A Reporter’s Return to LOST Auction

March 01, 2012 By: El of LA Category: Lake Austin News

One of the most enjoyable visits over the last week in my return to LA social life as the ‘new’ shard reporter has been my attendance yesterday evening (February 29th) at the LOST Auction.  LA has always had a very active auction ‘presence’ and I believe it is one of the fun parts of life on LA and something that sets LA apart a bit from other shards where auctions exist but aren’t quite the social meetup that they are here on LA.  I got to sit in a great location, a different location from when I was last active on LA, and I was impressed with the ease of access and the lovely decor.  It is very easy on the eyes and colorful to behold!

Outside of pretty pixels though, I enjoyed the LOST auction because it is so very well run and because the LA players in attendance are really great to be around.  The items are quickly and very professionally handled, the rules are well-established and well-followed by the staff, and cooperated with by the players in attendance.  The fun of the banter during the sales and the good-natured exchanges are always fun to be around.

LA's LOST Auction 2-29-12

As always at these events I couldn’t resist bidding on some of the cool items offered for sale, and even managed to win a bid as I went, although I’m going to have to do some hunting before I can hope to win another of those mining cart deeds coveted by so many players last night!  Now I guess I’ll get to experience these revamped dungeons!

Thanks to LOST Auction for a great evening of bids and wins!  I’ll be back for more with my newly gotten gold!

LOST Auction events are normally scheduled every two weeks on Wednesday evenings in the 2nd and 4th (or sometimes 5th) weeks of each months’ calendar at 8:00 pm, US Central time (GMT -6).  If you haven’t been there before, check it out!  You can find the auction site inside the walls of Luna on the top floor of the first house East of the Moongate, on the North side of the road.

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