Basket Weaving

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Basket Weaving – An Extension of the Tinkering Skill
By Petra Fyde, August 2009

First you must learn how to make the baskets. To do this read the book, which can be purchased from tinker vendors in the Royal City.

You will require:

  1. Decorative plants
  2. Clippers (craftable – Tinker menu under the Tools tab)
  3. Empty bottles
  4. Toxic venom sacs (from toxic slith)
  5. Wooden shafts (craft from wood using bowcrafting or buy from NPCs)


Step 1:
Harvest dry reeds from decorative plants. Your basket will be the color of the plant selected.
Use the context menu on your clippers and choose the ‘set to cut reeds’ option, then use the clippers on the plant. The plant will be destroyed by this process.

Dry Reeds

Toxic Venom Sac

Dry Reeds & Scouring Toxin
Step 2:
Next the reeds must be softened using scouring toxins. Scouring toxins are made by alchemists from toxic venom sacs, which are looted from Toxic Sliths. The potion can be found under the ‘poison’ heading in the menu and requires one venom sac and one empty bottle.
Softened reeds can be created by either alchemists, who will find it under ‘Earthen Mixtures’ in their menu, or by tinkers, who will find it under ‘wooden items’ along with the various basket types. For each softened reed you will need two dry reeds and one scouring toxin.
Step 3:
Finally, weave your basket. This will require wooden shafts and 1, 2 or 3 softened reeds, depending on basket style. Reed colors can not be mixed on a basket. Select the basket type you wish to craft from the Tinkering menu, under Wooden Items.
Added Soften Reeds & Wooden Shafts


Baskets, left to right.
top row: round basket, round basket, small bushel, picnic basket, winnowing basket Bottom row: square basket, basket, tall round basket, small square basket, tall basket, small round basket.

Basket Weaving Requirements
Basket Type Wooden Shafts Softened Reeds Tinkering Skill
Round Basket 3 2 75
Round Basket (handles) 3 2 75
Small Bushel 2 1 75
Picnic Basket 2 1 75
Winnowing Basket 3 2 75
Square Basket 3 2 75
Basket 3 2 75
Tall Round Basket 4 3 75
Small Square Basket 2 1 75
Tall Basket 4 3 75
Small Round Basket 2 1 75

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