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Queens Soulforge
Unraveling List

Unraveling results using the Queen’s Soulforge at 120 Imbuing/10k Loyalty
How to Gain Loyalty
Queens Soulforge

Banshee’s Call
Blade Dance
Blade of Righteous
Blaze of Death
Cold Blood
Divine Countenance
Dragon’s End
Dragon Slayer
Dread’s Revenge
Flesh Ripper
Gloves of the Sun
The Horselord
Jaana’s Staff
Katrina’s Crook (2)
Knights Holy Breastplate
Legacy of the Dread Lord
Leggings of Bane
Legs of Stability
Light In the Void
Nox’s Ranger Bow
Mystic’s Guard
Pixie Swatter
Polar Bear Mask
Raed’s Glory
Soul Seeker
Staff of the Resonance
Staff of Power
Swords of Prosperity
The Taskmaster
Titan’s Hammer
Wind’s Edge
Zyronic Claw
Aegis of Grace
Alchemist’s Bauble
Ancient Farmers Kasa
Ancient Samuari Do
Arctic Death Dealer
Arms of Tactical Excellence
Bone Masher
Boura Tail Shield
Bow of the Juka King
Brave Knight of the Britiannia
Brightsight Lenses
Burgler’s Bandana
Cavorting Club
Dainyo’s Helm
Demon Forks
Dragon Nunchaku
Dread Pirate’s Hat
Enchanted Titan Leg Bone
Fang of the Ractus
Fey Leggings
Gloves of the Pugalist
Hanzo’s Bow
Heart of the Lion
Helm of Swiftness
Luna Lance
Night’s Kiss
Orcish Visage
Peasant’s Bokuto
Righteous Anger
Sentinel’s Guard
Sword of the stampede
Surge Shield
Talon Bite
Violet Courage
Wildfire Bow
Wrath of the Dryad




































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