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Illustrated Guide to Dungeon Chests
Wind Dungeon Chests, by Dizzy

Wind is both a town and a dungeon; after traversing the maze in the mountains, you find yourself at the entrance to Wind. If you have enough skill in Magery, you are permitted to enter.

There is only a single spot with a spawnable chest, and it is not an easy location. It’s guarded by 3 demons, a dragon, and a drake. The good news is that you are only a few steps from the city of Wind where you can find a healer’s shop and fresh reagents.

Area One

Chests: One level 4
Local monsters: Dragons, demons, drakes. Occasionally wandering liches.
Notes: Although more chests are rumored to spawn, I found only the single level 4. Checking back later in the day, I found no chests at all. Given the difficulties in reaching this area (you cannot recall here), the slow spawning of new chests, and the dangerous monsters, this is probably the least attractive location in all the dungeons.
Danger level: Very High


Last modified: October 30, 2011

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