I’m probably not doing something right.  And by that I mean….

[08:53] Mesanna:  [inaudible] having a hard time…

[08:54] Grakulen:  What’s that?

[08:55] Mesanna:  Are you having a hard time seeing if you’re in war mode?

[08:57] Pokket:  Oh my god!  He [inaudible] me.

[08:58] Grakulen:  No, I’m in war mode.

[09:00] Bleak:  Did you die again?

[09:00] Grakulen:  I’m just having a hard time really seeing like… I feel like I should have additional skills or something that I’ve just not had macroed or set on my hot bar.  But.  I don’t know.

[09:18] Pokket:  I can’t…I’m scared.

[09:18] Bleak: [inaudible]

[09:18] Mesanna:  You definitely.

[09:20] Bleak:  Yeah, you don’t…

[09:21] Pokket:  Who’s this guy?  Oh, you’re so dead.  I’m giving you a murder count.


[09:26] Grakulen:  So what I’m doing right now is…yeah… Poker poker’s attacking me, I don’t know why.

[09:31] Bleak:  Yes.

[09:32] Grakulen:  And he’s dead.

[09:33] Bleak:  You need to go into war mode.

[09:34] Pokket:  Oh wait, this guy…I didn’t get a murder count.

[09:36] Grakulen:  Yeah, I’m in war mode.

[09:38] Bleak:  And then you also need more abilities on your hot bar than just healing.

[09:46] Grakulen:  Yeah.  Hey though, there’s nothing wrong with healing.  So, I go into my character.  Or, actually would I do that on my paper doll?

[09:59] Bleak:  You’re going to want to open up your chivalry book.

[10:04] Grakulen:  Oh, my chivalry book.   OK.

[10:06] Bleak:  Yeah.

[10:12] Grakulen:  [Grakulen opens his backpack and then the chivalry book.]  Book of chivalry.  Now I’m seeing a lot of divine spells here.  But I don’t see anything that looks like an offensive ability.

[10:26] Bleak:  So…Cleanse By Fire is a…

[10:39] Pokket: [whispers] They’re gonna kill me.

[10:39] Bleak: …a cure for poison.  Yeah, if you highlight over the abilities, it tells you what they do exactly.  But Enemy of One can provide you a damage bonus to a player when you’re fighting it.  And Consecrate Weapon also allows you to attack players’…their weakest resist.  So those two are going to be your main…

[11:09] Grakulen:  So Enemy of One and Consecrate Weapon?

[11:11] Bleak:  Yeah.

[11:12] Grakulen:  All right.  So those are the only two abilities that are in there.  So other than that, I’ll just go into war mode, choose my Enemy of One, and then go around and try to left click a red.

[11:24] Bleak:  [laughs] Pretty much.  And make sure you spam heals.  [laughs]

[11:31] Grakulen:  Oh.

[11:31] Pokket:  Ah.  What?!

[11:33] Grakulen:  I’m attacking oh.  oh’s healing.

[11:43] Pokket:  Here we go again.  Who’s gonna…oh my…you’ve…wow.

[11:57] Pokket:  I’m scared.  They’re just going to keep killing me.  They just keep killing me over here.

[12:05] Grakulen:  Well now I’m a force to be reckoned with.

[12:08] Pokket:  Again!

[12:10] Grakulen:  Yes.

[12:11] Pokket:  I’m getting into guard zone.  Can someone please spam “Guards.”  Thank you.  Just spam it.

[12:20] Grakulen:  I am.

[12:21] Pokket:  [laughs] You’ve got it on a macro already?

[12:24] Grakulen:  No, I’m just typing it really fast.

[12:29] Pokket:  OK.  I think I’ve collected 20 death robes.  This is good. Now I can hide things from thieves.

[12:47] Mesanna:  It doesn’t matter.  They can’t steal in Trammel.

[12:51] Bleak:  This is…

[12:52] Mesanna: But in Felucca they can.

[12:53] Bleak:  Yeah.  [laughs]

[12:54] Pokket:  Can you still disarm someone, steal their weapon, and then kill them with it?  Because that was cool.

[12:59] Grakulen:  Oh.

[ 13:00] Mesanna:  That was fun.

[13:00] Grakulen:  A roving band of reds.  Come follow me to the guards!

[13:10] Pokket:  [inaudible]

[13:10] Mesanna:  Probably not if it’s insured though.

[13:14] Pokket:  Oh yeah.

[13:18] Grakulen:  Oh this guy’s got a cool beetle.  He’s got a cooler beetle than you had.  He’s hiding it now, in a pack of people.  But it’s Trainrb’s bonded pet beetle, I guess.  I guess.

[13:38] Grakulen:  So a self-promotion here.  Make sure that you guys, if you like what you see here with this Wayback Wednesday, I do a bunch of different old games every Wednesday.  Not every Wednesday.  About three Wednesdays a month.  Make sure you follow the channel.  Pokket’s on this channel on Mondays.  So she’s the one who really brings the traffic in and the rest of us just kind of live in the shadow.  No, I’m just kidding.  [laughs]  Make sure you follow the channel so you know who’s doing what and when. And we also use that new-fangled device called Twitter out there, so it’s @Pokketsays for Pokket and @Grakulen for myself.

The name of this game that we’re playing is Ultima Online.  And we’re trying…

[14:15] Pokket:  We’ll be streaming this more often.  Just…sorry…throwing that in there.

[14:18] Grakulen:  Yeah.  So make sure you follow Hillary’s channel, which is

[14:24] Pokket:  No, just “pokket”.

[14:25] Grakulen:  Just “pokket”?   [Therefore .]

[14:27] Pokket:  Yeah.

[14:27] Grakulen:  But Pokket does heal a lot.

[14:28] Pokket:  Yeah, I do, but not in this game.  I apparently just die a lot.  So…

[14:32] Grakulen:  It’s all right.  I’ll actually…if you do it on a set evening and you pick an evening and you start doing a new character or something, I could probably be persuaded to stop by from time to time and show off my newbness.  I’ll be the Fool to your Motley.

[14:51] Pokket:  I have a robe.  It’s crafted by President Elmo.

[14:55] Grakulen:  Ah, I’m trying to kill this horse.  He keeps calling me “Poppy.”  I don’t know how I feel about that.

[15:06] Mesanna:  [laughs]  Oh my god.


[15:20] Grakulen:  I think I’m being griefed.  I can say some of the stupidest things with some of the strangest faces.  You’ll say, “Did he really just say that and not even flinch?”

[15:31] Mesanna:  Oh lord.  That’s wonderful.

[15:32] Grakulen:  Yeah, I did.  Ben Stein’s my idol.  I’m just gonna throw that out there now.  Uh…Get-Maged is just…he’s not doing anything.  I’m trying to attack him and…

[15:46] Pokket:  Uh, this Busted guy’s killed me a couple of times in the guard zone.  Well, right outside the guard zone as I was getting rezzed.

[15:54] Grakulen:  I don’t know how I’m going to attack…I don’t know what’s going on here.  It’s like he’s…

[15:58] Pokket:  I think I’ve just been attacking everything, because there’s blues where I was gray to them and then they were killing me.    Click everything.

[16:30] Grakulen:  All right, where are you?  Oop…here’s Robert the Priest…dude how did…?  Oh, he’s an NPC.  Never mind.  Damn name thief.

[16:48] Grakulen:  “Rise Against Pokket.”

[17:00] Grakulen:  “World of Borkedcraft amiright”

[17:00] Pokket:  [laughing] [inaudible]

[17:08] Grakulen:  “English please?”

[17:17] Pokket:  [laughs]  They’re just like…oh…they can’t take the trolling.  Oh no.  He’s going to kill me now.  No, he’s going to kill me now.

[17:28] Grakulen: [Sees warning gump announcing that his intended action may flag him and asking if he wishes to proceed.]  Oh.  Cancel.  Hey they flagged me as a criminal.

[17:35] Grakulen:  [Reads from chat panel.]  What do you want to ask them, McRippens [spelling?], because maybe I can ask them.  I can’t make any promises.

[18:09] Grakulen:  Oh, there’s BEE.  BEE’s red and he’s a…  No, he’s a horse.  So he went from Bee to Mr. Ed.  Oh, there’s Busted.

[18:23] Pokket:  No, no, President Elmo!  No, not President Elmo.  I can’t rez you.

[18:27] Grakulen:  Oh, there’s Busted.  Busted.  Get him, get him.

[18:28] Pokket:  I can’t rez you, sir.  Come back.

[18:35] Grakulen:  Oh man.

[18:40] Grakulen:  Uh…

[18:40] Pokket:  [inaudible] the guild.

[18:42] Grakulen:  I have 1920.  [Looks at a configuration gump.]  Let’s see. User Settings.  Graphics 1920 x 1080.  So I guess the answer to your question would be “yes.”  What’s your question, IReturned?  Do I want to ask it?  Uh, Twitchiepoo, if there were cookies in the cookie jar and they were stolen, I would look for the person who’s tall enough to reach it or see if anybody moved a chair.  If there’s a chair close to the cookie jar, I’d blame the kids.  Is Richard Garriot…we’re not going to talk about that.

[19:25] Mesanna:  Uh-uh.

[19:30] Grakulen:  But that’s a good question.  Pokket did it then, OK.  Pokket, stop stealing cookies.  Speaking of the cookies though, a random person that was really nice gave me a bunch of cookies.  Queen’s Mum gave me cookies.  There’s…oh.

[19:44] Mesanna:  Queen Mum.

[19:45] Grakulen:  Queen Mum.

[19:46] Mesanna:  Right.

[19:47] Grakulen:  Kill oh. Oh.  That’s like a [indecipherable].  Oh, please don’t die.

[19:52] Mesanna:  She actually sends the team cookies about two or three times a year.

[19:56] Grakulen:  Yeah?  In real life?

[19:57] Mesanna:  Mm hmm.

[20:00] Grakulen:  So, like to a post office box?

[20:01] Pokket:  You’re being attacked.

[20:01] Grakulen:  Am I?  Oh no.

[20:01] Pokket:  [indecipherable].

[20:03] Mesanna:  No, to the office.

[20:05] Pokket:  I told people to kill you.

[20:07] Grakulen:  You told people to kill me?

[20:09] Pokket:  Yeah, because you’re the one streaming.

[20:11] Grakulen:  Really.  Oh that’s true.

[20:13] Pokket:  [laughs]  Isn’t that how it works?

[20:14] Grakulen:  Yeah, it’s fine.  I mean, it’s nothing new.  You should see… “May flag you a criminal.”  Whatever…criminal…I don’t know…warlord…gonna be on trial at the Hague or something for killing this guy in UO.  Get over it.  I don’t…I’m going down.  Oh, so close to the…so close.  Oh….

[20:37] [Grakulen’s character dies its fourteenth death.]

[20:38] Pokket:  Oh, it’s a polar bear.  Wow you were actually killed by them.  Look, they listened!

[20:41] Grakulen:  So close.

[20:42] Pokket:  Did you go gray or something?

[20:44] Grakulen:  I don’t know what I did.

[20:45] Pokket:  Yeah, you went gray.

[20:46] Grakulen:  I think I went plaid.

[20:48] Pokket:  Well, either way, now you’re dead.

[20:51] Grakulen:  We’ve been jammed.  [Reads from chat panel.] You really wish they’d consider a classic server.  I don’t know what to tell you.

[21:00] Pokket:  I want that.

[21:00] Mesanna:  Yeah.

[21:01] Pokket:  I want that.  No, I want it.

[21:03] Grakulen:  [Reads from chat panel.] Test was just easier to set everything up, XG.  What do player houses look like inside?  I don’t know.  Maybe somebody will invite me into one of their homes and I can show me, because I wouldn’t want to break and enter.  B&E in video games is not so good.

[21:20] Mesanna:  A lot of the homes are public.  You can go in.

[21:25] Grakulen:  Don’t you need to be alive to go in their house?

[21:28] Mesanna.  No, you can be dead.

[21:29] Grakulen:  Cool.  Just call me Bruce.  All right.  “Thou art a criminal.  I shall not resurrect thee.”  Thanks!

[21:51] Grakulen:  I thought these were houses with the little…

[21:54] Pokket:  You’re dead.  Just wandering.

[21:56] Grakulen:  Yeah.  Yep.  I figured it would be easier for me to break into their house if I was dead. But they can really see me.  Apparently that was the incorrect thought, because some guy’s yelling at me.

[22:11] [Grakulen opens the Atlas gump and sees a Felucca world map.]

[22:11] Mesanna:  What, to get out of your house?

[22:13] Grakulen:  No, trying to break into somebody else’s house.

[22:15] Mesanna:  Oh.

[22:18] [Grakulen closes the map gump.]

[22:19] Grakulen:  Oooohhh.  Well.  No, I was by a healer and he’s like,” You’re a criminal.  I’m not going to rez you!”  I’m like, OK, thanks.  It’s nice to know that you don’t discriminate.

[22:38] Grakulen:  This guy’s name is Flip.  He’s probably some kind of 90s rapper or something.  He’s part of the Mo Squad.  Flip Mo Squad.


[22:53] [Grakulen’s character approaches a red healer and a resurrection gump appears.]

[22:53] Grakulen:  I had an album called Ghetto Postage that came out about ten years ago.

[22:57] [Grakulen’s character is resurrected.]

[22:58] Pokket:  Oh, I just got invited to live with somebody in their castle.


[23:00] Grakulen:  I had to move my mic up there because it was about ready to get loud.

[23:10] Grakulen:  All right, go to the moongate and then go where?

[23:18] Mesanna:  Oh, this guy is telling you that you can go to his house.  Do you see this guy next to you?

[23:27] Grakulen:  Uh…let’s see.

[23:27] Mesanna:  He’s casting a gate right now.  Stand….no, come back.  Come back.  Don’t go in the blue gate.  Hold on.

[23:32] Grakulen:  OK.

[23:35] Pokket:  Go in the red gate.  Always go in the red gate, not the blue.

[23:40] Grakulen:  I don’t see any gate right now.

[23:41] Pokket:  Not a trap.

[23:41] Mesanna:  Well he’s having a little trouble casting it.

[23:46] Grakulen:  It’s a trap.  It’s like the classic, you know, if he pulls up in a panel van and offers me candy, I’m not getting in that.

[23:58] Mesanna:  Yeah, especially with no windows.  Bad.

[24:03] Pokket:  I think I’m going to head out for the night.

[24:03] Mesanna:  The guy really cannot cast.

[24:05] Grakulen:  I understand.  I appreciate you coming and hanging out with us for the evening.

[24:08] Pokket:  No problem.  It was fun.  Now I have to get back into this game.

[24:10] Grakulen:  Well, there you go.

[24:10] Mesanna: [indecipherable]  All right, go through that gate.

[24:15] Grakulen:  I don’t see the gate.  Oh, I see it.  I see it now.  There’s a moongate and a…

[24:19] Mesanna:  Go through the blue moongate, not the…yeah…the one everybody’s crowding around.

[24:28] Grakulen:  The north…the one on top or the one on the bottom?

[24:32] Mesanna:  The one on the bottom.

[24:33] Grakulen:  The bottom.  OK.

[24:34] Mesanna:  The one you’re closest to.

[24:39] Grakulen:  I’m trying to get into it.  It’s hard because everybody’s standing on it.

[24:44] Mesanna:  Yeah, I know.

[24:45] Grakulen: Oh, it closed!  He’s going to open a new one, I hope.

[24:51] Mesanna:  Yeah.  He just opened one, didn’t he?

[24:55] Grakulen:  Yes, he did.

[25:11] Grakulen:  Trying to…I’m having a hell of a time walking into it.

[25:21] Grakulen:  Oh, this is horrible.   People won’t get off it.  I can’t walk on it.  I keep getting stuck.  I can’t even move, actually right now.  I’m just penned.  There we go.  We’ll get there eventually.

[25:44] Grakulen:  There we go!

Go to Part 7:  A Player’s House in Trammel.

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