Main Menu

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Main Menu

The main menu for UOKR can be opened in 2 ways, pressing the escape key, or clicking on the last icon in the menu bar thats on the bottom right of your screen (next to the backpack icon).

The main menu consists of 7 options. We will go through each of the 7 options explaining the options.

Log Out

Clicking on this option will log your character out
of uo without asking if you wish to log out. Be careful
when you click on this one, if you are in a non safe
area you may find yourself dead before you log back

Exit Game

Clicking on this option will pop up a box asking you if you wish to “Quit Ultima Online”. If you click on “Okay” it will close the UOKR client.

User Settings

Clicking on “User Settings” will bring up another box with 6 tabs. Refer to the User Settings guide for more indepth detail.

Macros / Actions

Clicking on “Macros/Actions” will bring up 2 boxes
with the options for your macros & actions. Refer
to the macro guide macro guide
for more indepth detail.


Clicking on help will open up the help menu. Listed below are the different options in the help menu.

Bug Report

Clicking on “Bug Report” will open up a box within
which you will be able write your report on a bug
that is currently in game.

Close Menu

There is 3 ways to close this main menu. Pressing the escape key, clicking on the X in the top right corner of the menu, as well as clicking in “Close Menu”.

Last modified: March 26, 2011