(EM Event/Sakura) The year of the snake

January 19, 2013 By: semmerset Category: Asian News

“Yuki,I have a wish to you. ”

Yuki the snowlady looked ice snake the her pet.

“What’s doing?”
“I would like to go out for a while. ”

Snake wants to go to greet for snake god,becouse this year is the year of the snake.
Snake god like liquer.
So snake want bring a liquer.
Yuki know good one,so she offer her friend.

1/20 9pm JST(7am EST)
Meeting place : A small house in Tokuno (86o 3’N, 28o 41’W Tokuno)
moongate from Sakura EM hall (37o 32’N, 172o 32’E),Nujel’m, Trammel to event meeting place.
Chat chennel : JapanEMevent

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