Ask & Answer No. 18

March 26, 2013 By: petra Category: General News

From-the-Devs1Posted by Tim Chappell | 2013 Mar 25 16:21 -0400 GMT

We have received another list of questions for our developers from the fan sites and many of the questions this week are related to crafting. If you have any crafting questions or other UO related questions, be sure and submit them to your favorite fan site so our developers can answer them.

Regarding Powder of Fortification: would it be possible to add a menu option that asks how many PoF charges to apply to an item, instead of clicking over and over for each charge? (Coral)

Kyronix: we have gotten this request several times on various items.  It will take a bit to get all the items but we will add this to our growing list of things to do in the future.
Would it be possible to add Greater Dragons to the list of animals accepted as donations to the Moonglow Zoo? They’re feeling left out, since their dragon and drake buddies are allowed in. (Kitiara)

Kyronix: Sure, although they will need some serious hunks of meat to satiate their massive draconic appetites.

UO Stratics

Could spellweaving spell scrolls be put for sale on Npcs or made scribable? Excluding those which can only be obtained through quests. It can be difficult to get a full set from killing monsters. (XLaCeDX)

Kyronix: Adding them to NPC’s would undermine the content of the game but I do understand your position and we will give you other options such as finding scrolls in treasure chests in the future.

Why is it that the make max option can use tools up to 9999 uses, and yet… a GM tinker will make GM marked tools 50 uses to around 150? When I set down to make a mass amount of potions, I have to first sit and make a bag-full of tools and weed out anything that’s under 100 uses. You would have to think that a master tinker that has made countless tools her whole life is making rubbish like you would find at “Harbor Freight”, when it should be more like “Craftsman”. It’s clear we can’t make a tool that will last a lifetime, but wouldn’t 500 uses and up be more realistic? Maybe even over a thousand? It would sure make life easier on those hard-core vendor owners that deal with large traffic.
Please consider it? Not only would it make life easier on crafters… it would help cut down on extra items in our containers and in our backpacks.
Thanks.  (EvilPixieWorks)

Kyronix: I could see doubling the current range of max uses an exceptionally crafted tool has to ease the burden of crafters.  Although then I won’t have a use for the chests full of mortars and pestle :p

Will fish ever be upgraded to a resource? dbl crab, lobster and fish? ( Nails)

Kyronix: I’m guessing you are referring to the dbl resources you get in Felucca? This isn’t something we’ve talked about and have no plans to make this change.

Currently, blessed items do not get re-equiped after resurrection and clicking your corpse.
You die, you get resurrected, you click your corpse — insured items get re-equiped, blessed items stay in your pack and are NOT re-equiped. Can this be fixed please?

Misk: There is currently a problem report in the system regarding this issue.  This should be resolved in a future publish.

Can you please explain in detail how loyalty works for them. I had my quests up to 5 and 6 part orders with all fish types, and now all of a sudden I’m getting single orders of 20 inshore fish. I’ve been doing them non stop with no breaks for loyalty to decay. (Lord Lew)

Mesanna:  Not really sure what your question is here but the only way for your loyalty to decay with the fish mongers is you bail out on a quest.

More Haven Skills?
we still have many skills that are not available as a new player quest. Skills like animal taming, veterinary, animal lore, fishing, throwing, and so forth. Will we be getting those added i personal would love to a cool named blessed fishing pole that would have maybe a small fishing skill or bait bonus and spell chaneling. (l_katana0011)

Mesanna:  Our plates are pretty focused with the things we have said we are doing first.  I will add this to the list though of future publishes.

Reforged Items & EnhancingCan you look into adding a tag or label onto reforged equipment so that it will identify what it has been enhanced with? This serves two purposes, 1 when you dye an item, it’s hard to know what it has been enhanced with, or if it is even enhanced at all, and 2 it combats unscrupulous merchants who will craft an item, enhance it with special materials, dye it, then bleach it back to plain base hue. A simple tag “Enhanced with xxxxx” or labeling in the name would be great! (Lord Malachi)

Mesanna:  We agree and I know you guys think this is a common answer but our list just keeps growing.  Its added!

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