HoC Meeting Notes – 1/29/12

January 30, 2012 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News


  This weeks meet and greet with EM Drosselmeyer provided a glimpse of the upcoming quest about to go live on the Chesapeake shard. The quest slated to begin 1/31/12 at 9pm EST looks to be quite the grand event. This static event will have multiple start points and endings with varying difficulties for the beginning questor, to the most experienced it should be something for everyone herein. Dross informed those in attendance that each level from 1to 6 would increase in diffculty with level 6 in his own words would be “difficult, obnoxious, and debilitaing!” Also noteworthy was the announcement that level 5 and 6 would also require the emailing or dropping off in game of a detailed book chronicaling what was done, how it was accomplished, to reach each’s end solution. This book should include the players name and contact info as well. Dross proclaimed his email would be checked very frequently to aid those with questions about any of the paths of the quest. We look forward to this new and excited adventure!

  New event fiction would soon be up as well noted Dross as he also spoke of growing civil unrest amongst nobility and commoners alike around the realm. This past weeks tavern night elaborated somewhat to that effect. Duely noted were the mention of a new em event schedule that should be up by next Sunday’s HoC as well as that even though it’s not only the Big Day for bagball in rl but also Drosselmeyer’s Birthday! This Sundays meeting would still go on. See you guys along the quest trail and next Sunday’s eve! GO PATS!

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