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Map of Malas

Floating within a dark sea of stars, Malas is a broken land, wracked by great tremors that constantly threaten the stability of its continents. Its origin is a mystery, and its future inscrutable, but what is known is that this facet is unlike any other. Three great sections of land — one of which is already in the process of crumbling into smaller islands — are connected by bridges, and in between them lays a vast abyss of nothingness. And yet, despite this unstable environment, life has flourished in the Dark Facet; creatures of all types call Malas home, and even humans have forged lives there.

Two Cities

  • Luna – Known as the “City of Paladins,” Luna is located in the northwest corner of the landmass and consists of a central hub that is surrounded by paths and walls made of sandstone, like those found in the great Britannian city of Trinsic. Various merchants sell their wares from within the safety of the building that lies at the heart of the city, and Keepers of Chivalry patrol just outside, keeping the residents safe from shady characters and those who would disrupt their virtuous way of life. An open, grassy area that is not protected by the guards separates the center building from the outer wall, leaving plenty of room for the city to grow.
  • Umbra – Known as the “City of Necromancers,” Umbra is of a darker and less orderly construction than its sister-city Luna and is located on the opposite corner of the map. Dark grey stone walls make up the majority of the buildings, though the occasional accent of blood-red adds a sinister touch to the already foreboding atmosphere of the city – a perfect backdrop for the experienced, or even the aspiring, practitioner of the dark arts. Merchant shops are scattered randomly within the city and are connected by a series of cobblestone paths. A star-filled void forms a moat around the city, and in many places the embankment has been piled high with skulls – perhaps they are the remains of unlucky adventurers or would-be necromancers who failed in their attempt to harness the power of death magic.

Places of Interest

  • Grimswind Ruins – One of the many curiosities of Malas are the Grimswind Ruins. While they’re not incredibly striking in their assembly, there is a good deal of mystery surrounding their existence. Were they the beginnings of a third city, or was their construction based on ritualistic needs instead? One can only speculate for now, but perhaps more will be revealed as adventurers explore this new land.
  • Crystal Fens – Located in various sections around Malas, there are forested areas where crystalline structures grow in bunches like jagged shrubs, the largest of which is on the northern continent. These radiant peculiarities of the Dark Facet are a striking contrast to the surrounding lushness of greenery, and further differentiate Malas from the other facets.
  • Hanse’s Hostel – The trek between the two cities of Malas is a long and lonely one, but travelers making this journey can find respite at a quaint little inn along the way.
  • Abandoned Orc Fort – The orcs, too, have claimed a bit of Malas for themselves in the form of small forts. Though, curious enough, their largest fort on the southern continent has been abandoned. All that remains are the palisades and a few guard towers.
  • Forgotten Pyramid – Within the southern desert of Malas, buried beneath many years of accumulated sand, a great pyramid rises high into the sky. Time has been harsh to this majestic monument, as rubble now decorates its steps, and cracks mottle its surface where grave robbers, no doubt, have attempted to gain entry. But what lies within this ancient tomb? Could there be treasure within, or are its caverns merely filled with the stench of death and the moans of the cursed undead?
  • Gravewater Lake – Snuggled within the golden sands of Malas’ desert is an immense lake that takes up a good portion of the southern continent. And while it may look passable, no boats will be able to travel across its misty waters.
  • Dungeon Doom – Welcome to your doom! Malas isn’t all about Paladins and Necromancers, oh no! While the surface of the shrouded facet might be a good place for you to build a nice little cottage and flower garden, the area under the Dark Facet is truly foul and cursed. Dungeon Doom introduces new puzzles, quests, and epic battles to Ultima Online: Age of Shadows.Many secrets are hidden in Doom and it’ll take a quick mind to uncover them. Success will bring you great wealth and rare loot. Failure will bring you crushing pain or choking agony. In your travels you may wage war against ancient tomb guardians, or foul denizens whose sole desire is to see your lifeblood spill onto the cold stone floor. Not everyone consigned to eternity in Doom is out to see you dead, though. It is said that resurrection can even be had in this undead sanctuary — for a price. Legends tell of dead spirits, cursed to eternally wander Doom’s halls, who may wish to reward adventurers who will undertake quests for them.It will take all your skill and cunning, and a bit of luck, to even survive Dungeon Doom. Do you have what it takes to conquer it?

Though not detailed here, Malas holds many more secrets to discover. So, whether you’re looking for a new place to call home, or an exciting new dungeon to explore, Malas beckons to your future!

Last modified: January 23, 2014

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