Armondo, Blue Wisps and Blackrock

December 16, 2011 By: Jeriicco Category: Legends News

Some strange happenings occurred in just the past few nights, firstly being some rather curios discussion between Armodo Pascal and some of the Legends players.  Armondo’s message was that he wanted to gather lots of blackrock and masses of people in an effort to stop the businesses and bank located in central Luna.  I’m not exactly sure what he has planned but one can just imagine what could happen with those ingredients.  Armondo also spoke of having dreams where he encountered wisps talking to him but he didn’t know what they were saying.  He was being rather vague about his plan and acting strange, before to long he departed. 

Some time after Armondo had left the scene a large number of wisps were spotted wondering throughout Jhelom.  A blue wisp, which can be summoned using the armageddon spell, was communicating with players as well.  Its message was more of a warning and I’m gonna wager a guess that the wisp was speaking in reference to Armondo.  I was able to record some of the words from the blue wisp in my journal so I will let you all interpret it on your own.

Be weary of Armondo in the near future and if your interested in helping his cause, whatever it may be, gather as much blackrock as you can.

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