[EM Event] Mercenary Investigations

August 03, 2012 By: Larisa Category: Origin News


Lemtar’s ‘investigation’ to find out who was hiring mercenaries to stop all shipments to the infected Ver Lor Reg gargoyles in Ter Mur, didn’t go as planned. It was supposed to be an investigation! Not a life and death battle! But that’s what it turned into. And all Lemtar had to protect himself with was his fine palace attire. Silks don’t hold up well against blades and jaws of death.

Lemtar found Princess Rhista in the room at the quarantine camp she had adopted as her office. She took one look at him and demanded, ‘What happened?’

Lemtar cringed inside and began his report, ‘As you suggested, we went to talk with the gargoyles who have made camp outside of Vesper. They have also sent supplies to Ter Mur, none of which arrived. They believe raiders may be responsible. In fact, while we were there, raiders attacked. The humans were able to fight them off.’

‘They are good fighters. Many of our people underestimate the humans,’ Pincess Rhista gave him a knowing look. ‘Continue.’

‘We found a human who arranged a meet with one of the raiders – Joan. But it wasn’t a meet, it was a trap. We were set upon by hell hounds. The humans were able to defeat them, barely…’ Lemtar bowed his head as he continued, ‘I’m sorry Princess, we weren’t able to learn anything useful.’

‘What are your plans?’

‘To go back and talk to the human who sent us to that trap,’ growled Lemtar. This time he would have armor, sharpened talons and plenty of steel when he met the human.

Please meet Lemtar at Ter Mur Moongate Sunday, 8/5 at 4 p.m. PST

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