Lumberjack Basics

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To use the skill an axe or hatchet must be equipped in the character’s hand. Double click the tool and target a tree. Using the axe/hatchet on logs will convert them to boards.
Item Comments Skill Needed
Normal Wood Normal Wood 0
Oak Oak Wood 65
ash Ash Wood 80
Yew Yew Wood 95
heartwood Heartwood 100
bloodwood Bloodwood 100
Frostwood Frostwood 100
bark fragment Bark Fragments: Used by carpenters in the creation of woodland armor and by chefs to create woodpulp 100
Luminescent Fungi: A rare resource used in alchemy and imbuing 100
parasitic plant Parasitic Plant: A rare resource used in alchemy and imbuing 100
Switch: A rare resource used in making a runed switch 100
brilliant amber Brilliant Amber: A rare resource with several uses 100
crystal shards Crystal Shards: A very rare resource used in imbuing, available only when harvesting in Ter Mur 100

Last modified: March 29, 2011

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