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United We Fight - Fun and Fellowship

United We Fight
Officers Community
Guild Master – Dragging Canoe Emissaries – Ashe McHauley, BALROG, Doc, Fallon Valor, Foofighter, Gamf, Hells, Ivy the Mage,
Lion, Lovely, Lura Lett, MadMartyr, Makeila, Memento Mori, Mercury, Miyamoto Musashi, Ozz,
Petkiller, Rain, Red Ridin Hood, Roland Banethor, Soran, Talon Wildfyre, Tully Mars, Will Fletcher

Knights of Honor – Aerodice, Daronian, Ivory, Martia, mavrick, Tzadkiel

Hunt Leaders – Ansel, Bloodwyrm, Daronian, Ivory, MM, Pheel, Szbo, Wind, Yonz

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Guild Information

United We Fight (UWF) is an adult guild located on the Atlantic shard of Ultima Online.
UWF maintains an exclusively Trammel-based, player versus monster (PvM) focus. We
offer nightly guild hunts, a large rune library, vendor rentals, template and training
advice, assistance to new and returning players, and a variety of special events, all
conducted within a family-friendly environment, free of heavy-handed rules or

Our members range in age from 18 to 77 and represent a variety of nationalities,
cultures, and professions. We are proud to have many members actively serving in the
military or protective services, as well as many retired veterans. The strength of our
guild is greatly aided by the individual talents and diverse backgrounds of our members.
All members are encouraged to take ownership in the development of UWF through the
use of their respective gifts and faculties.

An important key to our success as a guild is the organizational structure developed by
our Guild Master, Dragging Canoe. Although our Guild Master has the final say in all
decisions affecting the focus and direction of the guild, he delegates a great deal of
leadership responsibility to both our formal leadership, including Emissaries, Knights, and
Hunt Leaders, as well as our informal leadership, including Honor Guards and all members
willing to pitch in. We are always on the lookout for talented and motivated leaders!

Another key element is our simple Code of Conduct, which ensures that our rules are
easily understood and sufficiently promulgated. The Code of Conduct acts as a covenant
between our leaders and our members: it prevents leaders from placing ad hoc
expectations on our members and provides our members with a clear understanding of
what is expected of UWF members.

If you are at least 18 years of age, mature enough to abide by our Charter and Code of
Conduct, and enjoy interacting with a large, well-organized group of fun-loving adults,
UWF might be your new home! To apply for membership, please visit our website here.
Read our Charter and Code of Conduct, then click the “Join Us” tab at the top of our
page and complete the registration form. Once your registration is received, a member of
our leadership team will contact you via e-mail to set up an interview. Alternatively, you
can request an in-game interview by simply approaching any UWF member and
requesting to speak with an Emissary. All of our Emissaries have authority to guild new
members, provided these members meet the criteria noted above.

We look forward to hunting with you soon!

Guild News

The Magincia Bazaars on Atlantic


Last modified: June 1, 2012

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