[News] The Week-end Madness: Edition Number: XI

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The Week-end Madness

Edition Number: XI

We went to the 30th Knuckleheads auction on Friday.


Every month this is a event to look forward too!

Saturday we tried our luck at the Gauntlet.


On Sunday we helped the three eyed general to retrieve back a jade dragon statue.


More things seems to be going on in Trinsic.

We found out that the statue now have guards.


After some investigation we found out several rumors in Trinsic:

Some days ago, giant spider webs have appeared in the western part of Trinsic.

The following rumors are spread at the markets and in the taverns of the country:
The Guard of Trinsic has repeatedly tried unsuccessfully to remove the nets.
The magicians of Trinsic have found a way to conjure up these spider webs out of nowhere.

They earn a lot of gold by selling the spider silk.
The magicians of Trinsic bring the gold they earn by selling the spider silk to the bank in Trinsic.

The city occupies taxes like never before.
A priest has been arrested by the Guard of Trinsic and now is arrested in jail.

He spoke of a goddess, the weaver Zalindera, to be responsible for these webs.
The magicians of Trinsic bring the gold they earn by selling the spider silk secretly to the bank in Moonglow.

The city occupies as low tax as always.
The Guard of Trinsic is pleased with the webs, because they block the western gate almost completely.

Finally, the largest fortress on the continent now has a sort of a gate.
The webs are the remnants of a failed experiment in order to transform a werewolf who is in jail of Trinsic into a new person.

The transformation worked.

The murderous werewolf has turned – wrapped in a cocoon – into a harmless man.

But the spider webs will be now bury the whole city of Trinsic.
A powerful sorceress has been seen in Trinsic.

The next day, the webs have appeared.

The sorceress was dressed all in dark black and had the face of an angel.
Trinsic is only the beginning.

Soon this will happen in all other cities, too.

We have to keep a eye on these things,something is going on and we need stay alert!

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