Application & Housing Maintenance

March 27, 2013 By: petra Category: General News

Game1Posted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2013 Mar 27 23:17 -0400 GMT

Tomorrow we are performing maintenance on the Housing warehouse, Vet Reward warehouse and Character transfer warehouse.  To be able to do this smoothly we will be taking these down tomorrow (3/27/13)  for approx five hours starting at 12:00 pm est.  During this time the log in servers will be down for several hours between noon and 3 pm est.  At the end of the migration we will be taking down all shards for approx an hour.  When we finish the migration of the warehouses we will turn all warehouses back on and you will be able to start and complete character transfers again.

Thank you for your patience with us while we complete these tasks.

3 Comments to “Application & Housing Maintenance”

  1. Been waiting since this evening to play. Figured I was wrong about how long it had been offline, but now I’m certain that the servers have been offline for a lot longer than suggested. An update would be appreciated, since they’re already cutting into time we’re paying to play this game.

  2. i don’t know why last comment says 4:08 pm, my clock says 8:08 pm

  3. Having problems??? It is now 8pm EST and log-in servers are STILL down!!! Update please??