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The Cartographer
By Petra Fyde, March 2010

While most people only think of cartography in terms of decoding maps to find buried treasure the skill can also be used to create maps of your surroundings. Sea charts can be used by fisherman, either to plot a circular course to bring them back to shore at the end of their fishing trip or to sail to an area where they might find sunken treasure.

Sea Chart

So, how do you get started on the road to becoming a grand master cartographer? First visit the local mapmaker and ask him to teach you, for a small fee you’ll gain skill up to around 30. You’ll find this individual in one of the following locations:

Britain The Oaken Oar 10º53’S
Buccaneer’s Den Pirates Provisioner 55º11’S
Jhelom Sailor’s Keeper 173º4’N
Moonglow The Scholars Goods 49º13’N
Nujel’m Seaborne Ships 36º2’N
Papua Pier 39 14º24’S
Serpent’s Hold Supplies 154º57’S
Skara Brae Superior Ships 57º13’S
Trinsic Britannia Provisions 103º16’S
Vesper The Majestic Boat 70º24’N
Yew Great Oak Vessels 51º30’N
*Zento Rokuon Cultural Center and Shops 32º0’N 45º33’W (Makoto Jima)
*Although the mapmakers of Zento will sell you pens and maps of the old lands, their own islands of Tokuno and the lands of Ilshenar, Malas and Ter Mur could not, until recently, be mapped. Attempting to do so results in a grey, indecipherable map. Recent developments, however, have lead to the ability to not only map all the facets, but to do so in clear and vibrant colors.
Tools and Resources

You will need:

  • Mapmaker’s pens, these can be bought from the Mapmaker or crafted by players using the tinkering skill. A pen made by a grandmaster tinker will have more uses before it breaks.
  • Blank maps or scrolls (town maps bought from the Mapmaker can be overwritten).
  • Blank scrolls can be bought from Mapmakers, Mages, Real Estate Brokers and Scribes or crafted by players using inscription skill.

Your location when creating a map is always the center of the map. The map will vary in range and quality depending on your skill. Minimum skill requirements can be found  here. Double click your mapmaker’s pen and select the type of map you wish to create from the menu.


Cartography menu


You will write many, many maps to gain in skill, beginning with local maps, then city maps, seacharts and finally world maps. This will take you to 99.5 skill, but the last .5 must be gained from decoding treasure maps.

tattered wall mapThe tattered wall map is made from a selection of completed treasure maps. These must all have been both decoded and completed by the cartographer. You will need:


  • 10 Plainly Drawn Maps
  • 5 Adeptly Drawn Maps
  • 3 Cleverly Drawn Maps
  • 1 Deviously Drawn Map




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  1. The Minimum skill can be found here link doesn’t go to the skill requirement list.

  2. Peter Robinson says:

    I have level one treasure maps and when i use what the local library in uo has and attempt to match it with the maps in stratics and I cannot even match any of the level one so how do i use cartography download and UO ASSIST plus your sextant in the game how do I make all these resources work to find the correct spot in uo to dig for the level 1 treasure chest???? thanks for reading my message.


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