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Oct 19th, Saturday Morning until ??

Rescue the fair lass Liandra from the clutches of the inept KAOS Pirate, Otero!
The Pirates of Arrr have offered a reward to anyone who scuttles Otero’s ship on the High Seas and rescues their Liandra.
Listen on general chat as Liandra tells you, as best she can, where she is.

Tavern gossip has it that Otero plans to take his captive out for a bit of fresh sea air & a rant this Saturday morning, October 19th.
However, as that senile & drooling old tavern regular, Haf Gangree, puts it, “Otero is a landlubber! The boy doesn’t know his hold from an outhouse.”
“He’s an odd one, all right,” agreed Poop of Blackwater. “He was in here the other night blurting out nonsense like, ‘Cogito ergo Pirateum.'”
“Aye,” chimed in Perilous Pauli, a b-girl known to roll a troll faster than you can say Rumpelstiltskin. “Otero’ll be lucky if Liandra doesn’t kill him.”

S.O.L. (Save Our Liandra)
Join the Chase!
Every seaworthy vessel is needed to track down Otero’s ship! Look for a badly painted Orc ship named, “This Side Up.”
You can fight him yourself or scream for help. The pirates of Arrr will come to help save their fair lass Liandra!

From Saturday morning until …??

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