Talking to wisps

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by Heigel of Moonglow

This volume was sponsored by donations from Lord Blackthorn, ever a supporter of understanding the other sentient races of Britannia.

Wisps are the most intelligent of the nonhuman races inhabiting Britannia. ‘Tis claimed by the great sages that someday we shall be able to converse with them openly in our native tongue — indeed, we must hope that wisps learn our language, for it is not possible for humans to pronounce wispish!

The wispish language seems to only contain one vowel, the letter Y. However, the letters W, C, M, and L seem to be treated grammatically as vowels, and in addition every letter is followed by what sounds to the human ear like a glottal stop. It is possible that the glottal stop is considered a vowel as well.

Wisps do make use of what sounds to us like pitch and emphasis shifts similar to exclamations and questions.

The average word in wispish seems to consist of three phonemes and three glottal stops, plus possibly a pitch shift. It often sounds burning or crackling. Some have speculated that what we are analyzing is in fact nothing more than the very air crackling near the wisp’s glow, and not language, but this is of course unlikely.

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