Deceit: A dungeon of horrors

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by Mercenary Justin

My employers have oft taken me into this den of hideous creatures, and I thought that it behooved me to write down what I know of it, now that I am retired from the life of an adventurer for hire.

Deceit was once a temple to forgotten powers of old. It was taken over by mages who eventually were driven out by the depredations of their own evil lackeys. However, many of the magical traps and devices that they placed for their defenses remain, particularly those the wizards used to protect their treasures.

The dungeon is mystically linked by crystal balls placed in different locations. These magical orbs do transmit speech, and even have memory of things that have been said near them. No doubt they once served as a warning system.

Be wary of a brazier that giveth warning when approached: thou canst use it to summon deadly creatures.

There be a tantalizing chest, undoubtedly full of treasure, that cannot be reached save past a complex series of pressure plates that trigger deadly spikes. As I never had sufficient folk with me to unlock the puzzle, I never obtained the riches that awaited there.

Do not investigate the iron maidens too closely, for they make suck you within them!

There is one place where a deadly trap can only be disarmed by making use of a statue that cleverly conceals a lever.

Oft one encounters the deadly exploding toadstool; the ones in Deceit are deadlier than most, as they explode continually. Likewise, the very pools of water and slime on the floor may poisen thee.

The most magical device in the dungeon is a mystical bridge that can only be triggered by a lever embedded in the floor. Be wary, however, for the bridge thus created doth burst into flame when one passeth across it!

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