[EM Fiction] Impulse Control: Notes

March 07, 2012 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

Impulse Control: Notes
EM Drosselmeyer

Ryan as always seems to lack the consistency and I daresay the detachment necessary to truly evaluate his own processes or properly catagorize the successes and failures therein. It has been educational watching the formulations he administered in action, in that nearly ninety-five percent of all subjects succumbed within a matter of minutes to the dosages he had prepared and given. Whilst this is a high degree of efficiency amongst such a diverse and divergent population, be it amongst gender, age, and fitness gaps, it is peculiar to note the almost five percent that do not succumb.

Of course, Ryan’s only consideration was to immidiately give them a second dosing, followed by a third in the case of one particularly aberrant individual, but at least I was able to catalogue and catagorize the few similarities that were held by those who exhibited resistant traits. It seems that the most troublesome of these is all had spent at least some time near either the Jukan or the Meer settlement of Lakeshire, the latter being more common for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to discern at this point what exactly set the most aberrant individual apart, but from the few things I was able to have gathered the man hadspent time attempting to learn from the Meer eternals. I suppose it will be prudent to capture a few Meer and Jukans to test on next, and perhaps a brace or three of Gargoyles, elves, and humans as well.

One can never be too thorough.

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