[EM Event] Things that go Bump in the Night?

October 29, 2012 By: Larisa Category: Origin News

melia wiped the dust from her hands after nailing the lid back on the last chest of items in her father’s underground study. She looked around the area and shivered as a chill walked up her spine. She had come to believe over the past few weeks that the man she called “Father” was really a stranger. She’d been led on seemingly wild goose chases trying to find the origin of the Lanterns and had yet to find the 30 that her father had “liberated”, or stolen, from the gypsies.

Amelia stepped out in the cold night air and looked up into the dark, foreboding skies. It was only a few days until All Hallow’s Eve. From everything Amelia had heard, if they didn’t find a way to stop the undead by then, it would be too late. The recent invasions of undead in the towns would soon turn to a flood and, perhaps, no living creature would remain to tell the tale.

She could only hope the citizens had found some information that would turn the tide in their favor. She couldn’t bear to think of the possibilities if not. Raising her head and straightening her spine, Amelia set off to Britain. It was time to see if the citizens had better luck than she had.

Meet Amelia Cahlaway on Tuesday, October 30th at 6 p.m. PST in the Counselor’s Hall in Britain. If the undead cannot be stopped before All Hallow’s Eve, the world as we know it may cease to exist!

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