Ask & Answer No. 16

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Ask & Answer No. 16

Posted by Tim Chappell | 2013 Mar 05 22:27 -0500 GMT

It is time for another Ask and Answer and our developers have answered another set of your excellent questions. Keep them coming!

UO Mania
Is there a cap for “Clean up Britannia” points? (ake)
Kyronix: Yes, the cap is at 10,000,000 points

The bankbox is overflowing on Test Center. Could we have more specific commands, for example “give black pearls”? (clorenz )
Kyronix: There are no plans to change how the bank boxes are filled on TC. When certain situations dictate we give specific materials (like the armor refinements) utilizing other methods of delivery.

UO Japan
Please add wine racks that store bottles of wine. I want to see my bottles laid in the rack. (Nickname: s)
Kyronix: This is a good idea, you never know when you might see this in game =)

Please make the glass/snow tiles and the Thanksgiving foods stackable. (Ageha)
Kyronix: When time allows we can make additional items stackable. We can add grass and snow tiles as well as the foods to the list.

UO Forum
Dealing with the Mythic site is a nightmare. Simple tasks are blown up in to major ordeals. With no phone support and lackluster online support, its driving off players that are new, returning and veteran. Are there any plans to fix this? (Quintus Batiatus)
Mesanna: No one is going to disagree with your statement it is difficult to understand. But a
step by step guide was made to help guide people thru this difficult procedure. Along with all the helpful players most people can get the answers they need to get thru this. The only other thing I can think of to maybe help is to do a step 1, step 2, step 3 guide of a how to guide. If you feel this would be helpful please let me know.

UO Stratics
Can you provide a list of UO skills ranked in order by how resistant each skill is to decay? The list of skills at the bottom of this post is one I copied from an old fan site and supposedly lists the skills in order from easiest to decay to hardest to decay, but I have no idea how accurate it is. It is also missing several skills (i.e., Bushido, Chivalry, Discordance, Focus, Imbuing, Mysticism, Necromancy, Ninjitsu, Spellweaving, Stealing, and Throwing).
Can you confirm whether it is true that if you are trying to gain in a skill that decays easier than a skill you have turned down to let it decay, your gains will be slower and in some cases stop altogether?
Can you also explain how the game decides which skill to decay when multiple skills are turned down, your character is at its overall skill cap and then gets a gain in a skill that is turned up but not yet capped?
Here is the old list of skills referenced in the first paragraph above, supposedly ranked in order from easiest to decay to hardest to decay.
Animal Lore
Item ID
Arms Lore
Detecting Hidden
Evaluating Intelligence
Forensic Evaluation
Resisting Spells
Spirit Speak
Animal Taming
Taste Identification
Mace Fighting
Remove Trap
Thanks!(Tina Small)

Mesanna: Due to the fact its really easy to adjust the gains and lose of points in UO why would we need to worry about what the decay rate is?

I have currently found something that could use a good updating there are a number of things that dont appear or 1 that apears wrong on your buffs debuffs bar. here are some examples

  1. criminal status-if you’re red or grey you have no way of knowing
  2. combat Status-currently no way of knowing is you are still engaged
  3. invis pot – currently has same icon as hiding where should be like the spell (non perm) (ReaperNI)

For those who want to engage in the game as a rogue or similar character, would it be possible in a future publish to have your criminal status shown in your buffs and debuffs display. Because lets face the inability to recall or gate is a definite debuff. (Whitestar4016)
(supplementary information. There is a ‘criminal act’ debuff icon, but it only triggers if an npc notices the crime (stealing), and not at all in Exodus dungeon, It also has no timer. Inability to recall is not dependent on the crime being noticed. – Petra)

Bleak: Publish 80 added the criminal status and heat of battle debuff icons which provide most of the requested information above. We will look to add more cases where the criminal status debuff icon is applied in a future publish. The invisibility potion will be properly updated as well.

Will it ever be possible to craft or imbue Fey slayer on a weapon?..Good reason to keep the fey wings from Abyss… (T-Hunt)
Mesanna: I agree, look for it in a future publish

I really like the Ankh Pendant and I use it on several of my characters, however it means I must sacrifice properties for that equipment slot.
Is there any chance the Ankh Pendant might be made Imbuable? It would of course lose its Blessed property in the process. (Fink)

Mesanna: This would only benefit the gargoyles, I don’t feel it would be fair for only one race to be able to get this.

A. Is it possible to have a trash chest at the queen’s soulforge? (Ivory Norwind)
B. Would it be possible for our candles blessed by love to have a flame?(Falseprophet)

Mesanna: Yes its possible to get a trash chest at the quests soul forge. As far as the candle it seems that when the art was done for that the animation was not done. This would have to be added in the future but I can not promise you when.

Remember; If you have something you want to know about Ultima Online and the team, post your questions on your fansite. All interesting questions will be collected and sent to our team, so we can continue to answer them.

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