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February 10, 2012 By: petra Category: Community News

The team and I would like to present to you our latest additions in our continuuing effort to provide the best resource we can for all players of Ultima Online.

  • Following the re-vamp of Wrong Dungeon, a brief guide to what you might find there.
  • Hunter’s Guide entries for the new occupants. Some of the information is a little sparse, we welcome your input to expand it.
  • A basic introduction to the new crafting option, re-forging
  • A background and guide to Rebellion in Britannia, Follow the links at the bottom to find maps showing the various Guard Captains’ locations.
  • Acknowledging the wider UO Community, a new ‘links’ section can be found on our ‘front page’, lower right side bar.  If there’s a site we’ve missed please let us know.

To be included in our listing sites must not sell uo items for real cash, nor promote sites that do so.

Contact me by email: [email protected] or by pm

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