Quest of the Virtues – Volume 1

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by Autenil

Volume 1

Chapter 1: Starting out

I begin my Quest in the fine bank of Skara  Brae.  My Quest is to travel by foot to the eight shrines of Britannia.  Although this may sound easy,  it is hampered because I have forsaken my abilities and worldly possessions.  Instead, all that I have to live by are a set of plain clothes, a ship to sail the seas and my diary in which to record my adventures.  Onward Ho towards the Shrine of Spirituality!

Chapter 2:  The Road to Spirituality

Since I have forsaken magic as a form of travel, I must find a way to the mainland from this island town.  Fortunately I was able to barter a ride from the ferryman.  Upon reaching the mainland, I followed the road until it turned North, yes I must continue Eastward.  I paused to listen to the pleasant sounds of the birds chirping and enjoyed the peace away from the busy life.  Upon reaching the Hedge Maze I recalled a story about the mage Relvinian in the days of old and turned South to go around it.  Possessing no weapons and having forsaken my training.  I heeded the sign that said, “Enter and Become One Among Ghosts.”  The River forced me to turn South and then continue East.
Chapter 3: Spirituality
Spirituality is the leader of the Virtues.  It is the meditation and understanding of all other  Virtues.  Without Spirituality, one cannot completely follow the Virtues, for it is the dedication and adherance to them.
Chapter 4: Finding Honor
My next visit will be to the Shrine of Honor, which lies a fair distance to the South.  there is a road to my East that I will follow to the town of Trinsic.  I found a warm room at the Traveller’s Inn, and woke refreshed in the morning to hear the sounds of nature as I prepared to continue my journeys.  I thanked the kind innkeeper and headed out of Trinsic and South.  I conversed briefly with one lucky enough to own a house in the beautiful country and he bade me good fortune on my travels.  I used my rusty blade to cut through dense jungles past ruins of a forgotten realm, now inhabited only by the Undead.  Many a mongbat did hamper my journey, but finally I arrived at the Shrine of Honor.

Chapter 5: Honor
Many link Honor and battle, but it can be used with any aspect of Life.  Honor is to abide by the rules, dishonor is to cheat: to seek the unfair advantage.  I vowed to alway live life with Honor.
Chapter 6: Seeking Valor
I must now embark on my trusty small ship, the Hollandia, to the South and East,  to a small island where few have travelled.  I know not yet what I will encounter at sea, so I bid the Virtues grant me safety.  So begins my voyage.  I managed to sail unnoticed past some water elementals which took a fair bit of navigation from my tillerman.  However, I arrived without incident.
Chapter 7: Valor
The Shrine of Valor is protected by many a beast far too poisonous and foul for myself to vanquish.  One must show Valor to approach the Shrine!  Valor is often shown in one’s willingness to fight what maybe a losing battle upon which he believes.  It takes Valor to stand your ground against the many murderers and lawbreakers in our lands.  You may lose, but you show Valor in that you fight that which must be opposed.  Fight the fights you believe in, not just the fights you think you can win.

Chapter 8: The voyage to Humility

My journey will continue to the East towards the Shrine of Humility.  I launch my boat from the West side of the Island of Valor, where I made my daring escape from the many Giant Serpents chasing me with their poisonous venom and hissing tongues.  Beautiful blue waves washed over the bow of the boat as dolphins played, merrily leading me on.  The voyage is long and the water turbulent but finally land was struck.  Quickly I ran, eager to find my final destination for the day.
Chapter 9: Humility
The Shrine of Humility is surprisingly spartan; it is merely a grove of stone pillars with an ankh and the Humility stone at its center.  I would characterize Humility as this Quest; returning to my roots in this world.  I have rejected my possessions and my wealth in order to rely  only upon my cunning and instincts.  No longer have I that which makes me Glorious to others, but I have only that which I need to survive.  I may no longer rely upon myself, I must rely upon others for my survival.  My journey to Humility has only made me realise even more how Blessed I have been.
Chapter 10: Onward to Honesty
Now the journey will turn South towards the Island of Ice.  However, my voyages and excursions into the jungle have made me quite tired, so I will camp here beside a river near the Shrine of Humility for the night.  I awake the next morning refreshed and invigorated, but also under attack!  A Headless One has noticed my rise from slumber and attacks me viciously.  My trusty cleaver was in my hand instantly but my lack of skill with the weapon delayed the death of the creature.  I launched the Hollandia and set sail for the Island of Ice, seeking the Shrine of Honesty.  As I sail the vast oceans, I find myself desiring the company of my fellow man.  Hopefully I shall meet some kind of traveller with whom I may exchange a few words.  Shortly I was landing my boat on the North end of the Island of Ice. I quickly made my way through snow across the frigid tundra while trying to keep warm.  The Shrine of Honesty bid me welcome as I felt the warmth radiate throughout me.
Chapter 11: Honesty
Honesty is to uphold and defend he truth at all times.  Furthermore, Honesty requires us to be fair and true to our fellow man; not taking undue advantage.  Honesty is a Virtue often lacking in today’s world.  It seems as though people are out to gain wealth with no regard to Honesty towards other people.  Honesty is the foundation upon which trust is built.  If the foundation crumbles, everything build upon it must fall.   The cold environment which houses the Shrine of Honesty is a testament to its value in today’s society.  the symbolic cold and secluded location show us that only the most dedicated to pursuing Honesty will achieve it.   May we all be Honest with our rellow man and remember to treat them how we would like to be treated.
Chapter 12:  The Path to Sacrifice
I made my way to the West side of the Island of Ice.  From there I launch the Hollandia and sail  slightly North and West.  I land my boat just East of the Shrine of Sacrifice, so my road is West.  Although I enjoy the sea, I am happy to be back on the mainland for the final three shrines.

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