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Guide Written by Flutter

A few folks I have spoken to haven’t realized the potential of the in-game map system so I thought I would post a few tips here for anyone who’d really like to learn.

First off you see here we have our new KR map. Void of color at first I was asking that the devs add more color and depth. Then I realized how the map system works and it’s really a great tool as it is.

Notice I am in my house in Malas. The green dot I have designated as me. “How’d ya do THAT?” you might ask…

Well first you’ll notice a scroll at the top of your radar map. Click here.

I will show you how to make moongates and your characters show up on your lil radar map.

Once you’ve clicked you can see that you have many choices as to what you can choose to display. “Players” is all the way down at the bottom but it’s there. “Shrines” is there too. Good for reference.

Once you’ve checked out all of the things you can display on your maps go ahead and click “Map Options” Circled here:

This opens up your “what do you want displayed where” list. This list is very important.

Notice here I circled players and moongates to display in both the big map and the radar map:

If you mark them you will be displaying those specific icons as moongates and your player character.

If you click the blue dot here a new gump will come up that will let you change the size and color of the “dots” that display

I left moongates as light blue and player characters as light green. Each gives you the option so try and play with it a little till you get what you like.

“What’s that third column for? The one marked ‘In Game’ you might ask…

Well, if you mark it with an x you will get a display on all of your maps plus a column of light to show you in game where these things are.

I marked them here so you can see what I am talking about:

Now hit “Return to Map” here:

And click on the “radar map” icon here:

Now here is an example of the finished product.

I have displayed on my radar map both my player character and moongates. I have also chosen for this example to show in-game moongate. (I prefer that one off myself but I see it can be helpful)

Last modified: March 26, 2011