The Summoning of Exodus

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News has reached Sosaria that the defeat of Exodus was an illusion, not finally killed after all but merely banished. His Arch Zealot can be found on the sands at the gates of the ill fated Ver Lor Reg entreating adventures to perform a ritual to summon him.

But is it the real deal? Or just a clockwork facsimile?

The ritual requires the use of four keys, the robe the dagger,  the rite,  the altar.



These can be obtained by various methods. All keys have a life span of one week.

The Warrior Path

New creatures and humans have entered Exodus dungeon alongside the more familiar inhabitants.

(Controller, Enslaved Gargoyle, Exodus minion, Exodus OverseerGargoyle Destroyer, Golem, )

Additions to Exodus’s forces are Exodus Drones, Exodus Sentinels and Juggernauts

Opposing them for Lord Dupre are Squires, Knights, and Champions.

Both groups have the potential to drop keys.

The Rogue’s Path

A keen eye will be needed to find the supply stashes, for they are hidden well.

The zealot’s pockets can be picked by those with a light touch, but they are most unfriendly when the theft is discovered.

The Crafter’s Path

The Robe:

Made by a tailor and filed where you would expect to find a robe – in the Shirts and Pants menu, however the tailor may need the aid of other crafters in collecting the components to construct it.

  • 6 leather or hides
  • 6 Abyssal Cloth
  • 5 Gold Dust – made from gold coins by an alchemist (ingredients menu)
  • 1 Fire Ruby

The Dagger

Made by a blacksmith and filed under ‘Miscellaneous’, this unique assassin spike will need:

  • 12 ingots
  • 2 blue diamonds
  • 2 fire rubies
  • 10 small pieces of blackrock

The Rite

Carefully written by a scribe this dark document from the ‘other’ menu requires

  • 5 Taint
  • 5 Daemon Bone
  • 5 Daemon Blood
  • 1 Summon Daemon Scroll

The Altar

Most complex of the keys this first requires an alchemist to  create a Nexus Core

  • 5 crushed glass
  • 5 Dark Sapphire
  • 10 Spider Silk
  • 10 Mandrake Root

A Carpenter then takes this strange brew and adds to it

  • 1 Nexus Core
  • 100 Boards/Logs
  • 10 Granite Stones
  • 10 small pieces of blackrock

Performing the Rite

Only a party may perform the rite, the minimum party having 2 members. Only one altar is needed, but each party member must have their own robe, dagger and rite.

Place the altar on any Trammel or Felucca virtue shrine – remember Chaos is not a virtue.

On top of the altar you will see a tome.

Each party member must wear the robe,  re-join their rite to the tome (doubleclick rite, target tome) and then select their path by using the dagger on the book or on themselves. The party leader – ie the party member who placed the altar, may now begin the encounter (context menu on the altar).

The Battleground

If you were observant you caught a glimpse of the battleground when talking to the Arch Zealot – the barren wasteland that was the Gargoyle city of Ver Lor Reg.

A town moongate sits within the circle of stones far to the west, and behind it a well – worn ankh.

From Official Documentation

  • Exodus may be summoned so long as Exodus has not been killed in the last ten minutes.
  • If at any time during the Encounter Exodus’ HP drops below 60%, additional groups will not be able to join the encounter, if Exodus’ HP regen to 75%, additional groups will be able to join the encounter.
  • Players will be teleported to a random Ilshenar shrine if they opt to not leave the area within 10 minutes of Exodus’ death.  There is a two minute warning message before this happens.
  • Defeating Exodus will give a chance to receive powerful rewards:
    • Scroll of Valiant Commendation[Replica]
      • Gives the character who eats it a +5 permanent gain to maximum stats
      • Cannot be stacked with a previous Scroll of Valiant Commendation
      • If the scroll has been used it will have a “Claimed By” item property
    • Bracers of Alchemical Devastation[Replica]
      • Hit Fireball 35%
      • Mana Regeneration 4
      • Faster Cast Recover 3
      • Physical Resist 10%
      • Fire Resist 8%
      • Cold Resist 8%
      • Poison Resist 8%
      • Energy Resist 8%
      • Mage Armor
    • Hygieia’s Amulet[Replica]
      • Alchemy Bonus 10%
    • Asclepius[Replica]
      • 15% Bandage Healing Bonus
    • Clockwork Leggings(Platemail Leggings) – Imbueable
      • Dexterity Bonus 5
      • Stamina Regen 5
      • Defense Chance Increase 25%
      • Physical Resist 5%
      • Fire Resist 3%
      • Cold Resist 2%
      • Poison Resist 3%
      • Energy Resist 2%
    • Clockwork Leggings(Gargish Platemail Leggings) – Imbueable
      • Dexterity Bonus 5
      • Stamina Regen 5
      • Defense Chance Increase 25%
      • Physical Resist 8%
      • Fire Resist 6%
      • Cold Resist 5%
      • Poison Resist 6%
      • Energy Resist 5%
    • Dupre’s Sword(Viking Sword/Stone War Sword)
      • Hit Mana Drain 50%
      • Strength Bonus 10
      • Hit Chance Increase 25%
      • Swing Speed Increase 35%
      • Damage Increase 100%

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