Nidaros Marks One Year Rebirth!

September 29, 2011 By: petra Category: Chesapeake News

The player run city of Nidaros marked it’s first anniversary last eve as members of the Paxlair Alliance gathered at the cities banner for a night of fun, food, and festivities to mark the occasion. Kicking off the night was the Tuesday Paxlair meeting with announcements and convocation from Governor Winfield with upcoming scheduled events from around thier alliance. Lady Pheonix spoke of a Thanksgiving feast held yearly in the city of Dragons Watch, where players will bring hired npcs to dinner in the hopes of winning the “name game” by creatings a famous persons name with the two npc’s. A pumpkin pie eating contest, along with a Thanksgiving Turkey (chicken) battle to be held much to the delight of those in attendance! Also noted were the emergence of thier Friday Night Adventures beginning at 8pm est. Last weeks run was to the hallowed grounds of the foul Medusa! 

With the area decorated to the hilt the festivities soon were well underway as the custom brewed ale and liquers flowed like spring rains. Foods aplenty as fruits of the cities labor were abundant. Players enjoyed each others company and anxiously awaited the start of the nights main event, the Horse Race!

Riders mustered along the start/finish line with thier freshly tamed and unbonded mounts, Governor Winfield was spotted laying fish along the road in the hopes that perhaps they may guide him along his way or even perhaps slip up his fellow racers as well! I bought two myself for 3 gold peices per! Once all racers were set the horn was sounded to begin as competitors ran hard and fast en route from Nidaros to Minoc and back.

The trail long and treacherous, racers distanced themselves from one another along the stretch. In the end as he crossed the finish line slightly a screen or two ahead of Lady Winmere, The Old man Winfield himself was delcared the winner! Shortly following Winmere in Second place was Lord Nanoc of Dragons Watch in third. The course claimed a few as Lady Pheonix wandered in lost and beleaguered after the long run.
Immediately following the nights main event speeches were heard from the Statehood’s Governor Winfield, Nidaros’ Mayor Zanku, along with the Town Librarian Maedhros. Winners were announced in the short story contest as Lord Mach of DWxC was named the champion writer with his selection being added to the city library for all to enjoy. Gifts were exchanged as the Paxlair Kitchen presented an anniversary cake to the Town Mayor along with Nidaros’ offer of thanks to the Statehood’s leader in the form of a lucky fishing hat pictured below! Winfield looked quite sporty in his new duds! The city of Guardians Gate and the Royal Britannian Guards also presented the city with a commemorative engraved trophy and Limited edition library selection to add to it’s ever growing collection.

With the formalities now complete the party really got goin as the attendee’s did their best to empty the various selections of home brewed spirits and such about the area. My head a tad fuzzy today, I can say that the brewers of Nidaros know thier brew! Alas with any good party the night must come to an end…..
Thanking those in attendance Mayor Zanku wished everyone a good eve and closed the evenings festivities.
Congratulations to the city of Nidaros on thier First anniversary!

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Guardians Gate Auction Reveals Shows Fragile State of Sosarian Economic Recovery
Posted on Saturday, September 24, 2011, 10:11 PM EDT by Morpheus Mardox (Chesapeake)
Submitted by: Tertius Wands
Photo by: Emma Silvermane 

The successful RBG auction held Friday September 23rd  from 9pm to 12:10pm showed that despite the better employment numbers the Sosarian economy is still a rapidly changing. Selling everything from cow statues to teleport tiles to random elemental scythes the RBG auction is currently the only auction on Chesapeake. This makes it invaluable to see the current economic state of Sosaria and while the unemployed hordes that we had sadly grown used to seeing around all the banks have disappeared, the Sosarian economy is still highly volatile. 

Things that once sold for 20 million gold have are now barely moving for 11 million. Other items continue to gain value though making it difficult for the average Sosarian to judge what things are worth. The RBG auction had 2 separate lots of teleport tiles that would have once fetched 20 million. The first sold for 12.2 million and the second for a mere 11 million, with the second lot only gathering one bid. Messana Cat Statues from Catskills sold for a mere 550,000 gold for a set of 2. Pushme Pullyu’s have also seen a dramatic loss in value with a set of two going for a mere 1.5 million. Of course some items have held their value very well as the bidding war between Abby Normal of UFO and Oberon over a set of 120 Mysticism, Imbuing and Focus scrolls, they ended up selling to Oberon for 7.2. A Crystallized Essence of course sold rapidly for 5.5 million gold. A total of 20 lots did not sell including EM Christmas Items and 20 powders of fortification showing that past economic trends are not necessarily holding true. The key lesson of the auction tonight is that Sosaria is currently a buyers market so remember to come out and see the deals!

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