Bean throwing night on the last day of winter

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Pikapika the fairy gave the sigh.

Orie seemed to be sick.She cannot meet him, so she became thin day by day and declined.
Pikapika understand,so her heart was cold like ice because of doubt and a tear.

Pikapika think, this was also caused by Hikozaemon the stupid guy!

However Pikapika hope adventure person for me to save her.

Onami the Hikozaemon’s mather gave the sigh.

Hikozaemon is not sane. She called the skilled physician and the faith healer together and asked that he is corrected.
Faith healer said the demon lives in his heart.
And he demanded the extraordinary amount of money.

She threatened that it treated her son to faith healer.

Come and meet Pica Pica the fairy or a coward shaman at either two (2) specific locations:-
1)Sake Saka Tavern: 34o 38′N, 44o 9′W
2)A house at Mt. Sho: 75o 9′N, 6o 15′W
* Gates to the both locations will be provided from Nujelm EM hall.

Yamato 2/11/2012, 9:00pm JST (7:00am EST)
Sakura 2/11/2012, 10:00pm JST (8:00am EST)

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