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Updated October Calendar(EM/Player Events

October 15, 2014 By: Tamais Category: Lake Austin News

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Updated Calendar for October(EM and Player Events

*Important note, Stractis has changed it’s web site, new address is:

Oct. 21st: 2nd part of Halloween – New Doom Event ends December 1, 2014 after server up. Trick or treat ends server up on November 19, 2014.

Oct. 25th: Haunted Hunt: Doom guantlet, Griz peerless, and naked undead dungeon runs. Time: 3:00pm CDT Meeting at WBB

Oct. 25th: Town Council Meeting: 6:00 pm CDT (7:00pm EST) Meeting at Castle Blackthorn

Oct. 25th: EM Event: Suspicion:Time: Time: 8:00pm CDT (9:00pm EST) Meeting at Britain Hall (gate at Luna)

Oct. 26th: Haunted Hunt: Doom guantlet, Griz peerless, and naked undead dungeon runs. Time: 3:00pm CDT Meeting WBB

Oct. 31st: EM Event: Trapping the Fencer – Time: 8:00pm CDT (9:00 EST) Gate at Luna, meet Captain Corian on the other side.

Nov 1st: Halloween Party: Time: 2:00 pm CDT (1:00pm EST) Meeting at UMP Town’s Haunted Inn

Nov. 1st: EM Event -Happenings -Time : 8:00pm CST (9:00pm EST) Meet Dahlia in Britain Hall.(gate from Luna)

If you have an event to add, just let me know.

Lord British’s Visit – The end

October 03, 2014 By: Tamais Category: Lake Austin News

Lake Austin Shard

King Blackthorn: Long live Ultima Online!

Heckles: Huzzah!

King Blackthorn: May it live forever!

Bennu: Long Live the Kings!

King Blackthorn: The one true virtual world!

King Blackthorn: Huzzah!

Bennu: Huzzah!

King Blackthorn: Huzzah!

King Blackthorn: Huzzah!

Rainz: Rainz never die!


King Blackthorn: Long live citizens of UO!


Heckles: HUZZAH!

King Blackthorn: UO the great!

Bennu: Huzzah!

Heckles: *plays with magic fireworks wand*

King Blackthorn: Britannia!


Heckles: HOORAY!

King Blackthorn: Huzzah!

Gotan the Guard: *salutes the future and our shared past*

Lord British: HAPPY 17TH!







King Blackthorn: The honor was all ours!

Lord British: LONG MAY HE RUL!

King Blackthorn: We will return!

Bennu: Long Live the Kings!

King Blackthorn: Goodbye!

Lord British: FARE WELL!


King Blackthorn: You are the greatest!



all together

Lord British Visit Part 2

October 03, 2014 By: Tamais Category: Lake Austin News

lake austin shard


As Minax disappeared, she casted a powerful spell of death. Most were unaware of what was to come.  The spell had summoned  Exodus as a powerful red Daemon.


death arrives


The citizens who had been standing close to the throne room’s carpet, scattered.  But it was in vain.  The daemon dealt death to all without regards to rank.

read demaon


Finding  healers who could resurrect them, the warriors, mages, and nobles began to organize a counter attack.   The first few attacks failed.  But the brave fighters didn’t give up.  I quietly went to see what was happening.  It would make a grand ballad.  Alas my place of safety was anything but.  I soon joined the ranks of ghosts.  Deciding to remain dead, I knew I would stay that way anyways, I was able to get close and watch the battle.  It was a grand battle indeed.  At long last the daemon was defeated.  To our surprise, Minax had not left, but had hidden so to observe and gloat at the deaths.   Unsurprised, King Blackthorn shouted at her, “YOU will not live if you stay much longer. we will slay you where you stand.”

“King you are protected here in your castle but the prophecy will be filled!!!! Minax scoffed, “I will have my day.  my followers are strong and loyal they will die for me.”

“Never.” King Blackthorn replied ,”Conquest is not strength!”

Minax began to weave another spell. “your guards are weak they die to my touch.  With that she snapped her fingers and guards began to join the ranks of ghost.

killing of the guards

“Weaklings,” Minax taunted and again disappeared.

Sighing in relief, King Blackthorn turned Lord British, “King Blackthorn: She is gone finally!”

“Wow!” Lord British exclaimed, ” Unexpected. A Dark omen indeed.”

Lord Dupre shook himself as if he was awaking form a dream ” Finally!”

Lord British looked at King Blackthorn, “I can see things remain ‘complex’ for Britannia.  I am sorry the lands have not been “easier” for you… King Blackthorn.”

Just then Heckles began to hiccup as he sipped from his flask.

Turning in anger, Lord British commanded  Heckles.  “Go get a glass of water!”

Not wanting to anger Lord British more, He bowed his head, “Yes m’lord.”

Lord British began to reminisce, ”  One of my first visit to a throne room like this…People got drunk, screamed profanity, and threw up on the floor of MY castle…

“Sounds like a party, Majesty.”  Bennu the guard said.

Lord British smiled, “Indeed?!”  Laughing he toasted us. ” Long Live Britannia!”

Heckles begrudgingly sipped from his cup of water as libations were passed around.

“Enjoy the libations!” King Blackthorn said raising his cup.

‘Tis more civil for Blackthorn… how strange!” pondered Lord British,  While this throne room is BEAUTIFUL, it could do with a few less CHAOS symbols!

Lord British began to address us, “Tis truly amazing to see this community survive and thrive for so very long. It is GRAND that you all remain keeping EVIL from entering these lands…”

King  Blackthorn nodded his head, “It is this citizenry that makes it last.”

Though, I can hardly imagine HOW with CHAOS as the “order” of the day…” commented Lord British, the began again reminded  King Blackthorn of events long past.  “Lord Blackthorn and I toured the land… When we went to Moonglow, we were ‘mooned’  It was a FINE evening, as I remember…”

“Do you remember our last stop?” Lord British asked the King? “It was in Trinsic, yes? Yes, that scum… he caught me off guard.”

Lord British became angry remembering that event, “He cast a fire field that KILLED ME!!!!  I have heard a rumor… A Rumor of RAINZ!”





Quietly Rainz had entered the room.  With a mischivious grim he began to cast a spell, “In Flam Grav.”




Bennu glared at Rainz, and shouted,”Traitor!”

Lord British winked, “It was glorious!”

“OH MY!” Heckles shouted slipping behind the guards.

King Blackthorn looked  to see what had scared Heckles,  ” Look its Minax!  She’s back.”

“How did this happen?!?!?” Lord British asked in surprise.

Guard Bennu drew his sword , jumping in front of the King, “Protect the Kings!”

Gotan the Guard joined Bennu, “My liege! Must we stand idly by whilst this slaughter occurs?!”

King Blackthorn shouted back to Gotan, ” NOOOOOOO!”

Minax stood laughing at all of them. ” I am so happy. Silly man,  you wanted a demon. I gave you one,  my baby”

Standing with the guard, Lord Dupre calmly stated, “Back for more I see”

“Minax, is this YOUR doing!” shouted Lord British.

” OF course!!” she yelled.

Gotan the Guard prepared for battle, shouting a challenge, ” Minax, ye shall pay for your crimes today!”  Sires, it has been an honor  to serve ye,

but surely we should not stand here idle? Lead us once more! Where too my liege?”

Lord British commanded, “Yes, tis a good time to fight FOR VIRTUE!”

Heckles screamed and looked for a place to hid  “SHE’S SO SCARY!!”

Ignoring the guards Minax smiled at Heckles, “You have done well, want to come work for me.”

Heckles thought for just a second, “AHHHH…Never! The wine here is too good….*hic*

Minax laughted,  “You mean its free. You are a leech.”

“Welllllll….Yes.” he shrugged.

hire jeckles



Lord British glared at Minax, ” Evil Wretch! Do not seduce our people! It seems to serve you for the SHORT term, but lasting power is GIVEN not taken.”

Minax, shrugged, “Oh maybe in the days of the past.  You have not been around.  You do not know the days of these”

“There will NEVER come a day when EVIL such as YOURS will rule!” Lord British said with determination.

“We will see. ” Minax replied, “That throne might be mine soon!!”

” Indeed we will! YOUR foul offspring has FAILED!is dead… again.” Lord British shouted.

“NOOOOO,” she cried, “Yes but the taste of the dead is sweet,” she gloated looking at the dead.  Blackthorn, your throne room is full of bodies and bones!”

King Blackthorn cried “You are most foul!”

” It gives you something useful to do while I rule Fel,” she replied with a wink.

Lord British noticed Heckles ” Where have you been hiding!?!?!?

“Ermm, The wine cellar?”*hic* he asked.

“No Doubt! ” replied Lord British.

“We will rebuild.  We must stand against Minax.” King Blackthorn declared.

“Blackthorn… foul deeds this night.” Lord British stated. “I wish you well in your rebuilding!”

“Indeed,” replied King Blackthorn thoughtfully, “I wish our land was at peace,  But tis never to be.”

Hopefully Lord British suggested, “Perhaps if you would join the path of virtue?!?! It would go better.”

King Blackthorn sneered, ” Oh of course you would use this as an excuse to espouse your rhetoric.  How predictable.”

“Truth is no Rhetoric, as it ever was  ! ” Lord British,responded firmly. ” NEVER was.”  Lord British suddenly shouted, “I AGREE! RAINZ”

Rainz burst into flames.

Gotan the Guard watched.  “Justice grinds slow but it burns exceedingly fine, well done my Lord”



dark side



“MINAX, you have done MY bidding!!” Lord British yelled, “MINAX, you killed RAINZ for ME!” Then he smiled at her, “Revenge is best served by others on your behalf!”

I looked at Lord British in shock as did the rest of the company.  What has happened to him, surely he wasn’t working with Minax.  No she must have cast a spell on him. King Blackthorn was as disturbed as we were.

Looking at him with distrust, “Methinks we have had enough of your trouble.”

Shaking his head to clear it, Lord British asked the King in confusion. “Why do you speak this way… lost soul of a brother?”

for whom

“Minax came because of your presence.” he answered angrily,  “Enough of this foolishness! Minax did not come for me… she lives in YOUR lands!”  He stopped to compose himself.  “My court has become a shambles,  A mockery”

Looking around, Lord British nodded his head, “Indeed it has! Allow me and the good people to help make it right…”

That caught Heckles attention, “I hope I don’t have to clean all this up…I mean…We’ve got wenches for that right?…”

Heckles took another drink from his flask wiping his mouth on Lord Dupre’s cloak.  Dupre looked at Heckles in disgust and moved away.

King Blackthorn continued to confront Lord British. “Tis your fault British, Remember you would have had these worlds disappear

Wistfully, Lord British spoke to his old friend, “We can speak of virtue while we work together…”

Looking at him, King Blackthorn seem to come to a decision, “Perhaps you are not to blame British. But still I cannot trust thee.” he stopped to think, “Methinks you desire these lands again?  Is that why you are back?”

Shaking his head no, Lord British replied, “Perhaps YOUR ways, are not to be refuted, Nor I you…” he paused, “But it seems we BOTH agree… MINAX MUST GO!”

“In at least that much we agree.” King Blackthorn replied.

Bennu the guard, pledged, ” Our swords are yours my Kings, always,”

Just then the Ghost of Rainz appeared, somehow we could all hear his words. “I’m a Death Shroud of the Avatar!”

the death shourd


Lord British asked the ghost, “RAINZ! What say thee?”

” I’m a Death Shroud of the Avatar!”

Confused, Lord British asked him, “Is it DEATH that thou wisheth? It can be served!”

“No, sir.” was the ghost’s reply.

“Do you wish atonement?” Lord British asked.

The ghost said a single word, “Yup.”

” Very well then… IF the KING will have you live… What say thee Blackthorn?”

“Rainz can live.” King Blackthorn confirming Lord British words. ” He has more than paid for his crimes.”  King Blackthorn added, “and he embraces Chaos after all.  So I can hardly fault him.”

“So says the King!” Lord British proclaimed, ”  I see… Rainz, we should speak of the path of Virtue some day…”

Heckles raised his flask in a toast. “Huzzah! Blackthorn the merciful!”  *hic*



Lord British Visit Part 1

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lake austin shard

At my weekly meeting, King Blackthorn gave me the surprising news.  Lord British had recently visited him and called for a meeting of all citizens of Sosarian.  The King requested that I attend to record the events.  I  immediately went out to find an new outfit, after all a girl needs to look her best when meeting the most important personage of the lands.

lord British

The throne room was filled with exited citizens.  Warriors, mages, nobles, and common citizens were all represented.  As I wandered around  people shouting at old friends to whispers of why Lord British was visiting us now.  Though I knew, the King had sworn me to silence.  It was hard not to tell my friends the reasons for the visit.  Lord British had returned to celebrate the 17th year of his arrival in the lands.  He also had heard rumors of the troubles we faced since he left.

gathering 2

 As the excitement grew, I noticed a group clothed in Blue Robes. I couldn’t help but wonder who they were.  Could they be a new cult?  Perhaps  a form of guards, organized to assist us in our troubles.  No matter, the room had  grown  silent.  It was if a silent message has passed from mind to mind.  All eyes were focused on the royal carpet.  At first unnoticed, Heckles had arrived proceeding both Lord British and King Blackthorn.

lord brits jester

We didn’t have to wait long before they arrived.  Both seem pleased with the number of citizens who had come as the room filled with cheers or welcome.  Some pledging their undying loyalty to them.  Greeting us, King Blackthorn then presented Lord British,”Welcome your former lord everyone.”  The cheers grew even louder.

arrival of the king

a welcome back


Looking around Lord British and the King began talking as old friends catching up.  “Welcome back old friend and enemy,” King Blackthorn said, clapping Lord British on the shoulder.  Looking around at the Throne room Lord British replied, ” My lord, what a nice throne room you have built! ‘Tis a wonderous site to behold!”





Looking wistfully at the gathering, Lord British sighed. “Too long have I wandered outside of Britannia!

“I would say I missed you but perhaps that would be an virtuous lie.” laughingly King Blackthorn said.

Not sure if the King spoke in jest, Lord British, ignored the comment and addressed us. “It is a GREAT honor to be back…Even IF somehow… Blackthorn has risen to power…”

“Where hast thou been?” King Blackthorn asked.

Shaking his head Lord British didn’t answer the question, “Blackthorn my dear friend….Do you still follow the ways of CHAOS, as it would appear?”

Smiling, the King answered him,  “Yes but I do rule with a bit of chaos, which the subjects seem to enjoy.”

“As long as all are happy and the people look happy!” Lord British said nodding at us.  He looked again that the throne room, troubled by the symbols of chaos.



new deco

“How fairs the land?” Lord British asked of our King.   Before King Blacktorn could answer, the room suddenly filled with a foul smelling smoke,  announcing the arrival of Minax.  I shivered remembering the last time we had dealings with her.  She looked at the gathering with distain.  Then focusing on Lord British and the King, she began to taunt them.


Minax shouted, “OH Please!!!”

Hiccupping, Heckles gasped at her arrival. Quickly moving behind the Lord Dupre.

Caught of guard by her arrival, King Blackthorn, shouted her name.  “Minax!!!!”


mixa arrives

Puzzled, Lord British turned to King Blackthorn and demanded to know who this woman was.   Quickly King Blackthorn informed him of the trouble and deaths  she had a caused in our lands

Looking angrily at Lord British, Minax  said,  “I can not listen to this any longer.  What are you doing here!  Who invited YOU of all people back to my lands!”

Lord British shouted at her. “Outrageous! who are you to question my return!”

Fearing the King’s and Lord Blackthorns safety, the Royal guard, Willow,  shouted.  Guards! Guard the King!   But they stood as if frozen.

Looking at her and King Blackthorn, Lord British raged, “Chaos… NOW EVIL!”

King Blackthorn stepped closer to Minax  speaking in a low but angry voice. ” How dare you?”

“Oh shut up!   I dare me.” Minax replied.

“Be gone foul woman!” Lord British demanded.  “There is no room for YOU in Britannia!”

“Oh but there is,” Minax taunted.  “Pfft you have no power here any longer.   You are not even king,”

“But I am,” King Blackthorn replied,  ” And I say be gone!”

Minax said with a sly wink “There is lots of room in the in Fel.”

“King is but a title. MY people are still here!” shouted Lord British.

Lord Dupre took a stand between the King and Lord British.    He saw with shock that a mage with standing next to Minax.   It was Anon, once a loyal citizen to the crown.




Lord Dupre: said, looking at him in contempt, “Anon, you worthless slopsucker.   I see that Minax still pulls at thy strings. How could you betray our cause?”

Lord Anon, ” Indeed…” and he moved to stand beside Minax.

Shaking her head, Minax  laughed. “Dupre you are a simple peon”

Still hiding behind the others, Heckles popped open another  a flask, ” This is getting good…”

Lord British drawing his sword, shouted at her. “Woman, you have been destroyed before… and will be again!”

Minax  laughed, ” You think you can hurt me.  You are nothing.” her look including Dupre.

King Blackthorn, “What treachery!”

“Dupre is the finest of men!” Lord British shouted.

“Stay,” Minax commanded Lord Dupre. “Like the dog you are.”

Heckles gasped taking another sip of his ale.

Angrily ,Lord British replied, “How dare you come here? Why do you come?”


  arument 1

Minax asked the king, “Why don’t you feed your dog better Blackthorn he might be faster.”

“Your impertinence knows no bounds,” King Blacthorn replied.

“We thank you,” Minax said laughing again at the King.

Puzzled, Lord British asked Lord Durpe.  ” Who is this ‘Anon’?”

“My lover,  Sweet isn’t he,” Minax looking at Anon.

Looking at King Blackthorn, Lord Anon told him,  ” Lady Minax has shown a light upon you revealing the true traitor that you are.”

Lord British shouted at the her, “Your “toy” will not help you!”

“It is as if a veil has been lifted and I *NOW* see you for who you truly are….” Anon continued.

Lord British asked “What???”

” And what is that?” King Blackthorn looking carefully at Anon.

” Weak…” Anon said.

Heckles *hic*,  “Didn’t see that coming…”

Hearing Heckles, Lord British turned to him “Heckles… are you drunk?”

“Obvie,” Heckles slurring his words.

Shaking his head, King Blackthorn looked at Heckles “Always.”

Heckles: *hic*

Minax threw another bottle to Heckles, “Drink another boy, all you are good for”

“Wow!” Heckles said grabbing the bottle.

Turning back to Minax, Lord British demanded of her, ” Foul lady… what brings you back from… well…THE DEAD?   If it is revenge you seek, you will not find it!”

Puzzled King Blackthorn asked, ” Anon how can you do this?”

“I am *THE MOST* powerful wizard in the lands….” Anon shouted. “You have taken credit for my deeds far too long…”

Minax stated determinedly, ” I am going to rule Felucca. Already I have Shadow Lords and Com. Soon I will have it all.”

” Never!” replied King Blackthorn.

Minax glared at him,  “It will be mine!”

Lord British, ” Anon, what kind of pretender art thou?”

Lord Anon laughed,  “Pretender? Ha!”

“I am every bit a king as British ever was. I am no pretender.” King Blackthorn said with pride.

Interrupting, Minax continued,  “Of course I want POWER.”

“Power, is EARNED, not taken as you do!”  Lord British said.

“Ha,” Minax laughed,   Oh I take it often.”

“We will stop you!” challenged King Blackthorn

Still laughing Minax responded, “With what, you? but you would no  know.”

Having heard enough, Lord British turned to  “King Blackthorn, what say thee? How do you let them live standing in your court?”

King Blackthorn turned to Dupre, “Dupre we must stop them.”

“That statue????” Minax chuckled. ” No chance, Not tonight.”

King Blackthorn looed closely at Durpre. “He is frozen?!? What evil spell?”

Lord Anon petted Dupre, while Minax answered the King,”Oh something I just learned recently”

“Good boy,” Anon said still petting Durpre.

“I have gotten many drunk on the power of Vice and the battles. They going my way just as I have planned.”  with that Minax disappeared.

But not before she left us a gift.





Ancient Treasure Day 10 part 3

September 30, 2014 By: Tamais Category: Lake Austin News

lake austin shardwhite beard

When we found Whitebeard, it was obvious that he had been drinking.  Whitebeard  started laughing, ” Did you see… see that getup she… had on…Ridiculous”  I shook my head, just as I feared he is drunk.  ” I’m a Pirate. *Hic* You should be careful with that one…” ” Why?” I asked. ” You likely don’t know about her… she doesn’t rob towns, or… *hics* trade ships. Steals from other Pirates… *takes another drink* Pretty good at it too, saw her… *hic* take out two Galleons at once on sea, a lot of treasure… it looked… shiny… but… *hic* I sailed the other way. Huh, why? Oh, eh, part of her gig. *hics* robs other pirate ships, so the Navy doesn’t come after her. And if she does get caught… *hic* No one knows her actual hair color, she slips on by as an “injured capture” and claims to be scared and want to go home. *hics* It’s pretty clever.

“So why are the pirates shielding her?” I asked  “Oh,” Whitebeard replied slyly. “They are not… *hic* But, I thought it was worth the risk, since the Royal Guard were going to be there. You all wouldn’t let good ol’ Whitebeard down.” Grinning at me. No we have given you are word of protection but be warned the King will only stand for so much.” I said stiffly. Not noticing, Whitebeard continued. “You think, that’s the first time she’s bragged about it?  You know… how easy it is too fool some poor sloppy drunk guard *hic*  I honestly, think she’s been trained by some… *hic* Thief. She’s, pretty good with… those disu… gu… disguise, kits. Those things. What’s so weird about her. *hics* She thinks it’s funnier to rob us, and get the treasure, while we get thrown in a cell.”

Looking around hopefully, “Someone buy me another drink? I left my  *hic* change purse on board ship.”  Hoping to learn more, I bought him another drink. “What do you know of Merrick?” I asked, handing him the ale. ” Tamais, lass, what a good friend. *hic* “So… Merrick, he tried to warn me… some years ago… What was it… Something… treasure…Oh, the Ancient Treasure! I wouldn’t listen, thought he was trying to edge me out of profit… boy was clever on his own.  So he said, you get trapped, he says, by this treasure… *hic* “His treasure.” Whitebeard mumbled. Said you’d get stuck in some weird sort of limbo, you get to the treasure, but you can’t leave. He said, some girl warned him…He tried telling Tolivar too… But, I think he believed it less than I did.  I’m starting to think, maybe he wasn’t wrong.”   “What girl, a Noble?” I asked. As Whitebeard began to slid down the wall.” *hic*  No, some pretty lass…Says she appears every so often. We got drunk, a week ago… Merrick was rambling. I think he thought he could find a way to save her? Was begging me for the clues I had. *hic* Problem… *hic* I only ever had… two clues, and you’ve got ’em both.” Whitebeard began to laugh wildly. “So, I wanted to help… but I can’t. *hic*.  Angerly I looked at him, remembering those who had been killed.  “So you sent us on a merry chash.” “yep, I felt bad… I lied to the boy, but he was siding with Tolivar. *hic* Couldn’t let him know, I told him everything I knew. *hic*

Whitebeard was looking a bit green, *  I don’t… feel so good…”  I knew the time was running out to gain information. “Did you know that Merrick has turned himself over to the royal guards”  “Nope…I heard, about something… *hic* Some rumor of  sorts, can’t remember what it is, I wrote it down somewhere. *hic*  In an old log book, I’ll try and see… *hics* if I can remember where it is when sober.” *hic* “Woah, is the world spinning for you too? I think, I need to go la… lay down.” Knowing I didn’t have much time to gain information, I asked about the treasure. “What do you think the ancient treasure is?” *seeing things blurry* Whitebeard looked puzzled. ” gold?” “You mean you don’t know that it is?” I asked in surprise. ” Why look for it then?  “You… you don’t think treasure… treasure is worth it??? I hear gold and, that’s all I need to wake up.  You should see my treasure sta… Err… No, maybe you shouldn’t. Cause it’s mine. I… I’m going to go lay down, before It ell you where… where ? it is. Can’t let you have my treasure!” *Kal Ort* he stumbled almost falling. …Kal Ort Por* After listening to Whitebeard, I decided I needed an ale. I sat down and took a drink. How to compose my report for the King? I took another drink. Then  remembering Whitebeard’s condition. I put the drink aside.  Perhaps a walk in the cool air, will be a better help.

Ancient Treasure Day 10 part 2

September 30, 2014 By: Tamais Category: Lake Austin News

Lake Austin Shard

Shouting Agaris, ran back to us. “Hurry, he’s telling the truth. They are trying to make another go of it!” Running back to the tunnels, we found more mercenaries . Wondering who was leading the band, I quietly began searching. Hiding by a wall I found Targon the Vicious.

who is he.


I should have hired Orcs…” he grumbled. ” I told them,  give me three ships and a crew of Orcs! And I would take care of this problem. They give me humans!” In my surprised I broke stealth. “Orcs?”  Spitting, Targon the Vicious replied, “What do you care, you’ll be dead. If these stupid mercenaries can hold their swords right… ” “The Royal guard will win. You might as well give up.” I told him.  . “Agh…I’ll get the higher ground then! Targon the Vicious shouted and ran up the stairs. Seeing their leader turn to leave, the mercenaries began to flee. Kicking one who was trying to run by him. Targon  shouted at the man. ” Why are you fleeing.  No fighting, no pay.”  Pulling away the man continued to running.  “They know they are no match for the royal guard.” I told him.  “What?” I’ve come to kill a Pirate. You should be thanking me.”  Laughing, I told him. “We found the map for the pirate battle. and blocked the harbor. “This can’t be!” he yelled trying to recall away. Failing he looked around for another way . Finding none, he looked at me and begged. “You could take me prisoner, right?  Just put me in a cell?” He reached for his shoulders. I could tell that they had been crafted on Island Chains of Tokuno. The Emblem of the Fox Above a River on his shoulder pad. Looking at them, he drew his sword and attacked Agaris. “No… we don’t surrender, even if I was betrayed. I have a job to do!”  Agaris parried the the attack. “Surrender.” “You won’t take me alive!  Targon said breathing hard. Ugh… I should have… hired the… Orcs…and dodged a blow. “You think that hurts?” he laughed as lunged toward  Agaris. Shuddering as Agaris sword pierced his heart, Dying, he fell to the ground . “That seems to be the last of them, I hope. The others fled.” I need to go to see if Gallia is getting anywhere.


captian of royal guard


Arriving back at Buc’s Den, we found Gallia and First Mate Tibbers talking to a woman, “Are we in agreement?” “Yes, “Captain Elise, The Golden replied. “We hear anything, we send you word But what is to stop you from trying to capture me after you are done?” “My word.” Gallia said, her forehead wrinkled in thought, “Wait…That name… is familiar…Wasn’t there a noble man’s daughter who drowned years ago? Captain Elise, The Golden Laughed bitterly, ” Drowned? I am very much alive, no thanks to the word of “Royal Guards” and the Britannian navy.” Gallia asked puzzled, “How… what are you doing leading Pirates? Your father left you an estate, if you didn’t drown, you could have come home.” ” Oh? Am I too well mannered to be a Pirate? Too well spoken, should I have come home, to what? A family that left me lost at sea and for dead? Oh no, the pirates took me in, they raised me. Captain Elise, the Golden spit is discus. “Britannia…So then, you want your deal, then we’ll seal it. Gallia” “Then it’s settled. But I do have a question. How did you evade capture so long?” asked Gallia. ” Whitebeard? Whitebeard trades his secrets, bribes… but no one has ever heard of you.” Oh? smiled Captain Elise, The Golden:” as she rans her fingers across the golden headpiece over her hair, “Of course they have, they just didn’t know it. Who do you do with a slave girl, who speaks so well, found on a Pirates ship? You let her go, poor little girl snatched from some port or other, no questions asked.” Gallia nodded her head, ” And no one suspects you being a Pirate, a lot less the ship’s Captain.” Captain Elise, The Golden laughed, “Clever… for a Guard. Or are you just a guard too, just as I am a helpless little girl.” Ignoring the comment, Gallia said, ” Then we have a deal for now.”

a new pirate


Watching her leave, Gallia turned to us. “I don’t like the looks of that one. Whitebeard, goes out of his way not to kill. But that one, she has a look in her eye. The Blood Flagon Pirate Captain, huh? “That could be.” I said thinking about what I knew. “King Blackthorn, wanted me to make a deal with them. But, there is something… vicious about her. Gallia contiuned, “I will have to inform him of what I’ve observed.” “She seemed familar to you” I asked. ” Not familiar, no.” Gallia stopped, ” But there was a girl who was lost at sea some years back. I remember coming across the files, when cleaning out a room. Her name was Elise, her father’s symbol was a Golden, something… I can’t remember what. I don’t know, there was not much to go on. They thought the girl drowned at sea. It’s perculiar, Captain Elise, the Golden.” Gallia said thoughtfully. ” I don’t know how much I can advise Blackthorn that this Captain can be trusted. We will have to, for now. They were clearly trying to kill her and take over the Blood Flagon She will trade information, for our temporary protection… for now.” Remembering the murder in Skara Brae, I wondered if there is a tie to the man killed in Skara, He was in golden armor and had a bag with a golden image. I’ll have to talk to Agaris and Dahila later. “Oh, I believe Whitebeard had something to tell us?” Gallia scratched her head, “while I wash this hair dye out, go see what he has to tell us. Agaris and I nodded as she left.

Ancient Treasure Day 10 part 1

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Agaris looked up from his papers, “Have you heard, Merrick turned himself in? I am not sure what it is about, but Dahlia would not tell me anything. Captain Corian has been speaking to him since.”  ” Yes,”  I replied,” I was with him when he decided that. He turned himself in because of Tolivar the Fence. Agaris thought.  “Tolivar,  huh that isn’t important at the moment. We can speak of that later. There are more pressing issues.” Looking back down at his notes, he explained.” I was sent in Dahlia’s place. It seems late last evening, Dahlia and Corian changed the plan. They decided to send her to the parlay, in disguise of course. It was believed to be safer, and it will give her a chance to get a read on this Pirate Captain.”  “I hope that doesn’t go bad. Does the King know about this?” I asked. ” All has actually been going well, strangely.” He looked worried. “The extra Guards placed outside of Vesper guarding the entrance from land to Buc’s Den has helped. We tried to get some placed on the island itself, but believe it or not, the town’s folk of Buc’s Den didn’t exactly appreciate the thought. So we will have to make due with reinforcing it from the Vesper side.” he replied trying to reassure me. Hum, I thought to my self, he didn’t answer if he had informed the King. “Were you informed of the map that was found?” I asked. “Yes, to that effect, I would like to thank Governor Jov of Trinsic. It seems his extra ships have been enough to discourage any Pirate Galleons from trying to hang around outside of Buc’s Den. The king was very pleased how Trinsic’s support was instrumental in making this parlay happen. We have been told to report and make sure the parlay goes through unhindered. We can enter through the Vesper side, and make sure the Guards are still safe as well. As it is the easiest access point, even if it requires a bit more force for whoever our enemies are. We should proceed away. He stopped looking at me. “If you notice Dahlia in disguise, just ignore her. ”

With that Agaris called for the royal guard and we left for Buc’s Den.  Arriving at Trinsic side of the gate, we were attacked by mercenaries. Stealthing over to leader, Targon the Vicious, I wondered who is he working for? That wasn’t important now as the battle became heated. “Hold the gate!” shouted Targon the Vicious, “You don’t get paid if you die! Ha… well at least I don’t to pay the bloody fools. The rest of you better not fail me! ” I couldn’t help but notice that Targon the Vicious stay out of the battle as he shouted at his men. “How dare you flee from combat, if I get my hands on you. “he yelled at a retreating Mercenary. he yanked him back , “You, keep fighting. You die you don’t get pay!” he shouted at the man as he kicked him a back into the battle.” “They told me, “Bandits are weak, don’t hire Juka, hire from the Tokuno Island chains.” He muttered to him self. Spiting on the ground, he began berating his men again. “You, keep fighting. You die you don’t get pay! At least Juka get results.” I looked at him in surprise.  Hiring Jukas? I looked around to see where Agaris was. He was surrounded by mercenaries. I would have to inform him after the battle. Targon the Vicious: continued yelling at his men, “You fight like rabbits! he shouted kicking another mercenary. Seeing we were winning the battle, Targon turned to sneak away muttering . “Why did I not hire Orcs? I told them, you can’t take it from land. Use your bloody ships. Did he listen, No, we can over power them.” he told me. Well I’m out of here, there has to be a better way in.” and he disappeared.

battle at buc gate


foxes defeat

When I was able to return to Agaris”s side,  he was  wiping the blood off his blade, “Huh, they tried anyhow? We should get into Buc’s Den. I don’t think that one’s ready to give up.” He began moving toward the city.. We were greeted by Gallia, a member of the Royal guard. She seemed familiar. Looking carefully at her I realized it was Dahlia. Agaris approached her, “We encountered some resistance outside of Vesper.” Gallia considered what Agaria said. “Did you and the Guards manage to hold the entrance to Buc’s Den?” she asked “Yes, we did” he replied. “Is this the Captain? Gallia whispered?” We will speak when it quiets down.” Looking up, handing Agaris a note, “There is word of an ambush. What do you want us to do? she asked, ” It seems their plans changed, but someone slipped up.”  While they were discussing their plans, first Mate Tibbers sauntered up,” Well we be not exactly t’ only ones after this treaaye.” Ignoring him, Gallia added , The source is mostly reliable.”  “We’ll take care of this.” replied Agaris, turning around, he was shocked to see Whitebeard was listening. “Hello Whitebeard? Why are you here?” A good pirate stays on top of things.” he winked at Agaris, “I have news of the mercenary’s. They’ve somehow dug a tunnel through the side of Buc’s Den. It isn’t very stable, but it’ll allow them to sneak in from the edge of the Island, and into the main tunnels.” Agaris considered what Whitebeard had told him. “Yes, far enough away no one would be looking. Dahlia seems to think… ahem, Gallia, seems to think it’s good. The information, that is.” he quickly looked to see if anyone noticed the slip. I shook my head.  “I will check it out, wait here. Just in case it is false….” said Agris started walking away. Captain Whitebeard stopped him. “We need to speak after your guard has stopped the  mercenaries. Meet me in Britain.” Scowling, Agrais looked at him, “Where exactly Whitebeard? I don’t feel like hunting you down.” “The Pub below West Britain Bank, I won’t speak of the matter here. It has to do with Merrick.” Whitebeard replied walking away.







UO’s 17th Anniversary Party

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Join me for a live, in-game event on TC1 September 25th 2014 at 7pm ET! Meet Richard “Lord British” Garriot and Starr “King Blackthorn” Long at Castle Blackthorn to celebrate Ultima Online’s 17th Anniversary!  

The anniversary parties are always a blast (Thanks to the Dark OverLady).  This year will be very special as both Lord British and King Blackthorn will join us.  If you can’t attend, it will be shown on  youtube .  It will also be streamed live on


Ancient Treasure Day 9 Part 3

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I found Dahlia at the Hall. “Where is Merrick, that coniving… wait… what?” She stopped in surprise.  “My lady,” I continued, ” Merrick has turned himself in to Captain Carian.  He told me Tolivar is the one behind the troubles.” Dahlia thought about the news, ” Tolivar. Did he say why? I told Dahlia of the meeting I had seen. “Tolivar said that he had been betrayed by the very people he had protected as Spymaster.” Dahlia looked at me, nodding her head. “That was something I could never figure out… Merrick said the old Spymaster died, but he never said who replaced him. I couldn’t find out who it was before Merrick. There was a gap in the scrolls, that listed the Spymaster’s names, after they died of course. There are reports of some pretty brutal things done, during those years. All in the name of “Britannia” of course. But, people who should have been jailed for crimes, ended up dead. There was a good period of peace, but lots of bodies. People had other things on their mind then, though. Invasions, terrible rulers. So that’s who Blackthron had Corian setting up to go after. I had a spy listening at the last Town Council Meeting. I suppose I don’t give Blackthorn enough credit, as heso recently returned. Anyhow. Merrick, he should have come to me. I could figured something out. Instead he turns himself in, to the Royal Guard. This is a headache, and we can’t just let him rot in a prison if… Dahlia stopped talking worried that she was bordering on treason.  Looking at me, she asked “Promise me, you won’t let him rot if it comes to it? Perhaps Captain Corian and the King will hear what he has to say.” Shaking her head,  “Tolivar, a Spymaster… he looked like a doddering old fool. But Merrick always said, Tolivar more clever  than he appeared to be.  He warned me to keep my distance. I get it now. If they get a hold of him now, he’ll definitely be executed. He won’t even given a trial like Vos. He attacked two Britannian cities in the same day. Did Merrick say what he was really after. I shook my head. “No, but he did say that someday he will explained how this started.”


start of 7-21 oracle

Looking at me sadly, Dahlia said, ” Enough, I need to think and we have to formulate a plan, to protect Buc’s Den. If the Captain of the Blood Flagon isn’t behind the recent attacks. We need to know what he knows. Whitebeard clearly knows he’s after the same Ancient Treasure. I’ll assume from now, that the parlay is real, Which means we need to keep him alive to know what he does.” I replied that it could be a problem as the pirates had gone in to hiding. Dahlia sighed, ” Pirates, Sherry mentioned a pirate in the Vaults. There was one Finneas mentioned being in Trinsic trying to sell jewels. So we have to assume, one of the Blood Flagon’s main pirate crew, is likely helping Tolivar. Which would explain the Blood Flagon ship attacking Jhelom. What a mess…Ahem.” She turned to leave us. “You all rest up, and take care. We’ve got pirates to deal with in a week.”

Ancient Treasures Day 9 Part 2

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Lake Austin shard

I found Merrick deep in conversation with Tolivar. I quietly moved closer to hear what was being said. ” Tolivar…You can’t do this, Tolivar!” Merrick shouted at him. The shouting drew a curious crowd. This made it ever easier to get closer. Tolivar Fence looked at the crowd in anger. “You know who protected the cities of Britannia, before Blackthorn magically returned? We did, Merrick. Now they have Vos in chains in Yew, to put on public Trial.” he paused, ” A public Trial for all the lives he saved, and the people he protected. They brand me an enemy of Britannia. Are you aware? Blackthorn himself, has Corian ‘working on it.’  Me, who protected it as well as I could absentia a King. No thanks, in the shadows, like a good spy. What about you Merrick, what have they done for you? ” he asked in anger.” Merrick shook his head, ” It isn’t about me, Tolivar. None of this is, it isn’t even about Britannia. All you want is what you stumbled across. What I denied you.”

“Maybe at first, Merrick. Until they branded me a traitor, ‘crimes’ that saved Britannian citizens. All these, good citizens around me. They made it about this, they made it about us. I even helped them get rid of the Traversis. I will not lie down like a good little dog. just disappear.” Tolivar replied turning red in anger.

“You were always good at not being noticed. No one even knew you became the Spymaster, when the original died. After what happened to him… when he went to see his daughter… you’d think we would learn better. All you have to do is call off the attacks, and walk away Tolivar. They won’t ever find you.” Merrick said trying to calm Tolivar.

” Ever the loyal little lad, Merrick. If only I had left you on that pirate ship. You interfered before, but not this time friend. You’ll all be far too busy defending your cities to look for little ol’ me. Even now while you sit here listening to me prattle. I’ll make sure of it. If only they knew, what we did for Britannia, Merrick. But they’ll find out what we can do to it.” Tolivar Fence began laughing ” Perhaps, you should go stop Minoc from burning to the ground.” Still laughing Tolivar disappeared.

Merrick disturbed by what Tolivar said, looked at me. ” What? Minoc, burning? Quick gather the Royal Guards. Quickly.” I didn’t need encouragement. I was already hurrying  to Britian even using magic which I didn’t trust.

orcs in minco


When we arrived back at Minco, we found the outer buildings burning. The city guard was losing to a band of Orcs lead by the orc chiefs Varfu and Lurzuk the Strong.  Seeing us Merrick shouted, “Clear them out, don’t let them into the city!”  After a long battle with many deaths on both sides, we captured the few orcs left. Searching the bodies of the chiefs Merrick found another crude Orchish map. I wondered if these orcs were part of the band we had run into before.  Merrick studied the map, trying to decipher what it said. “It seems to show the orcs are stationed near the…SE End of Covetous along a dirt path.  Hurry we must stop them!”  Without looking to see if we followed, he stepped through a gate.  Arriving, we surprised the orcs.  Catching from behind, we made short the battle.

moutain battle

 I went to talk to Merrick expecting him to be happy or at least relieved. Instead he was muttering in sadness,  “Is it my fault? I thought he had changed…This is my fault, I should have warned Dahlia.  Instead of trying to…He placed his hand on his forehead. ” Tolivar isn’t entirely wrong, Vos will likely be executed, unless someone can persuade judge otherwise. Not that he doesn’t deserve it, a little.  I don’t suppose if they decide to put me in Yew prison as well, you would throw me a spare key? he asked me hopefully. Before answering, I thought carefully. “I will not help you escape, but I will speak to Captain Corian and Dahlia.”  That seemed to reassure him. ” Good, because I’m about to go face some pretty nasty music. ‘m going to turn myself into Corian, and perhaps work it out, if not. Well, if I get a chance, perhaps I’ll tell you what started this. I’m off to face the music, or so it goes. I told Tolivar, you either stay invisible as a Spymaster, or end up dead, Ahem, if I don’t get a second chance. The archery contests… you had to know how terrible an idea, that was.” Merrick stopped grinning. ” Yet you still came. Cheers. Tell Dahlia, I’m turning myself in. If Corian throws me in a cell, tell her she can see me there. Before I change my mind… you should go see Dahlia in Britain Hall” *Kal Ort Por* and he was gone.