Pirates look to take control of capital

September 04, 2013 By: Alcor Stratics Category: Siege Perilous News


Hugibear, well-known member of the pirate alliance, has put himself forward as a candidate for next week’s governorship election in Britain. Speaking during a rally of his supporters at Britain docks aboard his campaign yacht SS Breaker Hyman, Mr Bear’s official spokesman, Bo, seemed confident that the people would embrace the new style of government that the pirates intend to bring to the town.


“The Bo plans on hiring only the finest wenches to serve thee rum in the taverns,” he announced to raucous cheers from the (mostly male) members of the audience.


“And de finest cooks to prepare our meals, no more scallywaggin’,” he continued, amidst further jubilation from the more corpulent onlookers.


After all the official announcements and yo-ho-hos were complete, I managed to ask him what plans he had for trade deals in the city.


“Faster casting or SSI,” he told me, “unless the people ask for something else!”


It had looked at one point that there may not be any challenges to Mr Bear when current governor Sprago announced overnight that he would not be running for a second term. In an official press release from his offices, Sprago cited a lack of financial support from the citizens as the main reason for his decision. But the cold light of day seemingly brought an abrupt volte-face, and his team hurriedly distanced themselves from the previous statements and indicated that he may indeed be seeking re-election, apparently due to Lord Blackthorn’s abolition of the taxes on town treasuries.


In other election news, Britannia now has its first contested town after York’s Moonglow nomination was endorsed. He will be running against the incumbent governor, Sam.


Are you York or do you know his pigeon coop? Please let me know.

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