PART 3 – Transcript of MMORPG.COM’s May 16, 2012 Wayback Wednesday Episode for Ultima Online

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LOCATION:  Inside Covetous Dungeon (Trammel), Level 2, Test Center Shard

[0:27:02] Bleak:  Oh wow.  That’s a lot of corpses.

[0:27:06] Grakulen:  Oh wow.  There’s a nifty colossus in here.  He doesn’t appear to be very happy to see any of us.

[0:27:22] Phoenix:  The rising colossus is actually on our side.  That’s something that a player summoned.

[0:27:28] Grakulen:  Thankfully!  I thought I was dead.


[0:27:33] Grakulen:  I was like, “Oh no!”

[0:27:37] Phoenix:  The way this encounter works is it’s going to steadily get harder and harder, until it eventually becomes impossible.  Right now it’s still pretty easy.  There’s three different areas.  You just saw those gates with things popping in.  There’s three different spawn areas and we’re right in one of them.  What we’re gonna want to do eventually is move towards the center of the dungeon, which is where the monsters are going, except that we keep killing them.  The monsters that are popping in through those red moongates want to go to the center of the dungeon and destroy the stone structure there and it’s the player’s job to prevent that.

[0:28:45] Grakulen:  So the energy vortex is good then, too.

[0:28:49] Phoenix:  Yes.

[0:28:51] Grakulen:  OK.

[0:28:56] Phoenix:  So the things that we’re trying to kill are those lesser onis, daemons…

[0:29:15] Grakulen:  Matt Damon?

[0:29:18] Phoenix:  [laughs]  The mongbats.  Oh, what else is in this group?

[0:29:25] Grakulen:  JC has apparently got himself stuck into a prison of some type with stars.   Bad JC.

[0:29:36] Mesanna:  That’s the Void.

[0:29:44] Bleak:  Oh wow.

[0:29:48] Pokket:  I’m stealthing.  It’s amazing.  I love stealthing so much.

[0:29:52] Grakulen:  Were you able to get your young player status off?

[0:29:55] Pokket:  Yeah.

[0:29:56] Grakulen:  OK.

[0:29:57] Pokket:  I’m just walking through everything.  Aww and I walked through a trap.

[0:30:09] Grakulen:  It was inevitable.

[0:30:25] Grakulen:  I’ve gained some fame.   I’ve gained some karma.

[0:30:37] Bleak:  Oh wow.

[0:30:41] Grakulen:  What’s the “oh wow”?  I’m missing something.

[0:30:43] Bleak:  Yeah, there’s a big group coming.

[0:30:49] Grakulen:  Oh.  And you on your dung beetle running away from everybody.


[0:31:08] Grakulen:  So is this….

[0:31:08] Pokket:  I just watched someone die.  Sorry, that’s not funny.

[0:31:11] Grakulen:  No, it is actually.  It’s very funny.


[0:31:16]:  [Grakulen’s character dies its second death after being poisoned by a monster.]

[0:31:18] Grakulen:  I might have been one of those players you just watched die, actually. [Reads from the journal.] I feel a bit nauseous.

[0:31:25] Pokket:  I can’t rez either.  That’s pretty bad.  [indecipherable] could rez. 

[0:31:33] Pokket:  Oh, that’s a good guy.

[0:31:45] Bleak:  Oops.  Tried to save you.

[0:31:47] Grakulen:  I was killed by something.  Looks like Bitral was killed too.

[0:31:53] Mesanna:  OK, this is…I’m going to put up some healers.

[0:31:58] Grakulen:  Oh, people totally stole my gold out of my bank box while I was dead.


[0:32:06] Grakulen:  Or, no, was that from my insurance?  Some kind of insurance, someone trying to steal my stuff?

[0:32:10] Mesanna:  It was your insurance.

[0:32:11] Grakulen:  Oh, is that what it was?  OK.  Hey, it only took me a second guess before I figured it out!  I just know that people used to be able to steal your gear in this game.  So, I was like oh, people are trying to steal my stuff!

[0:32:26] Mesanna:  That was funny.

[0:32:28] Bleak:  Oh wow.  This is going on back here.

[0:32:32] Grakulen:  You guys.  On a serious note, though, I need a rez.  I’m a rez ghost.

[0:32:42] Mesanna:  I got you.

[0:32:45] Grakulen:  I need to get back to my corpse so I can get my clothes back on.

[0:32:51] Mesanna:  Please.  If you insured it, it’s in your backpack.

[0:33:01] Grakulen:  Yeah, I insured it.  Hence, I thought everybody stole my gold.

[0:33:13]:  [A player casts Noble Sacrifice and a resurrection gump appears. Grakulen accepts and his character is resurrected.  He clicks on a corpse next to his own corpse and then runs down the hall, away from his corpse.  He then begins dragging items onto his paper doll.]

[0:34:06] Bleak:  Oh, they’re just coming.

[0:34:34] Grakulen:  The game does have sound, GreatDark [spelling?]  I’ve just got it turned down, because if it was going on you wouldn’t be able to hear with people in the background talking.

[0:34:42] Pokket:  And we are talking so much….

[0:34:45] Grakulen:  Oh, we were.  It got quiet when I died.  And then it was like, oh, the newb  thinks people are going to steal his money. Ha ha.  ‘Cuz he’s got insurance.  Laugh at the new guy.

[0:34:58] Mesanna:  Well that’s the fun of it.

[0:35:00] Grakulen:  It is the fun.  That’s what it’s all about.  I should just subtitle most of these episodes.  Eve would have been “Newb in Space.”   And a different game would have been “Newb in Hiberia.”  This game’s “Newb in Ultima.”

[0:35:18] Mesanna:  I think many years ago we used to have a cartoon series.

[0:35:25] Grakulen:  Really?  What happened to your cartoon series?

[0:35:31] Mesanna:  Oh, they probably got tired of doing it, I guess.

[0:35:34] Pokket:  Oh, I just killed that.  It was all me.

[0:35:38] Grakulen:  What in the world….

[0:35:41] Pokket:  There’s like so many dragons here.

[0:35:42] Grakulen:  You guys are running around killing stuff.  I’m still trying to get my clothes back on.  It’s sort of like I’m in college again.


[0:35:50] Pokket:  Probably should have set up some macros first.

[0:35:53] Grakulen:  [The backpack gump closes.]  I’m like, oh man.  What happened to my head.  What happened to my pants.  All right.

[0:36:03] Bleak:  There you are.

[0:36:03] Grakulen:   Here’s the tree ant.  Oh, there’s…I just know Bleak because he’s on a beetle.  So I’m just following Bleak around.

[0:36:10] Mesanna:  Oh man, you should not follow Bleak around.  Bad move.

[0:36:13] Grakulen:  I heard you’ve got a pink pony.  So if you hop on a pink pony, I’d be able to see you from the crowd and be able to follow you around.  Is that not true?

[0:36:22] Mesanna:  Pink pony?

[0:36:25] Grakulen:  Was someone in chat setting me up?  I think someone in chat was setting me up.

[0:36:27] Mesanna:  Someone’s setting you up.

[0:36:28] Grakulen:  Yeah, I know.

[0:36:38] Grakulen:  Neon pink pony.  That’s apparently what it is.

[0:36:47] Grakulen:  So these gargoyle assassins, are these actually the enemy?  Because didn’t gargoyle become a playable race a couple years back in this game?

[0:36:59] Mesanna:  I’m sorry, say that again?

[0:37:01] Grakulen:  The gargoyles that we’re encountering, I’d imagine that they’re enemy NPCs.  But didn’t gargoyles actually become a playable race a few years back in this game?

[0:37:11] Mesanna:  Yeah.  That’s one of our recent expansions, I guess you’d call it.  We made them fly.  I’m a gargoyle actually, but I’m turned into wraith form so you can’t really see my gargoyle form.

[0:37:30] Grakulen:  Ah.

[0:37:31] Mesanna:  Did you lose your body?

[0:37:34] Grakulen:  Me?

[0:37:35] Mesanna:  Yeah.

[0:37:35] Grakulen:  No, not that I know of.

[0:37:37] Mesanna:  OK, just checking.

[0:37:39] Grakulen:  I’m alive and killing now.

[0:37:42] Mesanna:  You are?

[0:37:43] Grakulen:  Yeah.

[0:37:46] Pokket:  I’m missing something.

[0:37:49] Grakulen:  I’m getting ready to kill something.  There we go.  See?  I just killed me a gargoyle.

[0:37:55] Mesanna:  Yay!

[0:37:55] Grakulen:  I know.  First kill, everybody.  Better than the skeletons at the very beginning of the game.

[0:37:55] Mesanna:  [laughs]  Skeletons.  These waves are endless.  They get harder and harder, and faster and faster,and their rez [?] gets higher and higher.  So it’s pretty much just a game to see how high you can get the waves to go, honestly.

[0:38:18] Grakulen:  Is there any kind of reward other than just like saying, “Hey, I got a really high level on this wave”?

[0:38:25] Mesanna:  Yeah, there is.  You’re actually getting points.

[0:38:29] Phoenix:  If you open up the context menu on your avatar, there is an option that is the “Void Pool.”   Am I muted?

[0:38:40] Grakulen:  No, I can hear you.  I’m trying to open up the contextual menu.  I just need to get out of combat area so that I don’t like, “Oh look at my contextual menu” and now I’m dead.


[0:38:53] Phoenix:  I just couldn’t remember if I’d muted myself or not.  Anyway, that Void Pool gump will allow you to see the Current Battle scoreboard, the Best Overall Battle scoreboard, and the Overall Total scores.  And there’s some information about the encounter in that gump as well.

[0:39:13] Grakulen:  [Grakulen opens the Void Pool gump from the contextual menu.]  The Void Pool.  We’re currently on Wave 34.  Someone’s saying they’ve not gone higher than 35.  There we go.  I think we’re gonna do it with you.  “Monsters do not drop loot.  Players score points for killing monsters.  After the battle is over, points earned may be spent to earn rewards.  The battle against the forces of Cora the Sorceress is a never-ending one.  Each spawn wave contains monsters that are tougher than the wave before. Eventually, these creatures will be virtually impossible to defeat.”  Oh yes.  Never-ending waves of impossible monsters to defeat.  Those were the days.  [The Void Pool gump closes.]

[0:39:47] Pokket:  I’m just running around here watching people die.

[0:39:50] Grakulen:  Those were the days.  I haven’t even seen you yet.

[0:39:54] Pokket:  Wait.  So was it Spirit Speak 100 where you saw all dead people, no matter what?  Or is it 120?

[0:40:00] Mesanna:  Yeah, you see their text.

[0:40:03] Pokket:  OK.

[0:40:03] Grakulen:  See Mr. NotSoNice?  That’s where you failed.  You only brought three people.  I brought like 300.


[0:40:10] Grakulen:  I throw happening parties, friends.

[0:40:14]:  [Grakulen’s character dies for the third time.]

[0:40:15] Grakulen:  And now I died.   That’s what I get for talking s–t.

[0:40:22] Mesanna:  Oh my god.  [giggles]  He’s dead again.

[0:40:28] Pokket:  I can’t rez.  I feel so bad.  I’m just sitting back here watching.

[0:40:31] Grakulen:  I don’t believe you.  I think you’re watching it on the stream and just laughing at me.

[0:40:35] Pokket:  Everybody’s running to me like I can rez them and it’s really frustrating.  It’s not frustrating, but it’s funny.

[0:40:41] Grakulen:  It’s like, her name’s Pokket.  She should be able to heal.  What is that.

[0:40:43] Pokket:  Oh no, I’m dead.  Oh no, here I go.  Oh no, I’m dead!  No, don’t die!  Don’t die!  Ah…I’m dead.

[0:40:51] Phoenix:  Also, the monsters get faster and faster.  So eventually it’ll get to the point where you’ll have a very hard time outrunning them.

[0:41:01] Grakulen:  I’m the life after death of the party now.   [Reads from the chat panel.]  “Cutty Sark:  You can rez by setting skill on Test.”  Oh, there’s Pokket!  She wasn’t kidding.  She does exist.

[0:41:15] Pokket:  Oh no, I’m kidding. It was like thanks for the rez.  Nooo….

[0:41:34]:  [A resurrection gump appears after a player casts Noble Sacrifice.  Grakulen accepts and his character is resurrected.]

[0:41:34] Grakulen:  Oh, someone’s rezzing me.  Look at that.  [Grakulen opens the backpack gump and the paper doll and begins dressing his character.]

[0:41:38] Mesanna:  I actually put up some healers at the pool.

[0:41:43] Pokket:  That is true.  Me not healing is kind of…

[0:41:46] Grakulen:  Ultima Onlinish?

[0:41:48] Pokket:  Yeah.

[0:41:49] Grakulen:  All right.  I’m just gonna go it.  It’s dangerous out there.  Take this.  Don’t go alone.  Hand you a kitten.  “Oh, it’s a kitten.”

[0:42:02] Bleak: Oh wow.

[0:42:03] Grakulen:  Yes.

[0:42:07] Bleak:  37.

[0:42:09] Grakulen:  Oh yeah.  So who’s Cora and why are we mad at Cora, that we’re killing her forces?

[0:42:16] Pokket:  Because.  Probably it wouldn’t….   Oh, it’s probably the person that wouldn’t rez me, was what I was going to say.


[0:42:29] Grakulen:  Oh that silly shield.  Why are you so annoying?  [indecipherable] I can never drop [indecipherable] “You must upgrade to Stygian Abyss in order to use…”  I already…there we go.

[0:42:40] Phoenix:  Yes, she’s in Cove.  That’s Vela.

[0:42:44] Grakulen:  Oh yeah.  So I’m going to keep count of how many times I die by like putting these robes in my backpack to the point where I guess I get encumbered and I can’t walk because I have these robes.

[0:42:56] Mesanna:  Do you know what?  If you get a special number, we give you a prize.

[0:43:00] Grakulen:  Really?  [The backpack gump closes.]

[0:43:01] Mesanna:  No.

[0:43:02] Grakulen:  Damn it.


[0:43:04] Phoenix:  It’s a fun way to keep score, though.

[0:43:06] Bleak:  It is.

[0:43:07] Grakulen:  This is the Enhanced Client, for the people that asked.  This is the “mock you” client.


[0:43:17] Grakulen:  Bleak, you’re dead, huh?  Um hmm.

[0:43:19] Bleak:  No, I’m still alive.

[0:43:20] Grakulen:  No, no, you’re gonna die.  Just wait.  A bone knight.  No, I’ll attack him.  There you go.  El Chupracabra!  I don’t know if he’s friend or foe.  I think he’s a friend.  But I like to say his name.  Chupracabra.

[0:43:39] Mesanna:  It’s kinda like “chimichanga.”

[0:43:40] Grakulen:  I know.  What is up…why…Dana, what are you posting in my chat room?

[0:43:48] Pokket:  Uh oh.

[0:43:50] Grakulen: Uh oh.

[0:43:51] Pokket:  Uh oh.

[0:43:52] Grakulen:  I’m getting attacked.  I’m running.  You know, I know that it’s not, but this icon underneath my name that’s the blessing.  If you look at it weird, it kind of looks like a demonic bunny with ears on it.  Like it’s got little eyes right here at the tip of my mouse cursor.  People in the chat room will see me.  And here’s the ears.  That’s what it is.  It’s a demonic bunny head.

[0:44:16] Pokket:  I gotta see this.  Yours is different.  What client is that?  I’m just on Classic.

[0:44:21] Grakulen:   I got the Enhanced Client.

[0:44:23] Pokket:  Oh, OK.  Oh, I should have done that.

[0:44:25] Grakulen:  I was led to believe that this is where the party would be at, on the Enhanced Client.

[0:44:30] Mesanna:  Hey, Mike, why don’t you tell everybody the rewards for this and how they were divided up between Cora and this?

[0:44:46] Phoenix:  Basically, the way this thing works is for every wave that you fight in, you’ll get more and more points.  And the higher the maximum wave the battle goes before it’s over, the more total points that you’ll get.  These points can be spent with an NPC in the city of Cove.  Basically there are two kinds of rewards that you can buy with the points you get for fighting in the Void Pool here.  Hang on just a second.

[0:45:37] Grakulen:  Oop.  There’s Pokket.  [Clicks on Pokket’s character and opens her paper doll.]

[0:45:42] Pokket:  This is where I run and hide, right?

[0:45:44] Grakulen:  You have a deer head on, do you know that?  [Pokket’s paper doll closes as Grakulen runs away.]

[0:45:46] Pokket:  Yeah, it’s pretty sweet.  This is actually a lot like my character looked like…oh my god, I just ran into a whole bunch of mobs.  I’m just gonna stay here again.

[0:45:55] Grakulen:  Oh, not good.

[0:45:56] Pokket:  And I’m frozen.  It’s OK.

[0:46:01] Grakulen:  Gonna watch you die this time.  Turn about’s fair play.

[0:46:07] Bleak:  Oh they’re coming.

[0:46:08] Pokket:  Wow, there’s a bard that just failed horribly.

[0:46:10] Bleak:  They’re coming.

[0:46:23] Grakulen:  If you just get so far away from people, do they pop out, like do they gray out on your party?

[0:46:30] Mesanna:  Yes.

[0:46:30] Bleak:  Yes.

[0:46:31] Grakulen:  OK.  Let’s see what Bleak’s wearing.  I stepped on a spike trap.  Man!

[0:46:40] Mesanna:  Yeah, those traps are nasty.

[0:46:41] Grakulen:  Yeah, I thought I had um…there we go.  Apparently I do have.  Ooh, I’m mounted.  I thought I had some of the things to heal myself with, but apparently it says I do not.

[0:46:56] Mesanna:  You mean bandages?

[0:46:57] Grakulen:  No.  For Close Wound, it said I needed something….

[0:47:03] Mesanna:  Tithing points?

[0:47:04] Grakulen:  Correct.  It said I didn’t have points.

[0:47:05] Mesanna:  You’ve went through 100,000 tithing points already?

[0:47:09] Grakulen:  No, I didn’t use any.

[0:47:09] Phoenix:  The characters are starting….  Type in “set tithingpoints 100000” or whatever.  It’ll give you plenty of those.

[0:47:28] Grakulen:  I think I spelled that wrong.

[0:47:40] Mesanna: T-I-T-H-I-N-G-points.

[0:47:42] Bleak:  I just invited you to the party, Pokket.

[0:47:47] Pokket: OK.

[0:47:49] Grakulen:  I’ll get it one of these days, I promise.

[0:48:04] Grakulen:  [Reads the chat panel.]  Oh lord.

[0:48:07] Phoenix:  Make sure you do “set tithingpoints” plural.

[0:48:10] Grakulen:  There we go.  I tried it plural the first time.  See, even there it’s not giving me a confirmation.

[0:48:34] Grakulen:  There you go.  You can’t do it in group chat.  I had to do it in “Say,” for whatever reason.  I got it now.  Look at that.   OK.  So we saw this new instance, which is still going on.

[0:48:52] Mesanna:  This is only the second level, though.  We have one more level.

[0:48:55] Grakulen:  OK.  That’s why I was gonna ask….  I guess we’ll go watch Pokket die a couple of times.

[0:49:03] Pokket:  No way. I haven’t died since.

[0:49:04] Grakulen: There’s poor Blueballs dead on the floor.

[0:49:04] Pokket:  I haven’t died since.

[0:49:06] Mesanna:  This level actually ends when the mobs take over the Void Pool, when we can’t hold them back any longer.

[0:49:12] Grakulen:  Oh, OK.  Well I’ll going to go back to the Void Pool and hang out there.  Still, while we’re doing that, since it’s not going to be so action-packed, is there anything else going on in the UO world that you want to go ahead and share with the hundreds of people that we have watching and hanging on your every word?

[0:49:26] Pokket:  Oh now I’m going to die.

[0:49:27] Grakulen:  And there’s a revenant trying to kill somebody.  Oh yeah.  Take that, revenant!

[0:49:35] Pokket:  Oh you’ve gotta be kidding me.

[0:49:39] Grakulen:  I never kid.

[0:49:40] Pokket:  Oh I just ran into something else.  Really?

[0:49:44] Grakulen:  Yes.

[0:49:47] Pokket:  Luckily, I’m surviving somehow.  Oh no.

[0:49:53]:  [Grakulen’s character dies for the fourth time.]

[0:49:55] Bleak:  Better run.

[0:49:56] Pokket:  I’m trying so hard.

[0:50:00] Grakulen:  I are dead.

[0:50:01] Pokket:  Oh, I’m surviving.  [laughs]  No, no!   Go away!  I’m cornered.  No!


[0:50:13] Mesanna:  Good gracious.

[0:50:14] Pokket:  It won’t die.  He just won’t die.

[0:50:18] Phoenix:  There’s another group coming down the hall.

[0:50:22] Bleak:  Oh no.

[0:50:30] Mesanna:  Yeah, I have something to say.  Everybody likes to give their input, so we’re at the time where we need Christmas and vet reward ideas again.

[0:50:40] Grakulen:  All right, everybody.  Hear that?  They need Christmas…

[0:50:44] Mesanna:  Fifteenth year.  They have to be special.

[0:50:46] Grakulen:  Yeah.  Fifteenth anniversary Christmas and vet reward items.  So I would go to…where would you like for them to submit these ideas?

[0:50:58] Mesanna:  We can either start a thread or they can send them to me.  I don’t care, as long as we can get ‘em.

[0:51:03] Grakulen:  OK, so you guys have your own forums?

[0:51:05] Mesanna:  Yes, we do on Stratics.

[0:51:08] Grakulen:  OK.

[0:51:10] Bleak:  Oh, I died.  I need a rez.

[0:51:13] Mesanna:  Oh, poor baby.

[0:51:13] Grakulen:  Yes, I’m at the star pool.

[0:51:16] Mesanna:  I have healers here, by the way.

[0:51:16] Pokket: [indecipherable]

[0:51:18] Bleak:  OK.

[0:51:19] Mesanna:  All you have to do is walk near them.

[0:51:20] Bleak:  Oh no, all my stuff is..uh…never mind.

[0:51:23]:  [Grakulen is resurrected by one of the healer NPCs.]

[0:51:24] Grakulen: Oh, there we go.

[0:51:25] Phoenix:  Did somebody steal your gold too?

[0:51:27] Grakulen:  Did you…yeah!


[0:51:28] Bleak:  Yeah, they stole all my gold.  [laughs]

[0:51:31] Mesanna:  Oh man.

[0:51:32] Grakulen:  They want shields on the EA store, please.  [Grakulen’s backpack gump opens and he begins dressing his character.]

[0:51:35] Mesanna:  Shields?  Oh I know they do, but I can’t do that.

[0:51:41] Grakulen:  There you go.  There’s your answer.

[0:51:48] Mesanna:  They are sweet though.

[0:51:49] Pokket:  Oh, I think I remember the guy’s name.  Wasn’t it Lynk or something?  The JC the Builder guy?

[0:51:57] Mesanna:  I think he has a character named that.

[0:52:00] Pokket:  It’s from a long time ago.

[0:52:04] Mesanna:  He’s been on UO for a long, long time.

[0:52:08] Pokket:  Yeah.

[0:52:09] Bleak:  Somebody stole my quiver.

[0:52:11] Pokket:   Aww.  It wasn’t me.

[0:52:12] Mesanna:  Didn’t you insure it?  Shame on you.

[0:52:16] Bleak:  Eh…

[0:52:16] Grakulen:  I’m not going to say anything, but maybe if you would have had somebody steal your gold instead of your quiver, would have been a good idea.


[0:52:24] Grakulen:  Out of the mouths of babes…

[0:52:29] Mesanna:  So we’ve already started working on our next dungeon.  It should be…

[0:52:33] Grakulen:  Do you want to tease the name of that?

[0:52:37] Mesanna:  Let’s just say it’s got a champ spawn in it.

[0:52:39] Grakulen:  It’s got a champ spawn.

[0:52:42] Mesanna:  Mm hmm.

[0:52:42] Grakulen:  Exclusive.

[0:52:42] Pokket:  Oh, I lost my bracelet.  Aww.

[0:52:46] Grakulen:  I lost my earring.

[0:52:50] Mesanna:  Sorry.

[0:52:50] Grakulen:   I don’t know that, I just haven’t put it back on.

[0:52:53] Pokket:   I didn’t have earrings.  Oh, there’s my bracelet.  It’s OK.

[0:52:59] Mesanna:  Do you still have your night sight?

[0:53:01] Grakulen:  I do.  Someone gave it back to me, I think.   Either that or it’s these fires that are burning bright over here. [The backpack gump closes.]  Yeah, it’s the fires.  I don’t have night sight.  It’s the fires.


[0:53:20] Grakulen:  Wow, they are starting to…a flesh golem.

[0:53:23] Mesanna:  Yeah, they really come.

[0:53:24] Grakulen:  They are.

[0:53:25] Mesanna:  Something else is we are going to have a contest to replace the dragon that everybody’s fond of out of Covetous here.

[A cat meows in the background.]

[0:53:40] Grakulen:  Apparently Giggles protests you replacing the dragon.

[0:53:42] Pokket:  I know.

[0:53:44] Grakulen:  “We’re going to replace it”…MEOWARRR.


[0:53:53] Bleak:  So many greater dragons.

[0:53:53] Mesanna:  So whoever writes the best story for Sudiva, we’re going to put it on the Herald and we need to find her a new home.

[0:54:03] Grakulen:  Replacing the dragon?  Need to find her a new home?

[0:54:07] Mesanna:  Well, yeah.  Sudiva’s been in the bottom for so long it’s not even funny.  So she’s kind of like part of UO.  So instead of just getting rid of her, we’re going to put her someplace and we’re going to let the players decide where we put her.

[0:54:37] Mesanna:  Boy, somebody’s clicking like crazy.

[0:54:41] Phoenix:  What wave are we on?

[0:54:42] Bleak: 48.

[0:54:42] Phoenix: Wow.

[0:54:45] Bleak:  Yeah.

[0:54:46] Grakulen: [looks at Void Pool gump] Wave 48.

[0:54:48] Bleak:  Getting nasty.

[0:54:48] Grakulen:  Score! What kind of crazy loot are we going to get from that?

[0:54:51] Mesanna:  Oh, Mike, you never did say the loot.

[0:54:53] Grakulen:  I know.  He got distracted.


[0:54:55] Mesanna:  I know.  I thought [indecipherable]

[0:54:56] Grakulen: I don’t forget about loot.  You say loot, I’m whaaat??

[0:55:00] Pokket:  I think I threw away my gold.

[0:55:00] Mesanna:  Neither does anybody else.

[0:55:03] Phoenix:  Well, from fighting in this, when the battle is eventually over, you’ll get points.  And you’ll get more points the higher the wave it got to was before it was over.  And you’ll get more points the longer you spent actually in the dungeon fighting.

To spend those points, you’ve just gotta go see an NPC named Vela in Cove.  You can buy some pretty interesting things from there.  Now the things that she sells all are…they all have sort of limited use.  You can buy maps that take you directly to say, bloodwood logs that you can chop as a lumberjack, or valorite if you’re a miner.  You can get talismans that let you smelt those high color ores with 100% success, or give you bonus logs when you’re chopping heartwood, bloodwood, frostwood.  Let’s see…the maps, talismans…  You can get a deed for a forge that you can use anywhere in the world but it only lasts four hours.  So if there’s a particular spot that you’d like to mine, you can drop down a forge there to smelt your ingots on.

What else have we got?  Then we have a bunch of artifacts. [Grakulen’s Void Pool gump closes.]  The artifacts are new, improved, powerful.  And there’s two versions of them.  The ones that you can buy using your points from the Void Pool are…they’re interesting in that they are indestructible but they only last for a certain amount of time, and basically what they do is they only wear down when you have them equipped and you’re actually fighting in combat.  They’re set to last for 25 hours of actual time spent fighting with the artifact equipped.  So, say, if you get a weapon then you would literally have to spend 25 straight hours swinging that weapon at something before it goes away.

Now, deeper down in this dungeon on level 3, is the big boss, Cora.  She drops normal versions of those same artifacts.  So basically you’ve got two ways to get two different versions of the artifacts.  You can fight in the Void Pool, spend the points to get versions that will wear out fairly quickly, or you can get permanent ones by going and fighting the big boss.

[0:57:48] Grakulen:  OK, so are we going to get a chance to go see Cora?

[0:57:51] Phoenix:  Well, I guess that’s up to you guys.  We could leave this or we could wait for the big finale.

[0:58:00] Grakulen:  Oh, I’m about waiting for the finale.  I was just curious if we were going to go see Cora when we were done here.

[0:58:06] Bleak:  These guys are stomping at our door though right now.

[0:58:10] Grakulen:  I see them.  There’s a flesh golem right here.


[0:58:14] Grakulen:  I see you’re still alive.  I don’t see the dung beetle around you though.

[0:58:31] Grakulen:  Ahh!  Ah yes.  People making fun of other people for spelling in chat.  This is an MMO.  [pause] I heard laughter in the background.

[0:58:56] Grakulen:  [reading from chat panel] “Mesanna is awesome.”  “Yes she is, but she needs to die.”  Mesanna.

[0:59:00] Mesanna:  Wow.

[0:59:02] Grakulen:  That’s what they’re saying in chat.  I have no control.

[0:59:05] Mesanna:  OK.  I have one thing… I have two words to say, “Bite me.”

[0:59:10] Grakulen:  There you go.  That is the producer’s response.


[0:59:16] Grakulen:  I don’t…

[0:59:16] Mesanna:  I didn’t say it was so politically correct.  I just said it.

[0:59:19] Grakulen:  I don’t think you’re going to hear that from any other game.

[0:59:25] Mesanna:  No, unfortunately and you probably won’t hear it from me much longer.  [laughs]

[0:59:28] Grakulen:  Yeah.  Next week I heard UO’s going to be hiring for a community manager.

[0:59:34] Mesanna:  Yeah, we need one. [laughter]

[0:59:36] Grakulen:  Yeah, because Kai’s gonna need help reining her in.

[0:59:42] Mesanna:  [laughs]

[0:59:43] Kai: No, no, that’s fine.  I think that’s a good example…

[0:59:46] Mesanna:  Oh, that’s fine?

[0:59:47] Kai:  Yeah, sure.

[0:59:47] Mesanna:  Sweet.

[0:59:50] Kai:  That’s just is a good example of how special your relation to the community is.  You can insult them and they still love you.

[0:59:58] Mesanna:  Oh, I don’t insult them.  I might kill them, but I don’t insult them.

[1:00:03] Kai:  OK.  Fair enough.

[1:00:06] Mesanna:  I mean, this is the only game you really know that players beg to die in, you know?

[1:00:11] Kai:  Yeah, that’s true.

[1:00:16] Grakulen:  I think we’re repelling this wave, actually.  I thought it was going to be our doom, but it doesn’t look that way, actually.

[1:00:23] Phoenix:  The next one’s right around the corner.

[1:00:25] Bleak:  Yeah, it’s coming.

[1:00:28] Grakulen:  Well, it’s time for me to hide.

[1:00:35] Mesanna:  Oh, man.

[1:00:35] Grakulen: Come to the healers, get my halo on.

[1:00:38] Bleak:  Oh they are…uh oh.

[1:00:45] Grakulen:  All these people just riding around on their horses, not a care in the world.  I don’t see any deer heads around, so Pokket’s hiding again.

[1:00:56] Mesanna:  First time you see somebody in a bear head, you’re gonna get confused.

[1:00:59] Grakulen:  I think I have a bear head on actually.  That’s funny, though, I was thinking about her running around with a deer head on while I have a bear head on.

[1:01:25] Grakulen:  52 of Cora’s forces are entering the dungeon.

[1:01:29] Mesanna:  Oh my god.

[1:01:30] Grakulen:  “You’ve gained a little fame.”  Just a little bit.

[1:01:39] Phoenix:  Oh, you’ve probably gained almost as much as you possibly can, so you can only gain a little bit more at this point.  That’s how that message works.

[1:01:47] Grakulen:  Where would I look, where would I go to see this fame that I’ve gained?  On my contextual menu?

[1:01:53] Misk:  Yes.

[1:01:53] Phoenix: Under the one that says Loyalty Rating, it’ll show fame and karma on the first page of that.

[1:02:03] Grakulen:  [reads from the Loyalty Rating gump] Fame 477, Karma 555.

[1:02:08] Phoenix:  Hmm.

[1:02:09] Grakulen:  Yeah.

[1:02:11] Phoenix:  You should both have and be getting a lot more than that right now, actually.

[1:02:13] Grakulen:  Yeah, probably not so much when you’re hiding in the back.  Either that or something’s broken.

[1:02:24] Phoenix:  Oh, you’re getting a little bit of shared fame from party kills, OK.

[1:02:29] Grakulen:  No, I mean I am actually out here.  I have killed stuff.  I really have.  Maybe not a lot, but a little bit of stuff.  Like I’m trying to kill a lesser oni now.

[1:02:45] Mesanna:  Wow.

[1:02:46] Phoenix:  Well, at wave 52, they’re not so “lesser.”

[1:02:47] Mesanna:  Yeah.

[1:02:48] Bleak:  Yeah.  [laughs]

[1:02:49] Grakulen:  Yeah, and I’m running…oh.

[1:02:50]:  [Grakulen’s character dies for the fifth time.]

[1:02:51] Grakulen:  Oh.  Wow.  Had a person try to steal some more gold from my bankbox.


[1:03:00] Grakulen:  Oh no, he didn’t.  Oh yes, I did.

[1:03:06]:  [Grakulen’s character is resurrected by an NPC healer.]

[1:03:07] Grakulen:  And now we’ve got like these rez bots. [Grakulen’s backpack gump opens and he begins dressing his character]   It’s just like oh, I just get to run back to the healer and I’m good.   Add another robe to the collection.  Put on my gloves.  Put on my chest strap.

[1:03:22] Mesanna:  What are you up to now?

[1:03:25] Grakulen:  I think five.  Four.

[1:03:28] Mesanna:  Oh, that’s not bad.

[1:03:28] Grakulen:  Not too terrible.  About as many deaths as you promised.  Are you going to come out of nowhere and just insta-kill me?

[1:03:34] Mesanna:  Yeah.

[1:03:35] Grakulen:  That’s not fair.

[1:03:36] Phoenix:  That’s her favorite thing to do.


[1:03:39] Mesanna: Oh no,  I don’t insta-kill!  I give everybody a chance.

[1:03:42] Phoenix:  Yeah, what?  1 in 18 how you got that game rigged?


[1:03:48] Mesanna:  No.  OK.  I swear.  The players on Chesapeake came up with this game.  It’s called “Mesanna Roulette.”  We have 12-sided dice and I pick a number and they roll the dice.  If they roll on the number, they get to live.  If they don’t, I get to kill them.

[1:04:08] Phoenix:  OK, so it’s 11 to 1 that you’re going to die.

[1:04:10] Grakulen:  That sounds like a lot of fun.

[1:04:12] Mesanna:  Yeah.  It is!

[1:04:15] Grakulen:  For you.

[1:04:16] Mesanna:  Exactly.

[1:04:18] Grakulen:  OK then.

[1:04:19] Bleak:  Everybody’s just sitting by the pool and I’m out here fighting.


[1:04:23] Grakulen:  That’s because I’m putting my clothes back on.  There’s a lot of colored fire going on out here.

[1:04:30] Bleak:  Yeah, they’re just waiting for the…

[1:04:31] Mesanna:  That’s the fire and poison.

[1:04:32] Grakulen:  Oh.

[1:04:33] Bleak:  [indecipherable] those dragons.  Those dragon’s are about to die.

[1:04:39] Mesanna:  I still think we should have a mob that turns dragons into rabbits, so you can see the mob.

[1:04:45] Grakulen:   Oh yeah.  Or shrink some down, make some teeny.

[1:04:51] Mesanna:  That would be funny.  Turn them into fairy dragons.  [giggles]

[1:04:55] Grakulen:  That would probably be good, a good thing.  Little baby dragons.

[1:05:12] Grakulen:  [reads from chat panel] “Dragon. If I get on my…”  Oh, I’ll have to stop reading that chat line.


[1:05:22] Bleak:  Oh I did die.  I’m down…ah.

[1:05:26] Grakulen:  Chat’s a very interesting, lively place tonight.  Here’s a skull, I think.  Yeah, a skull.  Here’s a wedge of cheese.

[1:05:31] Bleak:  Oh no.   Can I get a rez?

[1:05:34] Grakulen:  No, but you can get a wedge of cheese.

[1:05:38] Phoenix:  I don’t think anyone in the party can rez, Steve.

[1:05:41] Bleak:  Oh no.

[1:05:43] Grakulen:  If you come up here, there’s healers.

[1:05:45] Bleak:  Nope, they’re gone now.  There’s no more healers.

[1:05:48]: Grakulen:  No more healers?

[1:05:49] Bleak:  This is about to go down.

[1:05:51] Grakulen:  Oh, they are gone, aren’t they?

[1:05:54] Bleak:  So for the special someone who finds my corpse, the majority of my items are cursed, so I can’t insure them.


[1:06:03] Bleak:  It’s awesome.  That’s a treat.


[1:06:06] Mesanna:  Oh god.  That’s [indecipherable].

[1:06:09] Grakulen:  I don’t know what that meant.

[1:06:25] Mesanna:  You know it’s really hard to rez you when you’re moving, right?

[1:06:32] Grakulen:  I’m alive.

[1:06:33] Bleak:  I’m alive now.

[1:06:35] Mesanna:  No, I was talking to Stephen.

[1:06:36] Grakulen:  There’s a polar bear in your game.

[1:06:38] Mesanna:  Mmm hmm.  You can ride it.

[1:06:40] Bleak:  Just trying to find my corpse.

[1:06:43] Grakulen:  I don’t know that the polar bear will be hip to me trying to ride him.

[1:06:51] Mesanna:  That’s actually a person.

[1:06:53] Bleak:  Oh, I’m dead again.

[1:06:54] Grakulen:  It’s Drowy.

[1:06:57] Bleak:  Can I get another rez?  [laughs]

[1:07:00] Grakulen:  You were killed by a fire daemon that time.

[1:07:02] Mesanna:  Well, see, here’s the deal.  If I leave up the healers, we will never die.

[1:07:09] Grakulen:  I understand.

[1:07:11] Bleak:  I just want my corpse.

[1:07:12] Phoenix:  Well right now…

[1:07:15] Pokket:  I went in the wrong place.  Oh no.

[1:07:18] Bleak:  Awesome.  Thank you.

[1:07:19] Phoenix:  Bonnie, check your AIM real quick.

[1:07:22] Grakulen:  Where is Pokket?

[1:07:24] Pokket:  I’m lost.  [laughs]  [Grakulen opens the Atlas gum, which shows a map of Covetous Dungeon.  Mouses over it to locate party members.]  I had to go get more gear.  I didn’t have all my items on.  I was missing a whole bunch.

[1:07:31] Grakulen:  I think they can teleport you.

[1:07:34] Pokket:  OK.  I still don’t have a ring, but oh well.  I don’t mind.

[1:07:41] Grakulen:  I don’t have an earring.

[1:07:42] Pokket:  I don’t have that either. [The map gump closes.]

[1:07:56] Grakulen:  How many waves, you ask?  I’ll tell you how many waves.  [Opens the Void Pool gump, checks it and then closes it.] Uh, the Void Pool.  Wave 56.

[1:08:14] Bleak:  And the players have pillaged me again.

[1:08:19] Grakulen:  You’re just like food for the player base.

[1:08:20] Pokket:  Thank you.

[1:08:24] Grakulen:  What can I do as an in-game event tonight?  I know.  I can go die and give players my gear.  I’d have to say they probably appreciate it.

[1:08:36] Pokket:  You went to level 2 or still in the bottom one?

[1:08:38] Grakulen:  We’re still in 2.

[1:08:43] Pokket: Ah, so many dead people.

[1:08:53] Mesanna:  That sounds like a good movie.

[1:08:59] Grakulen:  Oh somebody rezzed and threw their dress on the ground!  It’s just not right.

[1:09:10] Grakulen:  People have got random, different colored chats.  Is that just so you can tell that there’s different people talking, or is there something special with that?

[1:09:20] Mesanna:  Yeah, you can change…

[1:09:20] Phoenix:  You can change…

[1:09:22] Mesanna:  Go ahead.

[1:09:22] Phoenix:  You can change your chat color.  It’s just a configuration option.

[1:09:46] Phoenix:  Well, would you all be interested in moving on to level 3?

[1:09:53] Grakulen:  Yeah, if there’s a finale for this second level, why don’t we drop the healers down and see that and move on to level 3.

[1:10:02] Mesanna:  OK.

[1:10:03] Phoenix:  Well right now I think the energy fields being cast over there near the entrance are doing a pretty good job of holding everything back.  We’re sort of reaching a stalemate, actually.

[1:10:24] Grakulen:  So for those of you that are in chat that are in-game casting energy fields, if you would stop, it would be good.


[1:10:35] Phoenix:  Bonnie, you could pop a few of the monsters directly across.

[1:10:38] Grakulen:  Oh yeah, that would be great too.

[1:10:39] Phoenix:  We’ll just end it that way.

[1:10:40] Mesanna:  Oh, that’s so mean.  OK.

[1:10:44] Grakulen:  There’s people dropping fields.  You can already look and see a bunch of them will fall.

[1:10:55] Mesanna:  OK.  And I thought I was evil, Mike.

[1:10:59] Grakulen:  I’d just ask.

[1:11:11] Grakulen:  Bitral down.

[1:11:13] Phoenix:  Oh, I died.  Ahhh.

[1:11:18] Grakulen:  I’m gonna die.  So Bleak, what did you do to get that beetle?  Did you like design it yourself or something?

[1:11:28] Mesanna:  No, that’s something for test centers.  It’s called an “air freshener.”  It’s a pet dye tool that’s only on TC’s though.

[1:11:37] Grakulen:  Oh.  It’s called an air freshener?

[1:11:40] Mesanna:  Mm hmm.  Well, “pet freshener,” actually.  Sorry.

[1:11:44] Grakulen:  Oh, OK.

[1:11:45] Bleak:  Oh, they’re breaking through!

[1:11:48] Mesanna:  No, I’m pulling them over.

[1:11:50] Bleak:  Oh.  Oh no.  [laughs]  Get outta here!

[1:11:53] Mesanna:  Somebody asked me to pull them over, so I’m pulling them over.

[1:11:57] Bleak:  It’s not safe.

[1:12:00] Grakulen:  That’s what they want for their Christmas presents, a pet freshener.  Oh, this is a cool one.   [Highlights a player character riding a boura ethy.]  Looks kinda like a boar.  Oh, I don’t know.  This one right here that I’m standing on top of is pretty cool.

[1:12:15] Mesanna:  The dog?

[1:12:18] Grakulen:  Is that a dog?

[1:12:19] Mesanna:  I don’t know where you are, sorry.

[1:12:20] Grakulen:  It’s white, it’s got some funky horns on it.

[1:12:22] Pokket:  It’s probably that.  Wait.  What…

[1:12:23] Mesanna:  It’s a cu sidhe, I bet.

[1:12:28] Pokket:  Oh no, I’m getting attacked again!  [laughs]

[1:12:30] Grakulen:  A boura.

[1:28:30] Pokket:  I’m just sitting there.

[1:12:33] Grakulen:  Is it the lich lord?

[1:12:35] Mesanna:  No.  The boura’s something else.

[1:12:40] Pokket:  Ah, I should have just went and tamed something.  Wow, this guy really wants to kill me.

[1:12:50] Mesanna:  Oh.  Good lord of the fields.

[1:12:53] Pokket:  Wow, he’s really fast too.

[1:12:54] Grakulen:  Yeah.  I like this…

[1:12:57] Mesanna:  It’s just gonna get faster and faster.

[1:12:58] Grakulen:  Drowy, I like the arrow there.  Thank you.  Or whoever that was that was doing that.  Trilla.

[1:13:10] Grakulen:  I think Twitchiepoo in chat is conflicted.  He wants to see you die, but then he’s like, no don’t let her die.  Yes, let her die.   I’m so conflicted.  Don’t know what I want.

[1:13:26] Mesanna:  It’s that love-hate relationship thing.

[1:13:30] Grakulen:  Yes.

[1:13:33] Mesanna:  “Pokket, get in my pocket and let’s fly.”  Umm, since you’re naked, that’s going to be hard.

[1:13:40] Pokket:  Who said that?

[1:13:42] Mesanna:  The naked person here.  Imbuee.


[1:13:47] Mesanna:  It’s a little perverted, but OK.

[1:13:50] Grakulen:  I don’t…oh, hey.   There we go.   I found Pokket.  Where are you?  There’s Bleak.

[1:14:02] Bleak:  Going into battle.

[1:14:03] Pokket:  So, like is what’s going to happen is that we’re all going to end up like…

[1:14:07] Mesanna:  Dead.

[1:14:07] Pokket:  …getting rushed by a million things and then dying?

[1:14:12] Mesanna:  Pretty much.  They’re gonna come in and break down the Void Pool.

[1:14:13] Pokket:  I’m not much [indecipherable]

[1:14:16]: [Grakulen’s character dies for the sixth time.]

[1:14:17] Mesanna:  And then it goes dead for 15 minutes.  And then we go on to level 3 and we try to kill her, the lady that’s sending all these mobs, which is Cora.

[1:14:40] Grakulen:  I may or may not be dead again.

[1:14:45] Mesanna:  Yes, you are.

[1:14:47] Misk:  You’re not certain of that?

[1:14:49]  [Grakulen’s character is mysteriously resurrected.]

[1:14:49] Grakulen:  Uh…you know, actually I was in this movie one time [opens backpack gump and starts dressing character] where I wasn’t sure if I was dead and this little kid kept walking around and yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m dead.

[1:15:00] Mesanna:  Well, I just rezzed you.

[1:15:02] Grakulen:  Yeah, I know I’m alive now.   See, I’m conflicted.  I don’t know if I’m alive or dead.

[Queen Mum offers Grakulen a pan of cookies.]

[1:15:07] Grakulen:  Oh, a pan of cookies from the Queen’s Mum.

[1:15:10] Mesanna:  That’s from Queen Mum.  She’s our cookie maker.

[1:15:15] Grakulen:  Blessed be.  Thank you.

[1:15:20] Mesanna:  She deserves a cookie monster at her house.

[1:15:22] Grakulen:  That’s what you need for a Christmas present then.  15th year anniversary.

[1:15:28] Mesanna:  A cookie monster?

[1:15:29] Grakulen:  A blue mount and you can call it the sea monster, so we don’t have to worry about any trademark infringement or silly nonsense like that.  Sesame Street issues a cease and desist on UO.  You cannot call your…

[1:15:43] Mesanna:  Oh god.

[1:15:44] Grakulen:  You cannot call your mount the cookie monster.

[1:15:50] Mesanna:  And it cannot go, “Cookie!”

[1:15:53] Grakulen:  Yeah.  “C is for Cookie.  And it’s good enough for me.”

[1:16:08] Grakulen:  Maybe I have small children, maybe I don’t.  Hey, that’s my fifth dress though.

[1:16:15] Mesanna:  No, it had to be at least your sixth.  It was the fifth one the last time you got naked.

[1:16:18] Grakulen: One, two, three, four, five.

[1:16:20] Mesanna:  Oh, you’re cheating.

[1:16:23] Grakulen:  I don’t know.   I keep losing….where are my boots?  There are my boots.  Thigh boots.  My kicks.  Can’t put them on.  Because I had boots on.  There we go. [Closes the backpack gump.]  So these monsters are going to come in here and tear down these sandstone stairs and hop into the star pit?

[1:16:46] Mesanna:  Mm hmm.

[1:16:47] Grakulen:  Sweet.  I think I’m attacking something.  Oh, wait, I am attacking something.  A doppelganger.   OK, so you can’t touch this.

[1:17:07] Pokket:  Didn’t realize you were up there.  I would have made fun of you.

[1:17:22] Grakulen:  Adester, I’m sure we’ll schedule one eventually.  Speaking of that, for those of you guys asking if we’ll do this again, make sure that you follow the channel.  And also myself and Pokket, we have Twitter accounts, which are down below that you see.  If you follow those, you’ll see whenever we’re going live streaming.  And I usually say ahead of time when I’m doing a Wayback Wednesday episode like this, which game we’re going to have well in advance.  So if you need to do any prep work, you can be ready.

[1:18:01] Mesanna:  So how many games have you done this on?

[1:18:03] Grakulen:  I think this is the eighth.

[1:18:06] Mesanna:  Really?  Very nice.

[1:18:07] Grakulen:  Thank you very much.

[1:18:11] Mesanna:  Sounds like you have fun doing them.

[1:18:12] Grakulen:  It’s a lot of fun.  I actually have more fun doing these than I have playing a lot of the newer games.  And it’s nice to see the different producers and developers that work on the game and the passion that you have for the world that you work within.  Some of the best responses that I’ve gotten are actually from Dark Age of Camelot.

[1:18:42] Mesanna:  What do you mean?

[1:18:43] Grakulen:  Just from the player base, as far as the amount of people coming out and getting involved with the event.  Dark Age of Camelot’s had some of the best response, up until I did this one.  This one has had over 100 people the entire time watching, so…

[1:19:00] Phoenix:  Uh oh, a couple more of them got inside.

[1:19:01] Grakulen:  Ooh, look.  Is there like a half-naked woman falling out of the star pit?  Yeah, there is.  With purple hair.  Corpse of Dillon.

[1:19:10] Mesanna:  Yes there is, the body.

[1:19:15] Grakulen:  [laughs]  There’s bodies all over the place.  It’s like a morbid house of a thousand corpses. Zoig. Corpse of Jove.  I’m gonna hide back here.

[1:19:30] Pokket:  Everybody’s dying and I’m just watching.

[1:19:34] Kyronix:  Oh no.

[1:19:35] Pokket:  Because you know what? There’s not much I’m gonna do to help you guys.  I’ll throw a couple arrows your way.   And….now I’m dead.

[1:19:44] Bleak:  Are they attacking the pool?  Oh 61?

[1:19:50] Pokket:  Oh no.  He’s not happy.

[1:19:52] Bleak:  Yep, they’re attacking the pool.

[1:19:58] Grakulen:  And…no…run!

[1:19:59]:  [Grakulen’s character is dead for the seventh time.]

[1:19:59] Grakulen:  Dead.  Someone said oh  I insured the newb armor.  No, I think I insured the good armor.  It wouldn’t charge me 630 gold to insure the newbie armor.

[1:20:16] Mesanna:  No, just tell them you’re using the good stuff.

[1:20:20] Grakulen:  Am I going to join you where, King Jaboo?  Oh, on the game permanently?  If I had more time, I would.  I usually cycle through.  I get a couple hours in each month on each game that I do some, but I don’t get….

[1:20:35] Bleak:  And there it is.

[1:20:37] Pokket:  Oh no.  Back!  Red portals.  That must be…oh my god, I just missed them all.

[1:20:41] Grakulen:  I’m dead, so it’s good.

[1:20:42] Mesanna:  You don’t need to.  Those are the mobs leaving.

[1:20:46] Pokket:  Oh, OK.

[1:20:46] Mesanna:  Cute.


[1:20:48] Mesanna:  Oh no, a gate!  Let’s jump in it!


[1:20:52] Pokket:  Yeah, I was one of those people.  I’m gonna actually start playing this again, if I can figure out my accounts.  I think it will be fun.

[1:21:01] Bleak:  Way to go.

[1:21:03] Grakulen:  I think it’d be great for your Throwback Thursday.

[1:21:06] Pokket:  Oh yeah.

[1:21:07] Grakulen:  If you actually stick to that one.

[1:21:09] Pokket:  Yeah, I need to do that.  And that was actually what someone suggested.  They were like, “You should play Ultima Online because you played that a lot.”

[1:21:17] Mesanna:  So you can help us with our EM stuff and all.

[1:21:23] Pokket:  Help troll people.


[1:21:27] Grakulen:  Get paid to troll people.  That’s awesome.  All right.  Hey, anybody want to rez me?  I’m the guy that has a dress on.

[1:21:36] Mesanna:  Umm, yeah.  Where are you?  Oh, I got you.

[1:21:41] Grakulen:  Cootchiepoo wants me to get you into DDO.  Actually we do that.  That’s on Saturdays, so I don’t think you would play on Saturdays.

[1:21:47]: [Grakulen’s character is resurrected.]

[1:21:56] Mesanna:  Shall we go to Cora?

[1:22:00] Grakulen:  That would be awesome.  So has anybody really seen Cora, been killing Cora on the test server already?

[1:22:07] Mesanna:  It’s been on Test Center for several weeks.  I think it took…I think I read one article on Stratics where it took two or three guys 45 minutes to kill her.

[1:22:18] Grakulen:  Oh.  So where do we go?  I’m running around looking like a monk.

[1:22:26] Mesanna:  In your robe?

[1:22:27] Grakulen:  In my robe. [Opens the Atlas gump, which shows a map of Covetous Dungeon and then closes it.]

[1:22:29] Mesanna:  Do you see other people?

[1:22:31] Grakulen:  I see the Panama Creel of Lake Superior.

[1:22:34] Mesanna:  OK, just follow everybody.

[1:22:36] Grakulen:  Show me, everyone!

[1:22:42] Grakulen:  Tiburol’s upset that he can’t go without someone jumping in.  I’m sure if you continue to scream about it,  it’s going to change anything.

[1:22:53] Pokket:  I don’t know where I’m going.  So I’m just going to lead people.

[1:22:57] Grakulen:  Lead them the wrong way.

[1:23:00] Pokket:  I led them off a cliff in Guild Wars.  Did you see that?

[1:23:04] Grakulen:  No.  Just start shouting, “Follow me!”   No, I missed that.  You went on a totally different server than the rest of us.  It’s like, oh Pokket.

[1:23:14] Pokket:  Yeah, I transferred to where we knew some people.  Our guild knew some people, because they kept bugging.

[1:23:20] Grakulen:  Ah, OK.

[1:23:22] Pokket:  And they were doing pretty good, so I just stayed there.  What is the black dragon?  I want it.  That looks pretty sweet.  Is that the same as a red dragon?

LOCATION:  Between levels 2 and 3 of Covetous Dungeon (Trammel) on the Test Shard.

[1:23:35] Mesanna:  No, it’s not an animal in-game.  It’s from that pet dye thing.

[1:23:40] Pokket:  Oh, there’s a pet dye?  That’s awesome.  Do you dye them hot pink?


[1:23:46] Mesanna:  No.  Do you know how….one of the old devs wanted to put in pet dyes and the boards just lit up, screaming.  So we have to be very careful with the colors of pets that we do.

[1:24:03] Grakulen:  So no purple unicorns, right?

[1:24:05] Mesanna:  Nope.

[1:24:07] : [Indecipherable because of multiple voices speaking at once.]

[1:24:10] Grakulen: No,  I don’t have any Gray Poupon, I’m sorry.


[1:24:16] Pokket:  What makes me hit faster?

[1:24:18] Mesanna:  What makes….

[1:24:19] Pokket:  Is there a skill that makes me hit faster?

[1:24:22] Grakulen:  I’m just happy when I can hit.

[1:24:24] Misk:  Have more stamina or the Swing Speed Increase property on your weapons or armor.

Go to Part 4:  Covetous Dungeon (Trammel) Levels 3-5.

Haven Bank (Trammel) | Covetous Dungeon (Trammel) Entrance and Level 1 | Covetous Dungeon (Trammel) Levels 3-5 | Wind Maze (Felucca) | Yew Moongate Area (Felucca) | A Player’s House in Trammel

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