The Artificer

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The Artificer Quests
By Petra Fyde, January 2010


Three Gargoyle Artificers gather round the soulforge of the Royal City, each has a simple ‘obtain’ quest to offer.




Beninort requires 50 Magic Residue. In return he will give an Imbuing powerscroll. This may be +5 or +10, randomly.


Close by Beninort you will find Aurvidlem. He requires Enchanted Essence and will exchange it for a +15 Imbuing powerscroll, or if you’re fortunate, a Runic Mallet and Chisel.


Third of the group is Ansikart, his request for Relic Fragments is rarely met, most Imbuers choosing to repeat Aurvidlem’s quest until they have sufficient +15 powerscrolls (10) to combine into a +20 using a scroll binder.


Ansikart has a second quest to offer which can be found  here. One of several quests which exchange items for Imbuing ingredients. I have grouped them under the heading ‘Barter Quests’

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