Best Shot In The Realm – February 2012

February 28, 2012 By: Amber Witch Category: Baja News

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Many archers gathered at the fairgrounds for the monthly Best Shot in the Realm last Saturday night, hosted by Misfits of Society. The weather was fair and there were low winds and and as always the spirits were high at the start of the evening. A lucky number of 13 archers registered for their chance to walk away with the 1 million gold prize and an engraved bow deeming the recipient “Champion, Best Shot in the Realm, February 2012.”

The rules were read by Toni Fierce and Round 1 of the contest got underway. James, Aerowyn Faeryn, Grey Eagle, Nemesis, TOBY (last month’s champion), Llama, Richard Lionhart, Bucko, Ahebban, Debi, Claudia, Handalf and Aleecia were called up by two’s to take their best shots. Grey Eagle, Handalf, Debi and Aleecia were the night’s first casualties, with scores of 30, 22, 30 and 57, respectively.


The judges quickly realized the buttes must still be “off” because Debi and Grey Eagle are legendary archers. Grey Eagle has even been known to shoot apples off the heads of many of his companions with nary a fatality!


Lady EM Godiva appeared suddenly like an angel, accessed the situation, and offered two more buttes in front of the existing ones. Again the archers were called up in pairs of two and did their best to get a robin hood, something they were all more than capable of. Round 2’s casualties included James, Nemesis, Llama and Richard Lionhart. It seems the new buttes didn’t work any better than the original buttes, in spite of the efforts of our angel.


Round 3 saw Aerowyn Faeryn, TOBY, Bucko and Ahebban prepared to give their best effort to walk away with the night’s prize. A score of 150 was required to move to Round 4. The archers were called up to shoot one by one. Aerowyn Faeryn took her best shot, but this legendary archer finished with a score of 30! The crowd gasped in shock and offered their heartfelt consolation to Aerowyn. Next up was TOBY, January’s winner, who finished his turn with a score of 160, enough to go to Round 4, if there would be one. Next up was Bucko, who gave his best effort, but finished with a score of 70. Ahebban followed Bucko’s lead and also ended with a 70.

Congratulations TOBY on winning the February 2012 Best Shot In The Realm!


Archer 1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round
James 150 65
Aerowyn Faeryn 70 110 30
Grey Eagle 30
Nemisis 70 70
TOBY 70 110 160 Winner
Llama 110 70
Richard Lionhart 110 30
Bucko 110 110 70
Ahebban 70 105 70
Debi 30
Claudia Drusilla 110 110 110
Handalf 22
Aleecia 57



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