Sutek The Mage

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Sutek The Mage’s Quest
By Petra Fyde, January 2010

The only quest giver in the Stygian Abyss, Sutek’s workshop is found just South West of the Clan Scratch area of The Cavern of The Discarded.


A wise questor will study this area well, noting as many locations of highlightable items as possible.


Sutek himself is somewhat more elusive and can often be found some considerable distance from his home, as can be seen from the image.  He wanders the cavern and surrounding areas muttering strangely to himself. Sutek the Mage


Quest On taking the quest you will receive a clockwork assembly with a timer. Do nothing with this at this point


Return to Sutek’s workshop.

It is highly recommended that this quest be done mounted or in a form that allows movement at mount speed.

Double clicking the mechanism brings up the following menu.



A number of items will be requested, you must find each one, stand close to it and double click it before the timer runs out. Clicking an item when more than a tile or two away from it will get a ‘too far away’ message.

Warning, the allowed time from clicking ‘ok’  to finding the first item is estimated to be less than 10 seconds.

If, as many questors before you, you receive this disappointing message, resign the quest, return to Sutek and begin again.


There seems to be slightly more time between items after the first has been found, though this wasn’t recorded and may be subjective.  The list is extensive and can be anything from 10 – 20 items. Some may be repeated.

This questor was asked for:

  • Bones
  • Shafts
  • Silver ingots
  • Thorns
  • Rope
  • Leather
  • Spirit Essence
  • Fetid Essence
  • Void Essence
  • Barrel Staves
  • Scales
  • Dark Stone
  • Copper ingots
  • Beeswax
  • Copper Wire


On completion of the list a clockwork creature will appear. However only briefly, and this disappointing message results.


Do not despair. The completed clockwork assembly remains in your back pack.

Mark the assembly as a ‘quest item’ through your character’s context menu and return to Sutek.


The reward for this quest, the Mechanical Life Manual, must be read by a character with Tinkering Skill. The character can then, with the correct resources, craft one of three mechanical pets, a Clockwork Scorpion, a Leather Wolf or a Vollem.

From May, 2010 (Publish 66) an additional reward is given, “Sutek’s Dirty Gear”.  When clicked this becomes a ‘Dawn’s Music Box’ gear.



Comprehensive listing of items

Compiled by Basara

A. Metal Wires: Request will specify type.
4 types; Iron, Copper, Silver, Gold; all located in 1 stack in NW corner of the house.

B. Metal Ingots: Request will specify type.
Types are as the wires, with 2 locations for each type, scattered inside and outside the house. Graphic is similar to the “stack of ingots” used for the Gold Bricks minor artifact, and ingot deco in dungeons all over. Gold, Silver and Copper can be found inside the house, the other 5 stacks are outside (3 of which are grouped together)

C. Potions: Request will specify type. All are in the house.
Types are Red, Blue, Yellow and Purple. Graphics are as the various glassblowing flasks. There are 2 purple, 1 blue, 1 red and 1 yellow.

D. Powders: Request will specify type. Only one source for each (all in house).
White powder is the SE Stealable graphic used for the Treasures of Tokuno Ancient Urns.
Blue powder is the Blue Urn SE Stealable graphic
Black Powder is the craftable vase/urn graphic also used for one of the ML Minotaur Artifacts, dyed Black.

E. Essences: Request will specify type. Only one source for each, inside the house.
Graphics are miniature versions of the Effusion peerless creature types.
Void Essence: Black
Fetid Essence: Green
Spirit Essence: White

F. Stone: Request will specify the type. All are located outside the house. Graphic is a large version of the “stone” graphic.
White Stone: Outside SE corner of the house
Brown Stone: North of house on cavern Wall
Dark Stone: NE of house on cavern wall

Other Items.

G. Wooden Logs:
At least 4 locations (1 inside house, by the wire), various graphics (deco, not the usable item versions).
H. Wooden Boards: At least 4 locations, 2 are inside the house, various board graphics from the world deco (not the usable items).
I. Beeswax: 2 places (a group of 2 and a group of 3), so close to each other you can hit either when you go to them, SE corner on either side of the White Powder vase.
J. Melted Wax: 2 places, a small pot by the bedroom entrance and a cauldron on the tables lining the east wall
K. Power Crystals: A purple (crafting type) one by the north door, and a Green animated one (like some of the imprisoned animals or event items) on the East wall between the melted wax and Fetid Essence. EITHER ONE will work for the request.
L. Scales: 2 locations, by N & S entrances of the house. Don’t really look like the in-game dragon scales, but labeled as such. White in color.
M. Rope: 2 Locations – one due N from the north door, outside, and the other inside by the wire coils.
N. Leather: This one’s tricky. You want the Pile of Hides in the NE corner, inside. The various stretched hides DO NOT COUNT.
O. Oil of Vitriol: The group of “Cider” containers mext to the Spirit Essence in the SW corner of the main room.
P. Gears: Another trick request, this is the “Axle With Gears” on the table in the center of the room.
Q. Feathers: On table in the center of the room. not the “normal” feathers graphic.
R. Bones: The big Bone Pile (like the Grizzle Peerless deco drop) outside the south wall of the house. The Skeleton on the ground nearby DOES NOT COUNT.
S. Shafts: One Pile, just inside the North entrance, on the ground.
T. Thorns: 2, but located side by side on the exterior of the East wall of the House.
U. Barrel Hoops: 2, but stacked together so that they might as well be counted as one, east of the house in what appeared the ruined walls of a destroyed outbuilding. The unfinished barrels DO NOT COUNT for the Hoops or Staves.
V. Barrel Staves: 2, but placed together, right next to the Barrel Hoops.

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