A-MAZ-ING Sight to See!!

October 25, 2012 By: Queen Mum Category: Sonoma News

What do you get when you cross a trick with a treat?

An A-MAZ-ING fun time!!

The United-We-Fight [UWF] guild of Atlantic has done just that. They have designed 5 of their guild houses in the spirit of Halloween and connected them with house teleporters creating a truly one of a UO kind in-game maze!

A few days ago we received word from a lovely lady that there was this wonderful player designed maze located on the Atlantic shard and that we should come and investigate it. I jumped on my riding Llama and crossed the realm until I was greeted by the lovely Briar Rose and Makeila of [UWF].

They gave me a quick tour of the maze which left me wanting to see more. When I returned back home to Sonoma I contacted several players and invited them to come on an excursion to see this a-MAZ-ing place for themselves.

Once the tour group arrived on Atlantic  the guiding hands of Makeila, Mercury, MadMartyr,

Briar Rose, and other hospitable players transported us to the township of [UWF].

The tricks began the moment we stepped into the first home of aMAZEment …

Watch our step we were forewarned as we were finding our paths blocked by items that normally one would ignore or by things like iron maidens and guillotines which we had to pass through to proceed ….

The Dog House proved to be tricky as eerie sounds of gurgling seemed to rise the further we climbed the stairs …

At the funeral home we were able to catch our breath and settle our nerves a bit from the spooktacular fun we were having …

The Museum of Dark Antiquities was nerve wracking but the relics on display were so intriguing that we seemed to stall with moving ahead …

As we entered into the last stretch of this tricky maze of homes we were enthralled by the work, time and creativity that had been poured into this united community effort by the United-We-Fight [UWF] guild.

At the end we discovered that there is a wee bit ‘ebil’ side to this wonderful guild as we were informed that the piles of bones on the floor were just some of the remains of their emissaries ….

Some of the group decided they wanted to go again through the maze and challenged each other to a race … I decided to stay put, drink some apple cider and enjoy the company of our newly found friends. Plus out of fear of getting stuck in one of the iron maidens or lost again!

The [UWF] Tricky Halloween Maze will be open through Halloween.

If you want a tour log into the HALLOWEEN MAZE CHAT CHANNEL and ask for Makelia, she will be happy to help arrange one.

On behalf of the Sonoma Tour group – Thank you to the United-We-Fight-Guild [UWF] of Atlantic who put this adventure together.  It is one that I certainly will not soon forget. We hope to return to see what they have in store for other special celebrations!

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