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LOCATION:  The North End of the Wind Dungeon Hallway Entrance (Felucca) , Test Shard

[1:37:21] Pokket:  I’m in….I’m at Yew moongate.  I’m scared.  [laughs]  I’m at the gate here too.

[1:37:23] Mesanna:  Oh my gosh.

[1:37:26] Pokket:  And I don’t remember what I’m doing.

[1:37:27] Grakulen:  [Runs south over the teleporter into Wind and out into the maze area.]  I’m not worthy to go into the city of Wind.

[1:37:36] Bleak:  Uh.  There is a [inaudible].

[1:37:37] Pokket:  Oh, another red.  It’s a llama.

[1:37:39] Bleak:  They’re coming out.

[1:37:41] Pokket:  Llamas die first.

[1:37:41] Grakulen:  JC is attacking me, apparently.  And I’m dead.

[1:37:50] [Grakulen’s character is dead for the tenth time.  A gump appears asking if he wants to report JC as a murderer.]


[1:37:50] Mesanna:  JC, shame on you!

[1:37:51] Grakulen:  Isn’t he in my party?  No, no, he’s not.

[1:37:54] Pokket:  I used to name my character’s like “a rabbit” and stuff and that way it would say you…

[1:37:59] Grakulen:  He’s a murderer.

[1:38:02] Pokket:  …were killed by a rabbit.  That was so great.

[1:38:04] Mesanna:  We used to have a group that we went out with and they were called the Brady Bunch and everybody had the name of like Marcia, Jan, Cindy, and all those.  I think people were laughing so hard because we’d go, “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” and then you’d get “Marcia killed such and such.”  So that was funny.

[1:38:21] Grakulen:  I hope you’re happy with yourself, JC.  It’s like picking on the…

[1:38:26] Pokket:  Where’d that red go?   [inaudible] is gray.  We can still kill him.

[1:38:31] Mesanna:  You won’t get a murder count for him.

[1:38:33] Pokket:  Yeah.

[1:38:34] Mesanna:  Or the red.

[1:38:35] Pokket:  Oh, he’s coming.  Oh, he’s attacking me.  I’m scared.  Oh, I’m attacking him back. He’s running.  [inaudible]

[1:38:46] Mesanna:  He’s running?

[1:38:48] Pokket:  He’s running.  Oh god.  There’s the red.  Oh no, he’s attacking me.  He’s going to…


[1:38:55] Pokket:  I’m scared.  I don’t know what I’m doing.  I’m just hitting stuff.  Oh no, I didn’t mean to attack.  Oh god, now he can hit me anywhere.  Oh god.  I’m just running now.   You know, I know that trick.  You follow the tree line and it doesn’t stop.

[1:39:13] Mesanna:  Oh my goodness.

[1:39:20] Grakulen:  I’m not worthy of entrance to the city of Wind.

[1:39:24] Mesanna:  You have to have magery…

[1:39:26] Grakulen:  It could have something to do with the fact that I’m dead too.

[1:39:29] Mesanna:  Ah, probably.

[1:39:30] Pokket:  Oh, the llama’s back.  Oh crap, I attacked him again.  That was bad.

[1:39:30] Mesanna:  Get out of war mode.

[1:39:41] Pokket:  He’s probably….  [laughs]  I know.  Well, no, I just ran up to him since I’d already attacked him and just attacked him again automatically.  And I paralyzed him so I could run.

[1:39:50] [Grakulen opens the Atlas gump.  It shows the Felucca World map and he zooms into the Wind maze area.]

[1:39:53] Mesanna:  Do you have a bow on?

[1:39:54] Pokket:  Yeah, I’m sure he’s like, “What a newb.”

[1:39:56] Mesanna:  You’re auto-targeting.

[1:40:04] Grakulen:  What the hell…  [commercial plays in the background]

[1:40:06] Pokket:  They’re like, “I love the ones that hit and run.”  That was me.  [laughs]

[1:40:23] Pokket:  What’s that blue text?

[1:40:27] Bleak:  General chat.

[1:40:30] Pokket:  How do I type in that?

[1:40:35] Grakulen:  [Closes Atlas gump.] Yeah, I just had a random commercial come across the stream on me.  So if anybody was asking about hearing a commercial, that was it.

[1:40:43] Pokket:  How do I type in general chat?  I want to say [inaudible]

[1:40:44] Phoenix:  Type a /c and then hit space and then it will switch into chat mode.

[1:40:50] Grakulen:  Yeah, it’d be really cool if somebody could rez [inaudible]

[1:40:52] Misk:  If you’re using the classic client, just hit comma and then space.

[1:40:56] Pokket:  Oh.

[1:41:06] Pokket:  Can reds see that chat?

[1:41:10] Mesanna:  Yeah, everybody can.

[1:41:12] Pokket:  Oh no.  I can talk crap in…I mean…

[1:41:15] Mesanna:  Yep, you can.

[1:41:18] Misk:  Assuming that they are in the chat.  It’s an opt-in chat.

[1:41:24] Pokket:  Oh, oh [a character named “oh”] is attacking me. Why are you attacking me?  Oh no.  Oh nice try, dude.  Nice try.

[1:41:30] Grakulen:  I am in war mode.  So.  I was in war mode.  Now I’m in war mode.

[1:41:35] Pokket:  Too bad, guy.

[1:41:37] Grakulen:  Oh, JC’s a ghost too.

[1:41:40] Pokket:  Why is he attacking me still?

[1:41:59] Pokket:  Oh this guy is….

[1:42:02]:  [Grakulen’s character is resurrected by SunWolf.]

[1:42:02 Pokket:  Can’t I call the guards?  Oh.  It’s because he got attacked by him.  That’s it.

[1:42:08] Grakulen:  I’ve lost a lot of…  [The backpack gump opens and Grakulen begins dressing his character.]

[1:42:07] Pokket:  Let’s kill this guy then.  Let’s gank him.  Yeah.  I only attack whenever you get attacked by other people.

[1:42:21] Grakulen:  That’s how it works.

[1:42:26] Pokket:  He’s just going back and getting…you know what?

[1:42:31] Grakulen:  Somebody’s trying to serenade me.

[1:42:35] Bleak:  This guy ganks.

[1:42:36] Pokket:  Oh he’s attacking me now.  But he’s not going to kill me because I’m too good.  Oh, he disarmed me.  Dang.   Oh, where is he?   He’s dead.  As I miss every shot.  Oh dang, that was a powerful…  Oh no, I’m getting stunned.  This is called a gank.

[1:43:00] Grakulen:  I need to find you.

[1:43:00] Pokket:  I almost gave that guy a murder count.  Aww.

[1:43:02] Grakulen:  So I can watch you get dead.  [Closes the backpack gump.]

[1:43:08] Pokket:  I’m at…you just go to the moongate.  I’m at Fel…I…

[Grakulen opens the Atlas gump and toggles to the small round map view and leaves it open over his paper doll.]

[1:43:26] Pokket:  I have to go talk crap now that I’m dead.  Now that I got defeated, I have to tell them about how bad they are.  “You are so bad that I lost.”


[1:43:37] Mesanna:  Oh my god.


[1:43:42] Mesanna:  You should be typing that in chat.

[1:43:46] Grakulen:  I think she was.

[1:43:48] Mesanna:  Oh my god.  Oh lord.

[1:43:52] Grakulen:  I am by the…I’m in something.   Where the hell am I?  I’m like in a mountain area and there’s some red solen infiltrators.  Got some naked Imbuees.

[1:44:08] Pokket:  Wow, you’re beyond lost.  Do you need someone….?  You’re at Wind.

[1:44:11] Mesanna:  Holy smoke.  Do you want to go…

[1:44:12] Pokket:  What are you doing at Wind?

[1:44:14] Mesanna:  Hold on.

[1:44:14] Grakulen:  I can’t go there because it tells me I’m not smart enough.

[1:44:19] Mesanna:  Do you want to go where she is?

[1:44:20] Grakulen:  Sure, that sounds like a great idea.

[1:44:21] Mesanna:  OK, hold on.  Hold tight.

[1:44:24] Grakulen:  [Reads from chat panel.]  Pokket is a mean 97-year-old woman.

[1:44:30] Pokket:  I tell people that all the time.  That I’m 97.

[1:44:34] Mesanna:  Now keep in mind you are going to die here.

[1:44:37] Grakulen:  OK.

[1:44:38] Mesanna:  [inaudible]

[1:44:38] Pokket:  If you run out and see a red name, then just immediately run.

[1:44:44] Grakulen: Sounds good.

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