Autumn Cider Social 11/16/13

November 11, 2013 By: Lady Lava Category: Great Lakes News




  • Town Social – Each governor, or their representative(s), will have a booth for half-an-hour. The governor may use that time
  • to persuade people to join the town; to sell or give away food, drinks, or other inexpensive souvenirs; or to do magic tricks, fortune telling, etc.
  • Tasty Treats Display & Auction – A skilled chef can decorate cakes, cookies, and pizzas. From now until two hours before the faire, players are invited to donate decorated delectables. The treats will be put on display during the faire. They will then be auctioned off by a capricious auctioneer, who does not care for gold, but will accept interesting assortments* of gems and granite. If you would like your dessert/pizza put on display but not auctioned, please put it in a bag with a rune to your mailbox.
  • Buttercup Relay Race – Teams of three will compete.
  • Maple Syrup Scavenger Hunt – You may search individually or as part of a group.

*Bid nominal quantities, please. The auctioneer will take whatever bid suits his fancy, rather than the highest bid.

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