The Higglebottom Studies

October 30, 2011 By: Jeriicco Category: Legends News

Those curious enough to investigate the many lanterns spread throughout Legends found themselves in Nujelm at Professor Higglebottom’s museum.  Higglebottom had succeeded on gathering a large number of followers for a task which would require just that.  Higglebottom explained to the crowd that the museum before them was a collection of his fathers findings and studies.  However, his father’s research was left unfinished and many artifacts have yet to be recovered but his father left behind a journal of his research.  He spoke of an ancient civilization that had hidden away an artifact of great strength.  The artifact is told to give its bearer the gift of eternal life.  To pick up where his father left off he asked the crowd to accompany him to a location where he thought this ancient artifact may be found. 

The excursion began in an unknown location that appeared to be somewhere within the Lost Lands.  The group gathered around a camp fire then set off into a village occupied by a tribe of hostile savage warriors.  After advancing to the end of the village a hole leading underground was discovered.  As the darkness of the underground cave gave way to lit torches the group encountered two small passages swarming with savage warriors.  The only way to advance further was to confront the warriors and the group slowly pushed its way down the passages.  The losses on both sides quickly piled up but the group continued to slowly press forward.

Finally, the dark passage ways both ended in a large room.  Inside this large room one could see the artifact resting peacfully on a ritual table near the center.  As the group began to engulf the room several more defenders revealed themselves and the battle ensued.

It took a team effort to drop the final monsters and once the room was clear Higglebottom appeared and swept up the artifact, it was the very artifact that his fathers journal had told of.

The artifact has now found a new home in the museum.  I encourage everyone to visit the museum in northeastern Nujelm to see the current collection.  Higglebottom rewarded those in attendance with a sash to commemorate their bravery.  Before the night was over Higglebottom promised of more adventure once the pages of his fathers journal had been deciphered.  He also spoke of his assistant Pablo who had gone missing when he attempted to scout out the artifact days before.  If you have any information on the whereabouts or have seen Pablo I would report this to the Communications Center in Britain.



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