New Player Quests

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New Player Quests

Accelerated Gain Quests
These quests grant an accelerated gain up to 50% skill within a designated training area and a reward relating to the skill trained. 

Take the quest by double clicking the npc. Read carefully the instructions on where to train, only in that area will you get the gain bonus. A ‘buff’ icon will also appear when you are in the correct area. The majority of the quests, though not all, are trained in the area of Old Haven. On completion of the quest return to the npc who gave you the quest to collect your reward. This information can be checked through your quest log, accessible through your character’s paper doll.

Haven Town


Skill Trained Quest Title Quest Giver Location Reward
Anatomy Knowing Thine Enemy Andreas Vesalius the Anatomy Instructor healer Tunic of Guarding
leather tunic, blessed HPI 2% RPD 5% resists: 6/6/5/5/5
Archery Swift as an Arrow Robyn The Archery Instructor Warrior Heartseeker
Composite bow, blessed HCI 5% SSI 10% DI 25% lower requirements 70%
Blacksmithing It’s Hammer Time George Hephaestus The Blacksmithing Instructor smith Hammer of Hephaestus
Smith Hammer, Blacksmithing +10, 20 charges, renewable.
Bushido The Way of the Samurai Hamato the Busido Instructor Bushido Dojo The Dragon’s Tail
Bokuto, blessed, HSL 16% SSI 10% DI 25%
Chivalry Cleansing Old Haven Aelom the Chivalry Instructor Warrior Hall Bulwark Leggings
Blessed, SR1, MR1 resists: 9/5/5/5/3
Evaluate Intelligence A Scholarly Task Mithneral The Evaluating Intelligence Instructor Mages Guild Ring of the Savant
Blessed, Int + 3 fc1 fcr 1
Fencing En Guarde! Recaro the Fencing Instructor Warrior Training Recaro’s Riposte
War Fork, blessed, ssi 10% DI 25%
Focus The Inner Warrior Sarsmea the Focus Instructor Haven Bank Clasp of Concentration
Bracelet, blessed, fire resist 5% cold resist 5% SR1 MR 1
Healing Bruises, Bandages & Blood Avicenna The Healing Instructor Healer Healer’s Touch
Leather Gloves, blessed, SR 3 RPD 5% resists: 6/6/5/5/5
Hiding Becoming one with the Shadows Chiyo the Hiding Instructor Ninjitsu Dojo A bag of smoke bombs
Inscription Scribing Arcane Knowledge Jillian the Inscription Instructor Mages Guild Hallowed Spellbook
Blessed, undead slayer
Mace Fighting Crushing Bones and Taking Names Churchill the Mace Fighting Instructor Warrior Hall Churchill’s War Mace
Blessed, hci 8% ssi 10% DI 35%
Magery The Mage’s Apprentice Kaelynna The Magery Instructor Mages Guild Ember Staff
Quarter Staff, blessed, hit fireball 15% mage weapon -10 SC FC-1
Meditation Stopping the World Gustar The Meditation Instructor Mages Guild Philosopher’s Hat
blessed, MR1 lrc 7% resists: 5/5/9/5/5
Mining The Delucian’s Lost Mine Jacom Waltz The Mining Instructor The Mountain (see below) Jacob’s Pickaxe
blessed, Mining+10, 20 uses, rechargable
Necromancy The Allure of Dark Magic Mulcivikh The Necromancy Instructor Necromancer Guild Complete Necromancy Spellbook
Ninjitsu The Art of Stealth Ryuichi The Ninjitsu Instructor Ninjitsu Dojo Silver Serpent Blade
Kryss, blessed, HCI 5% SSI 10% DI 25%
Parrying Thou and Thine Shield Tyl Ariadne The Parrying Instructor Warrior Guild Escutcheon de Ariadne
shield, blessed, RPD 5% hci 5% physical resist 5% energy resist 1%
Resisting Spells Defying the Arcane Alefian The Resisting Spells Instructor Mages Guild Bracelet of Resilience
blessed, DCI 5% resists 0/5/5/5/5
Spirit Speak Channeling the Supernatural Morganna The Spirit Speak Instructor Necromancer Guild A bag of Necromancer Reagents
Stealth Walking Silently Jun The Stealth Instructor Ninjitsu Dojo Twilight Jacket
blessed, HPI 3 RPD 5% resists: 6/12/3/3/3
Swordsmanship The Way of the Blade Jockles The Swordsmanship Instructor Warrior Guild Jockles Quicksword
Broadsword, blessed, HCI 5% SSI 10% DI 25%
Tactics The Art of War Alden Armstrong TheTactics Instructor Warrior Guild Arms of Armstrong
blessed, Str 3 HPR1 resists: 6/6/5/5/5
Tinkering The Right Tool for the Job Amelia Youngstone The Tinkering Instructor Tinker Amelia’s Toolbox
blessed, tinker tools, 500 uses NOT rechargable
Tracking Eyes of a Ranger Walker The Tracking Instructor Ninjitsu Dojo Walker’s Leggings
blessed, resists: 14/9/9/3/3
Wrestling The Rudiments of Self Defense Dimethro The Wrestlng Instructor Warrior Guild Gloves of Selfguarding
blessed,SI 3 HPR 1 resists: 6/6/5/5/5

Old HavenMountain


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