A Night With Mesanna And The Legends EMs

December 17, 2011 By: Jeriicco Category: Legends News

Players gathered at the EM Hall in Britain as requested by EM Helios and EM Miko.  A large crowd assembled and the EMs took the stage, or… well… the bar.

A special visitor joined the EMs atop the bar and everyone was happy to welcome Mesanna!  She congratulated the EMs on a successful year and awarded each one with a special present.  New robes! 

Miko was to receive another special gift as Mesanna presented him with a death robe much to some of the spectators delight, especially some of the Sea Dragon Herders.




Mesanna opened a gate to Ilshenar and invited everyone to play a nice friendly game of roulette.  It’s a simple game of roll the dice and die, unless you land on the number Mesanna tells you.  There was a long line of contestants and only three players were able to roll the number Mesanna commanded.  The three lucky winners took home an hour glass while the rest settled for a nice shiny bell, both inscribed by Mesanna.  All the awards can be seen on the table in the pic below, one lucky player walked away with the blue dice inscribed to Legends.


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