Goblin Party

November 02, 2011 By: Tertius Wands Category: Chesapeake News

Fun, Darts, Rides and Terrible Flying Lizards Birds!


On Sunday October 23 the goblins of Pitmuck opened their playground andhomes to all visitors.  The kind hosts started the night off showing off their new works of art which has been called one of a kind and highly unique by many of the leading Sosarian art critics.  As all kind host are wont to do Ozog warned all the guests that during the day large migrating lizard birds had been spotted roaming around Pitmuck Island.  As guest came in to the Goblin Playground a rousing game of darts was held.  Niva the savage claimed the winners purse of 1 million gold with a dart score of 118.  Ozzy was the first runner up claiming half a million gold with a dart score of 102.  Mirt took the third prize of a quarter of a million gold by scoring 87 points.  After darts the group of assembled adventures decided to step out and either scare off the migrating birds or dispatch them.   Sadly the birds were hostile but were quickly dispatched by the skilled mages and warriors that had assembled for fun.  After dispatching the beasts and insuring the safety of Pitmuck Island everyone headed back to play on the wonderful equipment that the goblins have decorated their island playground with.  The jump rope proved to be more then a match for many’s dexterity and splashing around in the pool was a crowd favorite.  There were art supplies on hands for those with an artistic bent and the inquisitive could spend their time attempting to decipher a note from the goblin father.  Yet among all the other things to do nothing beats a ride on the Goblin Merry-go-Round.  It goes around and around and up and down.  Its speed and rapid elevation shifts were both exciting and unique in Sosaria.  Yet this “ride” is not for the feint of heart and NANOC had quite a bit of trouble.  It appeared that he may have become quite ill after the ride but he was able to walk away and did not need a healer fetched for him.


Niva showing her skill at Darts

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