Publish 73 Comes to Origin

November 01, 2011 By: Watchertoo Category: General News

Publish 73 Comes to Origin

Kai Schober

1 Nov 2011 15:56:05 EST


We’ll push Publish 73.0 to Origin today, Tuesday 1st at 5:00 pm EDT.

Please check the previously posted Publish 73 Notes and Additions. Here are are the additional changes:

Publish 73.0.0


Christmas Gifts

  • Customizable Welcome Mats (2 styles)
  • Vocal Santa Statue
  • Customizable House type signs
  • Scroll of Transcendence Book

Veteran Reward Items

This year for the 14th year we have added the following in celebration:

  • Group Bracelet of Binding – This item allows you to bind with 10 people at once. Handy for those times when part of your group is lost or has issues with running into trees and being left behind.
  • Seed Box – This box will identify all seeds put into the box, it will hold and organize up to 500 seeds.
  • Shard Shields – We have added this as the 14th year vet reward. These are new art that represents a specific shard. The shield will give you a character transfer token once a month to the shard it represents. The token is account bound, so they can not be traded or sold. If you have a shield in your house and the house decays the shield will disappear.
  • Sheep Statue – This statue is a resource giver, it will give you 10 pieces of a random hide or wool. This caps at 100 resources so make sure you collect your items.

Britianna Clean up change

  • Added 4 new pigments – Polished Bronze, Glossy Blue, Black and Green and Deep Violet – 5 charges @ 250,000 points. We will be changing this out each month so stock up while you can.


Shame Loot Changes

Durabilities are now different for Brittle and Cannot Be Repaired:

  • If an item is Brittle and does not have Cannot Be Repaired, its durability is 35.
  • If an item has Cannot Be Repaired and does not have Brittle, its durability is 150.
  • If an item has Cannot Be Repaired and also has Brittle, its durability is 75.
  • Self-Repair and Durability Increase cannot appear on any item with Brittle or Cannot Be Repaired.

It is now possible for the following item properties to spawn:

  • Faster Casting (Jewelry, Weapons, Shields)
  • Battle Lust (Melee Weapons)
  • Slayers (Weapons)
  • Balanced (Bows)
  • Mage Armor (Non-Medable Armor)
  • Spell Channeling (Weapons, Shields)
  • Night Sight (Jewelry)
  • Reactive Paralyze (Two-Handed Melee, Bows, and Shields)
  • Use Best Weapon Skill (Melee Weapons)
  • Gargoyle Earrings will now drop


Classic Client 7.0.19


  • Trial accounts can only join the Help Channel

Enhanced Client 4.0.19


  • Trial accounts can only join the Help Channel

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