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UO YouTube How To Account Mangement Video’s

September 13, 2014 By: petra Category: General News

GamePosted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2014 Sep 12 19:25 -0400 GMT

Greetings Everyone,

This is the first of several video’s that we are going to do until we can get the Account management pages redone.  We hope these help you and please let us know what other actions you would like to see broken out that you have issues with.

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UO General Announcements & Official News

Producer Letter

September 11, 2014 By: petra Category: General News

GamePosted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2014 Sep 11 19:07 -0400 GMT

Greetings Everyone,

I would like to start off todays letter by telling the Izumo players I am sorry for having to cut short the Meet and Greet and finish answering their questions.

















あなたたちはuo.comでアナウンスしながら、詳細についてはUO Straticsでコメントしています。



そのことをUO StraticsでMr.Bleakが詳細についてコメントしてましたが、数日して、制限を無くしたことをUO Straticsにてアナウンスしました。



今後の私達がuo.com見るのは間違いないだろうけど、その全員がUO Straticsも見るとは限らないのです。

もし、UO Straticsで重要なことをアナウンスするのなら全てuo.comの方に記事として載せて貰えませんか?








1)I want to stack the moonshines of pirate and bottle of single.

This is not a simple fix, we will look into it and get back to you .

2)Please do make a fruit juice.(non-alcoholic)

Great Idea!

3)I want to cook many kinds of more.Please increase the item type that can be cooking.

We would love to do a Farming Booster pack with new foods and recipes and things to grow and cook.

4)Please return the decay time of the house.

It was returned to the 5 days.

5)Disappearance time was shortened when placed in the ground objects.(it has been changed to about 60-80mins from a over 2hours.)

Is it bug?Please correct quickly if it is bug.

This is not a bug it was done on purpose to fix a crash in the game.

6)sorry,No,6 is long.

What I mean is the problem of where to find information of people in the English-speaking and non-English speaking.

Comments from development, such as bug reports had been made in the form of mediating EA Japan until last year.

However, EA Japan is from no longer matter to the Ultima Online, we have gained from (information).

However, I have a problem here.

You guys commented in UO Stratics For more information, even while public relations in

It’s not reflected in or this thing and Why?

If you say recently, it was announced that it has restricted the character transfer by the 14th Anniversary Shard Shields.

Mr.Bleak had commented on the detail in the UO Stratics about it, but in a few days, it was announced at the UO Stratics that it has an unlimited.

But, it’s not announce this thing in

Who have seen only will become thought the character transfer by the 14th Anniversary Shard Shields function and remains of two weeks in this limit.

All of us in the future to see undoubtedly, but it’s not necessarily all of them and also see UO Stratics.

Would not get to put as an article towards the all if, if to announce that it is important in the UO Stratics?

There is also in development, you guys are news organizations that transmit information in the future to the player.

Ask my’d make it easier to touch in non-English-speaking by centralizing information destination.

We understand the frustration of the non- English speaking players, I am sorry it has taken us so long to find a web designer that we feel has the love and knowledge of UO to help us redo our Web page but we have finally found one and are really excited. As we go forward with the planning changes on UO.COM we are planning to have the site not only translate to Japanese but hopefully to Korean, Chinese and German. I will keep everyone updated on our progress as we make it. I want to make sure the Japanese players also know we have the archived Japanese site so it will not be lost.

The UO Team would like to invite everyone to join us for a State of the UO Address on Wednesday 17th September at 7pm EST.

If you would like to have us answer any questions you may have that you have always wanted to ask us please submit them by email to [email protected] or on the thread generated by this post on stratics forums over the next two days after which the thread will be locked.  Emails received after the deadline will not be included.

You can watch at any of the following locations:

Google+:  Watch live on Google+
YouTube:  Watch Live on YouTube
Twitch: Watch live on Twitch live on Twitch

Please join us for some exciting news as to what the team is up to and where we are going next.

We will be publishing Pub 86 to TC1 on Monday and to Origin and Izumo on the 18th.  We are looking to have Pub 86 World Wide on the 24th!   At that time Return to Britannia will be active as well!

See everyone soon!

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UO General Announcements & Official News

17th Anniversary T-Shirts Offer

September 05, 2014 By: petra Category: General News

GamePosted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2014 Sep 04 19:25 -0400 GMT

Greetings Everyone!

We have designed a new T-Shirt for eveyone’s enjoyment!  If you would like a shirt head on over here!  If you guys like these and want more styles we will design more shirts and hoodies for the different seasons and make them available in the future.  Just let me know what you think!!  We hope you enjoy these.

We are putting the final touches on Publish 86 so there will not be a publish to TC1 this week.  We are looking to have the final patch on TC1 on September 15th.  Thank you for everyone that has helped with Vice vs Virtue and all the help you have given the team during this publish cycle.

We have most of the Advisors set up on TC1 robed and running around, we still need to fill 10 more slots

Thank you!

UO Team

UO General Announcements & Official News

Producer Update

August 30, 2014 By: petra Category: General News

GamePosted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2014 Aug 29 21:08 -0400 GMT

Good Afternoon everyone,

The UO team wants to wish everyone a Happy Labor Day on Monday, please be safe if you are driving!

We are excited to release an update to TC1 for Vice vs Virtue. In this update we have introduced the following,

  • At the beginning of each battle three altars will spawn within the City.
  • Shortly after the match begins, the action feed will display a message to “Fight for the Altar!”
  • An arrow will direct you towards the location of the altar.
  • The objective is to be the only guild or alliance on the altar and successfully prevent enemies from stepping onto the altar.
  • As time passes columns of fire will shoot up from the altar, igniting the four braziers surrounding the altar.
  • When all 4 braziers have been lit, the guild or alliance that successfully held the altar will receive points.
  • If at any time an enemy guild steps onto the altar progress will be reset.
  • After a short period of time the action feed will display a message to again, “Fight for the Altar!” and the process repeats.

    Please note there is a known issue with the EC and how the arrow is displayed pointing to the location of the altar, this will be fixed in the next publish to TC1.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on this new VvV mechanic!

Thanks everyone!!!!

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UO General Announcements & Official News

Producer Update

August 22, 2014 By: petra Category: General News

GamePosted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2014 Aug 21 18:40 -0400 GMT

Good afternoon everyone,We will be having an extended maintenance tomorrow on Oceania to preform some required maintenance.  This should only extend the maintenance time by an hour.

We are also looking to start Advisor training on TC1 so please be kind to them when you see them.  We are also looking to publish phase 2 of Vice and Virtue which includes the removal of Factions.  We have fixed the crash issue related to the traders quest.

We are changing the boat decay back to the normal 14 day decay rate,  starting tonight with Japan’s regular maintanence cycle, all other shards will get this during their normal maintenance cycle.

Please be aware that if you try to do a character transfer from a Japanese shard to a US shard during this time you will not be able to due to the fact they will be out of sync.  Please hold off till all shards have received this update tomorrow.

Thank you.

UO General Announcements & Official News

Publish 86.2 to TC1

August 15, 2014 By: petra Category: General News

GamePosted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2014 Aug 15 16:20 -0400 GMT

Publish Update to TC1

Next week we will have an update to Vice vs Virtue

Publish 86.0.2

Global Loot Changes

  • Khaldun Puzzle Chests now convert to next generation loot.
  • Talisman now spawn with loot properties.
  • Chests found in locations such as the Vesper Bank and the Trinsic Guard Tower have converted loot.
  • Creatures that normally did not attack each other based on karma will no longer attach each other.
  • Items from the Despise wisp have been toned down.
  • Specialty items obtained from SoS loot will not be converted to next generation loot.

Traders Quest

  • Slim the Fence will now persist in the three tavern locations even when a trade order has been turned in to him.
  • Trade orders should be available with a destination of Yew.
  • Slim the Fence will no longer reward forged pardons, and now has a chance of rewarding a random magic item, or one of his rare rewards.
  • City Trade Ministers will now reward either resources or a random Scroll of Transcendence in addition to their specialty rewards.
  • Reward Scrolls of Transcendence will have a random value between 0.1 and 1.0
  • Turning trade orders in to Slim the Fence will result in gaining hate from the destination and origin cities with regards to city loyalty, as well as a karma loss.
  • Turning trade orders in to the City Trade Minister will result in gaining love from the destination and origin cities with regards to city loyalty, as well as a karma gain.
  • Ambusher mobs will scale based on the stats and skills of the player doing the quest, and will have an “Ambusher” item property.
  • Trade crates will provide a 50% weight reduction to items placed inside them.
  • Trade crates will expire after 24 hours.
  • Ambush mobs can no longer be tamed or charmed.
  • Insured and Blessed items will not be transferred to the trade crate when using the Fill from backpack menu option.
  • Titles earned through the trade quest can now be assigned as subtitles or as overhead suffixes.
  • The title of “Magnate” is now available after completing 150 trade orders to the City Trade Minister.

Bug Fixes

  • Item insurance costs will no longer be reset when switching subservers.
  • Certain monster AIs that could teleport a player to an inappropriate blocked location will no longer occur.

UO General Announcements & Official News

Producer Letter

August 13, 2014 By: petra Category: General News

Good Afternoon Everyone,

With everything going on I thought I would take a few moments and let you guys know what we have been up to.

Kyronix and I just got back from Orlando Florida.  We were invited to speak at SyndCon and get a chance to talk about what we are doing and get alot of feedback from the players face to face.  It’s always nice to put faces to the names, and be able to talk to you guys in person.  We really enjoy having any chance to do this, thank you!  We would like to take this chance to give a big shout out to The Syndicate for adding another year to their record, Congrats!!

On a different note, we would like to thank everyone for your patience while we worked out the shield transfer token fix.  We are still taking care of a few loose ends and hope to have most of it finished by the end of this week.

We are working on an update to hopefully publish TC1 this week so we look forward to your feedback.  Please keep an eye on UO.Com for the updated notes.

We are doing a Backpack Art Contest only on the shards that do not have owners to the Abyss Houses.  Please check our facebook page for the rules to the contest and the shards which will be eligible.

We will be sending out more invites to join the Internal Vice vs Viture Focus group this week.  Please check your emails and respond as soon as possible.

Last but not least,  I am sure everyone has seen an increase in the decay rate of items on the ground, houses, and boats.  This is due to a fix we had to put in for a shard crash.  Due to the fact that the house decay does not give players enough time to move their items from one house to another, we are going to be putting in another patch to change this.  Players will have 5 days for a house to decay.

Till next time, see you in Britannia!
Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong

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UO General Announcements & Official News

Publish and Patch today

August 07, 2014 By: petra Category: General News

GamePosted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2014 Aug 06 21:11 -0400 GMT

Good afternoon,,

We are putting out a new client patch which should fix the Japaense cliloc errors tonight .  All servers will receive a publish during their normal maintenance hours to change the way the 14th Anniversary Shard Shields function.  They will now only allow transfers once every 2 weeks.  You will see a disturbance in Character transfers until all shards get the same server version.

Thanks everyone!

UO Team

UO General Announcements & Official News

Publish 86.0.1 to TC1

July 24, 2014 By: petra Category: General News

GamePosted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2014 Jul 24 14:12 -0400 GMT

These are the changes and updates to the systems currently on TC1.

Global Loot Changes

  • Paragon chests should now have converted loot inside them.
  • Pets will no longer be deleted on TC1.

Traders Quest

  • Ambush mobs strength scaling has been temporarily disabled.
  • Ambush mobs will not spawn if there are other ambush mobs in the immediate area.
  • Ambush mobs will despawn after 10 minutes of not being attacked.
  • Treasury deposits will be made to the city in which the trade order originates, not the destination.


Vice vs Virtue – Phase I

  • Using the faction gear-O-matic stone will now give faction gear for testing purposes
  • The sigil will no longer be visible in the EC
  • Stat loss will now be correctly applied for five minutes

Misc Updates


· Special move update: Dismount mana cost updated to 35 from 20.

  • Special move update: Force of Nature mana from 35 to 30.

· Special move update: Frenzied whirlwind mana from 20 to 25.

  • Dismount/Bola Update:

All ranged dismounts last 8 seconds instead of 10 seconds.

Bolas now compute a weaponless hit chance which also takes attacker HCI and defender DCI into account.

Bolas can be parried based on normal parry rules.

CleanUp Britannia Updates

· Players will no longer receive turn in points for antique items.

グローバルルートシステムの変更 ( シャード全域戦利品改善 )

  • パラゴンの宝箱の中身は差し替えられた戦利品が入るようになります。
  • テストセンター(TC1) にてペットが消滅してしまう事は無くなりました。


  • 待ち伏せモンスターのストレングス値の調整は一時的に無効になっています。
  • 待ち伏せモンスターは隣接した範囲に他の待ち伏せモンスターがいる場合、出現しません。
  • 10分間攻撃を受けなかった待ち伏せモンスターは消滅します。
  • 荷物の保証金はトレードオーダークエストの配達先の街ではなく、配達元の街の資金になります。

徳と悪徳 (VvV)    第一段階

  • 試験目的として、 gear-O-maticストーンを使用すると派閥装備を入手する事ができます。
  • SAクライアントでは隠れているシギルを表示しなくなります。
  • (死亡時の)ステータスロスは正しい表示の、5分間が適用されます。


  • スペシャルムーブのアップデート:ディスマウント(Dismount)の消費マナは20から35になります。
  • スペシャルムーブのアップデート:フォースオブネイチャー(Force of Nature)のマナは35から30になります。
  • スペシャルムーブのアップデート:フレンジードワールウィンド(Frenzied whirlwind) のマナは20から25になります。
  • ディスマウント/ボーラ アップデート

* すべての範囲のディスマウントの効果は10秒間ではなく8秒間続くようになります。




  • プレイヤーはantiqueプロパティが付加されたアイテムをゴミ箱に入れてもポイントを受け取る事はできません。

UO General Announcements & Official News

Publish 86 to TC1

July 18, 2014 By: petra Category: General News

GamePosted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2014 Jul 17 22:52 -0400 GMT
We are publishing to TC1 tonight, please make sure you give us your feedback and check often for the updates to the systems .  We have chosen the first round of advisors (counselors) and emails will be going out next week to notify everyone of the shards you will be assigned to and when I hope to be able to robe you on TC1 so we can get you trained.

Thank you with your patience with us and happy hunting!

UO Team

Vice vs Virtue – Phase I

We are very excited to bring you the first iteration of Vice vs Virtue! Please understand this the first release of the system to Test Center and as such, you may encounter bugs and everything is subject to change. You can send feedback, as well as bug reports to [email protected].

Here’s what to expect!

  • Visit the VvV signup stone located at the Yew gate in Felucca.
  • In order to sign up for VvV you must be in a guild and your guild master must have already signed up for VvV.
  • When joining VvV you will be automatically joined into an arbitrary faction. This is only for testing purposes, as some messages use existing faction tools.
  • Once you have joined VvV you will receive status updates when you login/are logged into the game that will tell you one of the following:
    • A battle is active, and which city the battle is happening in
    • A battle has concluded and there is cool down period
    • A battle has concluded and more players are needed to start the match
    • A battle has started, and which city that battle is occurring
  • When you enter an active battle city, a status Gump will display the current scores of the top 3 scoring guilds out of those participating, as well as your guild’s score.
  • Guard zones are disabled in an active VvV Battle region and there should be no restrictions on spells.
  • The objective is be the first guild to score enough points to win the match, progress is tracked by the status bar.
  • You can score points by,
    • Being the only guild that is occupying the city
      • You must be alive, and not in a house or on a ship to be counted
    • Killing players of opposing guilds
      • There is a 5 minute kill timeout for receiving points for kills
    • Stealing and returning the sigil to the Priests of Vice and Virtue
  • A sigil will spawn after a random amount of time following the start of the match in 1 of 5 predetermined locations.
  • When the sigil icon (located at the bottom of the battle status Gump) lights up, the sigil has spawned.
  • The sigil can be found by a passive detecting hidden check with a detecting hidden skill greater than 80.0%, you will receive a message indicating “Your keen senses detect something hidden in the area…”
  • The sigil can then be revealed using an active detecting hidden check.
  • Once revealed the sigil can be stolen by a thief with a minimum of 100.0% skill using the stealing skill.
  • The sigil cannot be removed from the VvV battle region. If it is removed another will spawn after a random time.
  • At that time Priests of Vice and Virtue will spawn in the city.
  • Return the sigil to either Priest to score points for your team!
  • At the conclusion of the battle players in the battle region will receive a Gump showing some basic stat progression.

VvV Traps

  • For testing purposes, you can get some free traps to test by visiting the Trap-O-Matic stone at the Yew moongate.
  • Traps can be placed inside an active VvV battle region and come in two deployment varieties, proximity and tripwire.
  • Proximity traps detonate when a valid target enters the detonation radius around the trap and cause moderate damage.
  • Tripwire traps detonate when a valid target steps on the tripwire line and cause heavy damage.
  • Traps have a variety of damage packages including,
    • Explosion – causes equal parts fire and physical damage
    • Poison – causes poison damage and poisons the target
    • Cold – causes cold damage and paralyzes the target
    • Energy – causes energy damage and prevents healing for a short period
    • Blades – causes physical damage and puts a bleed effect on the target
  • The number of traps that can be placed inside a VvV battle region is capped at 20.
  • Traps can be passively detected with a detecting hidden skill of at least 80.0%.
  • Traps can be revealed using the detecting hidden skill actively.
  • Traps can be disarmed using the remove trap skill actively.
  • Successful disarmament of a trap results in the trap being returned to the disarmer, failure results in detonation.

Additional VvV Related Notes

  • Stat loss will be applied on death to those players participating in VvV.
  • VvV players will flag orange to other VvV players.
  • Any non-VvV player that aggresses or performs a beneficial act on a VvV player will flag orange to all VvV players.
  • For the purposes of testing, there are no restrictions on wearing faction gear.

Here’s what’s still in development and what not to expect,

  • There are no rewards for earning Silver Points during a VvV match. These are still in development.
  • The faction system will not be removed from Test Center in this first pass.
  • Score points are arbitrarily rewarded and may not show correctly, as are end of match points.

Traders Quest

Trade Ministers will now offer players the ability to deliver goods between cities in exchange for a variety of rewards!

  • Players may get an offer for a trade order by accessing the context menu on a City Trade Minister. Trade ministers can be found near the docks or stables in the loyalty cities.
  • Upon accepting a trade order players will not be able to magically teleport except for using public moongates with a destination of Felucca.
  • Players accepting their first trade order will receive a message from “A friend…”
  • Trade orders can be cancelled at any time by selecting “Cancel Trade Order” from the context menu on the trade order container.
  • Items required to fill the trade order are generated from the real time inventories of shop keepers in the region.
  • Up to five items in varying quantities can be applied to a trade order and are based on the total number of trade orders a player has completed.
  • Items may be dropped inside the trade order directly or filled from the top level of the player’s backpack using the “Fill from Backpack” context menu option from the trade order container.
  • Trade orders cannot be removed from the player’s backpack and will be destroyed if the player character transfers.
  • Each trade order has a destination city indicated in the item property display of the trade order container.
  • While delivering the trade order players may be randomly ambushed by monsters.
  • Monster difficulty scales based on the stats and skills of the player.
  • Killing monsters while delivering a trade order provides a bonus to the amount of gold the destination city treasury receives up to a capped number of kill per delivery.
  • Trade orders with greater distances between the origin and destination city will boost the amount of gold deposited to the destination city treasury as well as the amount of resources rewarded.
  • When a player successfully returns a filled trade order to the correct destination city’s Trade Minister they have a chance of receiving a variety of rewards including,
    • 1 in a set of story books with a unique story from each of the loyalty cities. Each player is eligible for one set of books and will receive a new one each time a book is rewarded.
    • A random NPC guild sign
    • Random resources for blacksmithing, carpentry, tailoring, and imbuing
  • A deposit of funds will also be made to the destination city’s treasury.
  • A player may also opt to deliver a completed trade order to Slim the Fence for rewards including,
    • A forged pardon
    • A skeleton key
    • a random 1.0 SoT
    • A rare chance at “An Expired Voucher for a Free Drink at the Fortune’s Fire Casino”
    • A rare chance at “Forged Artwork from King Blackthorn’s Castle”
    • A rare chance at “Slim the Fence’s Little Black Book”
    • An rare chance at “Slim’s Shadow Veil”
      • A uber shadow colored leather mempo
      • Faster Casting 1

Global Loot Changes

All magical items (weapons, armor, and jewelry) will now spawn with properties generated via new loot property generation. These include items found,

  • On Monsters
  • In SoS Chests
  • In Treasure Chests
  • In Dungeon Chests
  • In Khaldun Puzzle Chests
  • From Dredging Hooks
  • From Quest rewards
  • Loot obtained from monsters, SoS Chests, Treasure Chests, Dredging Hooks, and as Quest Rewards will be influenced by the luck of the individual getting the loot.
  • Loot obtained from Dungeon Chests and Khaldun Puzzle Chests will have loot influenced with a random luck value between 0 and 240.
  • Loot generated in Felucca has a 1000 point luck bonus applied to it, as well as bonuses to budgets used in item property generation.
  • The following negative item properties can now be found on magic items:
    • Brittle – Cannot have powder of fortification applied to the item
    • Prized – Item insurance cost is increased, cannot be blessed
    • Massive – Increased strength requirement
    • Unwieldy – Increased item weight
    • Cursed – Cannot be insured or blessed
    • Antique – Increased durability loss, can be powdered 3 times. Each powder will reduce max durability to 250, 200, and 150 respectively. Can be repaired.
  • Items spawned with the brittle property will have a default max durability of 255.
  • All items with the ephemeral property will be converted to antique.
  • Items will have at maximum 1 negative property applied to them.
  • Item insurance will now scale up based on item intensity.
  • Magical jewelry (rings and bracelets) will now have a default max durability of 255.
  • Additional monster loot items will be spawned based on party size and luck.

Cleanup Britannia Additions/Updates:

We have added several new Cleanup Britannia Rewards to the Cleanup Officers including the following:

  • Mailbox (1000 points)
  • 3 types of decorative mushrooms (1000 points each)
  • Primordial Decay – Elemental Slayer Instrument (20,000 points)
  • Arachnid Doom – Arachnid Slayer Instrument (20,000 points)
  • Presentation Stone (a pedestal that can be dyed with Tokuno dyes, natural dyes or a furniture dye tub) (75,000 points)
  • Vibrant Ocher Pigment (250,000 points)
  • Olive Green Pigment (250,000 points)
  • Lucky Charm (Talisman – Hit Point Regeneration 1, Stamina Regeneration 1, Mana Regeneration 1 and Luck 150) (300,000 points)
  • Soldier’s Medal (Talisman – Tactics +10, Stamina Regeneration 2, Hit Chance Increase 5% and Damage Increase 20%) (300,000 points)
  • Duelist’s Edge (Talisman – Anatomy +10, Stamina Regeneration 2, Hit Chance Increase 5% and Damage Increase 20%) (300,000 points)
  • Necromancer’s Phylactery (Talisman – Spirit Speak +10, Mana Regeneration 1, Spell Damage Increase 5% and Lower Reagent Cost 10%) (300,000 points)
  • Wizard’s Curio (Talisman – Evaluate Intelligence +10, Mana Regeneration 1, Spell Damage Increase 5% and Lower Reagent Cost 10%) (300,000 points)
  • Mystic’s Memento (Talisman – Focus +10, Mana Regeneration 1, Spell Damage Increase 5% and Lower Reagent Cost 10%) (300,000 points)
  • Vollem Held in a Crystal (500,000 points)

We have also added many items to the Cleanup Britannia turn in list including the following:

  • Covetous Artifacts (Blight of the Tundra, Bracelet of Protection, Brightblade, Hephaestus and Prismatic Lenses) (2,000 points)
  • Despise Artifacts (Compassion’s Eye, Despicable Quiver, Hailstorm, Unforgiven Veil, Unicorn Mane Woven Sandals and Unicorn Mane Woven Talons) (2,000 points)
  • Ararat Artifacts (Abhorrence, Captain Johne’s Blade, Craven, Equivocation and Pincer) (2,000 points)
  • Exodus Artifacts and Replica Artifacts (Dupre’s Sword, Clockwork Leggings, Bracers of Alchemical Devastation (Replica), Asclepius (Replica) and Hygieia’s Necklace (Replica) (2,000 points)
  • Items bearing the crest of Minax (1,000 points)
  • Ararat stealables (Ararat Anchor, Ararat Bell, Ararat Figurehead) (750 points)
  • Golden Fishing Pole and Golden Tinker Tool Kit (500 points)
  • 2014 Valentine’s Day Kittens and Puppies (400 points)
  • 2013 Carved Pumpkins (400 points) (1,400 points for the two rare pumpkins)
  • 2013 Heads on a spike (300 points) (6,000 points for the rare head on a spike)
  • 2013 Pumpkin Carving Kits and 2013 Carvable Pumpkin (200 points)
  • Pig on a Spit Deed and Note from Cousteau (100 points)
  • 2014 Chocolate Jelly Beans, 2014 Easter Basket, 2013 Lobster Dinner, 2013 Holiday Candle, 2013 Deed for a Claw Foot Tub, 2013 Alacrity Deed Scroll Book, 16th Anniversary Gift Bag, 16th Anniversary Venus Flytrap, 16th Anniversary Staghorn Fern, 16th Anniversary Japanese Maple, 16th Anniversary Dieffenbachia, 16th Anniversary Plant Deed, 16th Anniversary Platter, 16th Anniversary Card, 16th Anniversary Pony Statuette (50 points)
  • 2014 Easter Bunny (50 points) (1,000 points for the rare location)
  • 2014 Marshmallow Ducklings (1 point)

Increased the number of uses on each Cleanup Britannia slayer instruments from 250 use to 450 uses.

Players will no longer receive turn in points for ephemeral items.

Players will now be able to combine similar Tokuno style pigments up to a maximum of 50 uses by double clicking the first pigment and then targeting the second pigment to combine them.

Bug Fixes

  • Special Move: Dismount mana cost increased to 25 from 20. Ranged dismount now lasts 4 seconds while melee remains at 10 seconds.
  • Players that use AOE special attacks will no longer become aggressive to their own pets
  • All Despicable Quivers and Unforgiven Veils will now be blessed by default.

Classic Client 7.0.35

  • Cliloc Changes
  • Art Additions

Enhanced Client 4.0.35

  • Cliloc Changes
  • Art Additions


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