Season 12 – EM Event Items – 2014

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Item Name Description Amount
The Heart Of Winter 20
Bloodied Primitive Idol Representing The Gluttonous Orcish Diety Called Bludgod 20
Ancient Stone Relic Of A Long Forgotten Orcish Empire 20
Wall Trophy Consisting Of The Skin Of A Daemonic Creature Known As The Trinsic Terror 20
Intricate And Antique Tailoring Shears Of An Ancient Style Commonplace During The Founding Of Trinsic 20
Sentient Elemental Core Of The Aspect Of Fire 20
This Chainmail Tunic Carries The Regalia Of An Officer Of The Knights Of The Crux Ansata 20
Wall Trophy Consisting Of The Skin Of A Daemonic Creature Known As Nujel’m Djinn 20
This Jeweled Helmet Carries The Regalia Of An Officer Of The Knights Of The Crux Ansata 20
This Gorget Carries The Regalia Of An Officer Of The Knights Of The Crux Ansata 20
Sentient Life-Force Core Of The Alien Aspect 20
Mysterious Crystalline Dragon Tears 30
This Platemail Armguards Carries The Regalia Of An Officer Of The Knights Of The Crux Ansata 20
This Platemail Gloves Carries The Regalia Of An Officer Of The Knights Of The Crux Ansata 20
Mask Of Orcish Kin (?)
A Rack From The Armory Of King Blackthorn 20
 This Platmail Leggings Carries The Regalia Of An Officer Of The Knights Of The Crux Ansata 20
 Every Surface Of This Standard Of Chaos Is Covered In An Ancient Runic Script  20
 Shards Of The Shattered Caliburn, Britannian Sword Of Legend (Turn 10 In EM Converts To Sword)  (?)
 Calburn Reforged, The Britannian Sword Of Legend  3
 A Steaming Pot Of Mulligan Stew Stirred Faithfully By An Old Gypsy Woman  20
 These Supple Leather Boots Carry The Golden Ankh Insignia Of The Knights Of The Crux Ansata  20
 A Harvest-Day Lantern Made From The Preserved Husk Of The Not-So-Great Pumpkin  20
 Remains Of The Burning Knight Of The Ancient Order Called The Knights Of The Ankh  20
 Sacrificial Offering To The Beast Called Uskek’rah’p  20
 Mystical Cloak Of The Hermit Nicolas  20
 Scale Of The Dreaded Ice Dragon Called Wintermbloom  15
Item Name Description Amount
 A Cutlass With A Skull And Cross Bones Engraved On The Hilt  10
 Contained Energy Of The Dark Stranger Lost In Time  10
 Big Mama Gruff Clan Goat  10
 Bosley’s Bad Bee Zapper  10
 Troubling Tribble  10
 A Red Ant Mound  10
 Visage Of A Orcish King Mudgub The Orc  10
 A Puddle Of Corrosive Pack Llama Spit [do Not Step In]  10
 Chef O’Goks “Rozt Peehg” Recipe  10
 A Miniature Blueberry  10
 A Cracked Crystal, With Evil Energies Flickering Within Its Core  10
Item Name Description Amount
 Artifact Of The Pentad (Full Apron)  10
 Benambras Diary  10
 Artifact Of The Pentad (Amulet)  50
 Artifact Of The Pentad (Bracelet)  10
 A Fake Replica Of The Eye Of Dahsk  6
 I Found Peter And All I Got Was This Lame Shirt  25-30
 Decayed Flower Taken From The Mad Gardener  10
 A Statue Of A Man Going Valiantly Forth  5
 Decayed Flower Taken From The Mad Gardener  10
Item Name Description Amount
 A Virulent Rose  20
 Toxic Shrubbery  A Virulent Rose  5
 Toxic Rabbit Pie Trio  20
 Orb Of Blight Fragment  20
 Fallen Champion  15
 Orc Remains (2 Graphic Types)  10
 Hordezilla Egg  Hordezilla Egg  5
 An Enormous Fang  An Enormous Fang  15
 Nightshade Infused Summoner’s Staff  15
 Silver Etched Pirate Cutlass  Silver Etched Pirate Cutlass  15
 A Crystal With An Evil Presence Trapped Within  A Crystal With An Evil Presence Trapped Within  30
Item Name Description Amount
A Jade Pig Stolen From Emperor’s Garden 10
A Miniature Of Zalindera The Spider Goddess 18
A Jade Monkey Stolen From Emperor’s Garden (~20-25)
Headmount OF Karli The Onyx Dragon 10
Headmount Of Trachyt The Ruby Dragon 10
Headmount Of Saphira The Sapphire Dragon 10
Headmount Of Fafnir The Diamond Dragon 10
Nachteule’s Schnapidralli Werkzeugskiste 10
Headmount Of Joermongandr The Emerald Dragon 10
The Gallows Fire Of No Fear 10
Item Name Description Amount
Great Lakes
Item Name Description Amount
Lake Austin
Item Name Description Amount
A Painting By Eliad Titled, The Woman In White 10
A Star Plucked From The Sky: In Memory Of Eliad And Luna 10
Globe Containing Magic Dust To Reveal Hidden Doorways 10
Amelia’s Dreamshade Lamp (fill With Dreamshade To Use) 10
An Image Of The Guardian Izum Who Protects The Places HIdden Here And There 10
Shoulders Crafted In The Tokuno Islands And Inset With The Emblems Of A Fox Above The River 10
Tunic Crafted Somwhere In The Tokuno Islands Inset With A Hummingbird Emblem 10
Lake Superior
Item Name Description Amount
 New Magincia Portable Detox Tub  10
 A Vial Containing Liquid Courage  20
 A Corpse Of A Man Killed By His Purity  10
 A Detailed Map Showing The Journey Of Events We Shared Together, From EM Aname  ~30
 A Spider Egg Sac Laid By The Queen Spider  10
 A Dark Evil Crystal Covered In Blood Of The Fallen Royal  10
Item Name Description Amount
Bottles O’ Moonshine 10
Unlucky Rabbit’s Foot 10
Joyful Statue (~40)
Forged Painting 10
Jars Of Honey 10
Youth Potion No. 13 10
I Survived The Blueberry Squish – Or Not (?)
Magic Mirror 10
Staff Of Undeath 10
Napa Valley
Item Name Description Amount
Item Name Description Amount
 I Survived The Britain Sewer Overflow  10
 A Large Opal Australia Day 2014  (?)
Item Name Description Amount
 Taryns Book Of Travels  10
 The Shirt Off Of An Unlucky Leprechauns Back  ~40
 I Found Farmer’s Brown’s Prized Pig  10
 A Strange Flask Swirling With Dark Power (Caution: It Looks Volatile)  10
 EM Faine Morgans Enchanted Cook Pot [Caution STRONGLY Advised!!!]  ~30
Item Name Description Amount
Siege Perilous
Item Name Description Amount
Item Name Description Amount
Natasha Imbedded In Crystal 10
Daniels Broken Silent Kryss (~30-40)
Pieces Of A Yuantil Pupa 10
A Quill Made From Raven Parkers Feathers 10
A Water Spout 10
A Rolling Wave From The Deep Sea In Honor Of All The Creatures Who Live There 15
A Pet Parrot 35
A Massive Block Of Pure Gold 15
Amelia’s Resting Place. You Hear A Faint Scratching From Within. 15
Item Name Description Amount
Item Name Description Amount
Item Name Description Amount
Master Splinter Fukiya Replica 10
Balhae Halloween Mask 2014 10
Item Name Description Amount
Chinese Prosperity Horse 150
Magical Goat Meat 20
Magical Monkey Zodiac Statue 30
Amazing Magical Rooster Zodiac Statue 20
EM Takakos Light Of Celebration, 3 Years !!! ~100?
Loyal Mighty Super Dog Zodiac Statue 20
Chinese Formosa Ghost Festival Banner Fu 20
Magic Pig Zodiac Meat 20
Formosa Halloween Mask 2014 20???
Item Name Description Amount
Item Name Description Amount
Item Name Description Amount
Item Name Description Amount
Item Name Description Amount
Item Name Description Amount
Item Name Description Amount
An Anatomical Model Of The Human Body/td> 20
EM Sashes
Item Name Description Amount

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