A Devestating Loss (EM Event Recap)

October 26, 2013 By: Rocko Napa Valley Category: Napa Valley News

Kerroth has been working hard leaving no stone unturned during his research and he uncovered another artifact location.  Gathering the best warriors of Sosaria, we traveled to a spacious Lost Lands location where a fierce battle ensued.  At a point during combat when it appeared we would achieve victory and claim the artifact, a new name appeared on the battleground: Terminus.  Terminus rushed us and grabbed the artifact for himself!  He loosed a viscous dragon upon us and absconded.  If you see him do not speak to him!  He will use your fear to get information regarding the location of the store of artifacts we have hidden!

We will await Kerroth’s word on who Terminus really is.  This research may take some time so we may not hear more for a couple weeks.

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