Pub 73.2 Comes to Origin

November 30, 2011 By: Watchertoo Category: General News

Pub 73.2 Comes to Origin

Kai Schober

30 Nov 2011 19:35:49 EST


Publish 73.2 comes to Origin tonight, along with the mandatory patch of the Enhance Client and the Classic Client
Here are the notes for your reading pleasure:

Publish 73.2

Bug Fixes:

  • Balanced will no longer appear on Throwing weapons, and will vanish from any existing throwing weapons.
  • Corrected the item property intensity calculations for unraveling Shame loot drops. Lower level items will no longer unravel into Relic Fragments.
  • All magic item drops from shame can now be Imbued, even if they have special SA Artifact item properties on them.
  • -100 Luck on an item no longer decreases its total weighted item property intensity for purposes of imbuing.
  • Imbuing and Enhancing of various item properties onto Shame magic item drops now adds the correct item property intensity.
  • Fixed an issue with runic crafting tools that was cutting certain item property values in half when generated.
  • Velocity item property values on Shame loot drops were incorrect. These are now generated in increments of 5% instead of 1%, with a 5% minimum.
  • Dungeon chests and barrels in Shame now have locks and traps with difficulty and strength appropriate to the dungeon level.
  • Fixed a bug with random magic item loot in Shame that was causing item properties to be generated with lower than expected values and with lower than intended caps.
  • Small Soul Forges now have enhanced house security:
    • Any small soul forge placed after this publish will remember its owner
    • Only the soul forge owner or the house owner will be able to re-deed it
    • Any small soul forge placed before this publish can only be re-deeded by the house owner
  • Fixed a bug with Mannequin security.
  • Adjusted the effects of the New Player Token. It will now only last 5 days instead of 7, and party members skill gain increase will be cut in half.
Client Fixes
  • Fixed issue when the EC can become unresponsive or even crash when dealing with the visual effect. (Ex. Any spell with massive effects such as the lich howl).
  • Fixed EC issue with hueing dynamic objects that don’t change position.
  • Fixed an EC crash at the Navery encounter.
  • Updated error message when closing accounts.

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