Ask & Answer No. 4

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Ask & Answer No. 4

Kai Schober

1 Oct 2012 16:43:28 EST

It is Monday again. Although the Dev team already answered a ton of questions during the Anniversary Party on Saturday (a recording of this will be eleased later this week), they took the time to address these questions gathered on the different fan sites, too.

Slayer properties on instruments:
Was wondering if we could ever get a way to craft slayer musical instruments. Either thru runic saws or possibly new recipes for carpenters to make? (Xalan Dementia)
Could maybe someday imbuing move to instruments? (JamesC )
I’d like to be able to imbue GM instruments with slayer properties using the same ingredients as slayer weapons and to employ the currently unused ‘essence of persistence’ to either a) raise the number of charges to 1600, in line with the minor Ilshenar artifacts, Iolo’s Lute and Gwenno’s harp or b) add the ‘renewable’ property found on the minor Tokuno artifact flutes.

Kyronix: We are constantly talking about new ways to revitalize crafters, and this is another great series of suggestions to give some love to various crafter classes. We will add it to our backlog list.

When the punishment for murderers, banishment from Trammel, was introduced it actually did not deny access to content, because all that was in Trammel was also in Felucca. However as more and more content has been added over the years, access to content has been denied, making the punishment, in effect, more and more severe. Is the punishment for murderers therefore now too severe? Should they be allowed access to the other facets? Forged pardons exist in game, but is there any possibility that ‘full pardons’ might become available, possibly from Origin Store or clean up points, to allow long established red characters to ‘repent’ and become good citizens?
Kyronix: Do truly red players want to turn blue? I don’t know the plausibility of releasing an item that would erase all murder counts, but adding new ways to make Felucca a more attractive area to play is something we’ve talked about.

Can you fix the language filter? There should be a way to toggle the language filter on or off, besides just the chat filter. While marking runes for a rune library, my wife and I have come across many words that cannot be put onto runes. The filter denies the name as inappropriate. Here is a small list of words that are inappropriate: basement, frozen, passage, companion, titan, assassin, compassion, counselor and I am sure that we will come across others as we mark runes. With all of the character names, guild names, pet names that people can make which are much worse, you would think that we would not have these problems while making a rune library.
Please look at adjusting the filter so it is not so ridiculous. (Dreadlord Lestat)

Phoenix: We do believe the obscenity filter is a bit too harsh, because it filters sub-strings that contain only slightly naughty words like “ass” and “tit”. We are considering how to adjust the filter and believe that relaxing it a bit would be the right thing to do.

Although we’re now approaching the 15th Aniversary: I would like to ask if the 14 yr. vet reward shard shield will be offered for Siege’s 14 yr. vets even if as deco, or are ye all thinking of something else perhaps that the dev. team or artists could create for Siege’s 14 yr. vets to claim as their 14 yr. customer vet reward? Perhaps if the shard shields just can not be offered even as deco only for us, maybe the art team could create a Siege shard RUG ? That would be awesome looking, like the dolphin rose or skull rugs for the 10 yr vet reward.
Hopefully yall will yet come up with, a 14 yr. vet reward for ye Siege customer base. Thank ye kindly! (Queen Zen)

Mesanna: We can provide deco shields for the 14th for Siege only.

The Brit Boat since this big monolith of a boat costs so much damn money, what say we make it so that either it doesn’t rot and die or that its stages are 20x more then normal boats. I rarely if ever use the ones i bought cause im afraid ill get busy at work and forget to refresh them and loose them. Which makes them useless if they are not being used no? (poo)
Kyronix: I have probably spent a small fortune in boats only to have them decay on me because I forget to refresh them and they go poof. While making the Brit Ship being completely nodecay is unlikely finding a middle ground is doable.

Now where garg necless and earrings are a part of a garg suit, I have to trash alot non gm jewelry as I can’t smelt them back to ingots. Will we see a fix for that? It’s really a pain when making suits to the Gargs. (FrejaSP)
Misk: Providing some sort of salvaging for tinkering has been discussed by the team. Up to this point my solution has been to craft these items near the Ter Mur Jeweler so that I can simply sell the ones that I did not need. Hey, 1 gold is 1 gold after all.

Did not see this posted, so was curious about it. Has there been any consideration to adding the mystic and necro equivalents to mage weapons? Some templates use magery as a weapon skill with -0 to -20 mage weapon. I think there would be definite interest in a -20 mysticism or -20 nercomancy weapons. Might breathe some life into some older templates and add variety. Could this be considered?(Shadowdark)
Phoenix: This suggestion has merit, and we are always looking for ideas for new and interesting item properties to help keep things fresh.

You can, as a rule, only get a group of Spellweavers together for a Focus in the busy evening hours which means Spellweaving is only useful between mid-evening and around 4 0r 5 in the morning because the Spellweaving timer runs out real time. Can it be switched to character time in game so that we can get the Focus when it’s available in the evening and then log out the character until we want to play it as a Spellweaver in the morning or afternoon? (Tanivar)
Phoenix: This is a good suggestion and we will consider a solution like is proposed here.

Certain item\item groups were removed from Cleanup turn in list. Would items listed below be returned as they were once where worth significant points?
– Books (mainly books gotten from fishing and quest reward from turning in Ancient Tome) turned off due to bug fix (old point value 100-250 points)
– Old Holiday Wands (100 charge and 500 charge ones) (Old point value 10000)
Also would the following items ever be added?
– Old charged weapons (hit curse\febleminded\Clumsy\ect charges) Excluding Hit MM\Fireball\Lightning\Heal Greater Heal (point value suggested 5000 same as other charged items currently can be turned in)(NBG)

Kyronix: Our goal is to keep a consistent rotation of items in the Cleanup list so that both the rewards and the turn-in items are fresh. Thanks for the suggestions!

f you have something you want to know about Ultima Online and the team, post your questions on your fansite. All interesting questions will be collected and send to our team, so we can continue to answer them.

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  1. ‘Ello all! We have this fisherman in the SRC who is constantly frustrated by using his bait. He moans, that having to attach them individually everytime you cast is so fiddely for his clumsy hands, he doesn’t even bother with it anymore. Is there a way you can make it more manageable even for slightly inapt fisherman? Maybe create a hook which can be charged with bait and then work like the lava ones? I am sure fishermen (and women of course) around the realms would be glad for it …. and stop prodding me Vaughan, I did ask them now …. so stop it!