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[News] Pirate Threat Eliminated!

February 25, 2014 By: Wildstar Category: Baja News

On Friday, January 10th a special Governor’s Meeting was held to discuss the pirate threat to Serpent Holds. 




A book was found near the boat with the following number series in it:  5220254204.  It was suspected to be a set of coordinates or even a city name and orders were issued to have it deciphered. 





It was further reported that pirates had been spotted in Britain. This lead to concern that every city might be in danger and the King ordered the Governor’s to put their citizens on alert for the pirates but to be cautious.  A KOS (Kill on Sight) was issued for all pirates.  The King also asked that Yew and Trinsic be checked on as they do not have Governors.  The meeting was adjourned and we were to up again the next day on Saturday, January 11th at 7 PM PST.


We meet up with Lord Dupre the next day at West Britain Bank Trammel.  He reported that his scouts had spotted a possible camp of pirates off of Serpents Hold and informed us that the number series was determined to be the word “Trinsic”.




We departed from Serpent’s Hold following Lord Dupre’s boat to the reported camp.




We eventually landed on Bald Island, which is located North West of Serpent’s Hold.




After defeating the pirates in battle, we discovered a book at the camp which seemed to be threatening the Governors and expressed an interest in the city treasuries.







One governor suggested guards for the City Herald, who hold the funds for the cities. 




Lord Dupre urged the Governors and citizens to be careful while traveling in the cities.  The crowd departed as Dupre went to report the events to the King.  The next day, a single Royal Guard was found posted at each of the Governors Offices.




All of the Royal Guards at the Governors Offices were found dead on Friday, January 24th.




On Saturday, January 25th, we gathered at West Britain Bank Trammel where Grindylow the Hag meet us.  She had information on the pirate leader, Longbeard. 




She reported that there was a snitch in a bank, the threat against the governors had been ploy, and she knew which bank had the leak.  She led us to the Bank of Brittania:  Trinsic Bank.  There we talked to Marco the Bank President.




Marco gave us information that took us to the Secret Valley south of Trinsic.  As we were leaving the bank, he was placed under arrest for extortion of bank funds. 




After fighting our way to the hidden teleporter inside the western mountain of the valley, we took the gate in the bottom floor of the mage shop to the pirate’s lair.  There we encountered more pirates and the leader, Longbeard, himself.




After defeating Longbeard and his pirates, the missing gold and gems was found.




[News] Governor’s Meeting January 4, 2014

January 19, 2014 By: Wildstar Category: Baja News

On Saturday, January 4, 2014, the December Governor’s Meeting was held at Blackthorn’s Castle.


King Blackthorn started the meeting with trouble in the city of Serpent’s Hold.  It appears that pirates have made an appearance there and are causing trouble.  There is concern that the pirates are intending to use Serpent’s Hold as a base of operations.  Governors were urged to investigate as the situation would be discussed at the next Governor’s Meeting in a week’s time.




The Governors talked about their concerns and status of their cities.  The King welcomed the only new Governor to the council, Damian (RLV), Governor of Moonglow.




After the Governors had spoken, King Blackthorn let the council know that two cities did not have governors – Trinsic and Yew.  To become Governor of a city, you need to be a citizen, must be least adored, and submit a petition to the King via his secretary, EM Crysania.  One person has expressed interest in becoming Governor of Yew.


After the meeting was adorned, several citizens went to Serpent’s Hold to check out the situation there.  It was as the King described – a pirate’s ship was parked along the shore directly south of the stables and it was defended by pirates.






[News] Rising Lords of Virtue (RLV) Grand Opening Tavern Night

January 19, 2014 By: Wildstar Category: Baja News

On Friday, January 3, 2014, the Virtue Tavern & Distillery (RLV) had its grand opening.   It is located in the Player Run Town, Island of Virtue (Virtue Island) ran by the guild, Rising Lords of Virtue.  Baja’s newest township is located in the southwest corner of Malas.  The nearest landmark is Hanse’s Hotel.




Gates were available from the Luna Bank area.




A small but lively group of people were in attendance.




Dena the Barkeep was kept busy tending to the customers and cleaning the bar.




The first door prize winner was Damian, who was the first person to sing the song, Pub Tune.




A good time was had by all who attended.  This is a weekly event to be held every Friday at 7 PM PST/10 PM PST.

[News] Baja Christmas 2013 Holiday Shard Decorations

January 19, 2014 By: Wildstar Category: Baja News

At West Britain Bank, Trammel, the fabulous Fern Goodfellow was singing her song “Seppo Baby”, which is based on the song “Santa Baby”.  “Santa Baby” was originally recorded in 1953 by Eartha Kitt, but I suspect that Fern was inspired by the Madonna version from 1987.


Lyrics to “Seppo Baby”:


Seppo, baby, slip a rare pelt under the tree

For me.

Been an awful good girl, Seppo baby,

So hurry down the chimney tonight.


Seppo, baby, a diamond-collared unicorn, too —

Light blue!

I’ll wait up for thee, dear Seppo baby

So hurry down my chimney tonight. (*winks*)


Think of all the fun I’ve missed.

Think of all the Dread Lords that I haven’t kissed.

Next year I could be oh soooooooooooo good

If thou’d just check my Yuletide list




Seppo, honey,want Minoc and well, really that’s — not a lot

Been an angel all year, Seppo baby.

So hurry down my chimney tonight.


Seppo, honey, there’s one thing that I really do need — the deed

To a Castle all mine, Seppo baby,

So hurry down my chimney tonight.


Come and trim my Yuletide tree

With gems and gold and every fabulosity.

I really do believe in thee.

Let’s see if thou believes in me (*blows kiss*)


Seppo, baby, forgot to mention one little thing — a ring

Blessed, of course, all my own, Seppo baby

So hurry down the chimney tonight.






On the top of the inner east Luna gate a partridge in a pear tree was singing a UO Holiday Parody song:


The lyrics: 


*Sings a UO Holiday Parody*


Newbie’s roasting in a field of fire, PK’s chopping up their foes

UO carols being sung by a choir, and peeps dressed up like gimps and moe’s

Everybody knows, some black pearl and sulfurous ash or even LRC help to win the evening fight

Looting peeps with their banks full of cash will find it hard to sleep tonight…

They know that EC’s here to stay…

Its luring lots of wide-eyed newbies for to slay and every UO child is gonna try…

To see if UO gifts on shard trade will fly…..

And so I’m offering this twisted phase…to kids from UO – red, or blue….
Though you’ve died and been looted many times, many ways….

Happy Holidays…Haaaaappy Holidays..Happy Holidays….toooo…you….






At the gardens in New Magincia, Trammel, James the Animal Tamer was singing “Good King Wenceslas” in the Christmas Garden planned and planted by Amber Witch, TOBY, and other dedicated gardeners of New Magincia.






[News] Baja 2013 Winter Holiday Themed House Decoration Contest Winners

January 19, 2014 By: Wildstar Category: Baja News



1st Place – Santa’s North Pole

2nd Place – Willie’s Shack

3rd Place – Jackie Blue


A scroll on a podium was placed in front of the winner’s houses proclaiming their accomplishment and they were also recognized at the Awards Hall in Malas.

Congratulations to the winners!


 Santa’s North Pole










Willie’s Shack




Jackie Blue


[News] Baja Holiday Party 2013

January 05, 2014 By: Wildstar Category: Baja News

On Monday, December 23, 2013, a holiday party was held at the Skara Brae Faire Grounds in Felucca, so that all citizens could attend.




Before the events started, EM Crysania was given a special dress by Veral.




The first event was sharing favorite UO Christmas memories.  EM Crysania shared the first one.




The next event was Polar Bear Summoning.  The goal is to summon as many polar bears in two minutes.  If there is a tie after the two minutes are up, the next person to summon a polar bear wins the round.  Mama Faith summoned an amazing five polar bears during her first round.  This earned her a bye until the final round.  The winner after three rounds was Douchebag of $CF$ (Min).




After was a tour of the Winter Holiday Theme Decorated Houses, starting with the homes in Felucca.  The last event was a gift exchange.  If you bought a gift in a bag with your name in it, you were eligible to participate.


Santa finally made his appearance and handed out the gifts.





After all of the gifts were given out, Santa wished everyone a “very very safe and happy Holiday and peace and joy” and then said “Thank you for being Baja”.

[News] Saving Winter Wonderland!

January 05, 2014 By: Wildstar Category: Baja News

(This event was originally scheduled for the 21st)


The citizens of Baja received word on Thursday, December 19, 2013 to meet at West Britain Bank, Trammel.  There we meet Wonderland Fairy who requested our assistance in saving the winter wonderland of Baja.  Apparently snow fairies create the snow that blankets the ground this time of year.  Their snow making machine has been broken by a group of evil creatures called Humbuggers. 




She told us to go to the Eastside Park in East Britain and we would find the way into the snow fairy’s secret area.  Located there was a magical device which teleported us to the secret cave where the snow is made.




Within the secret cave, a machine called a heat dispenser (activated with the word “humbug”) acted as another magical transport device and teleported us to one of the secret desert areas of Malas.  There we encountered Mobile Snow Melters and BahHumbugs who were working with the Humbuggers. 




Finally the BahHumBoss appeared and after it was defeated, the Wonderland Fairy declared that we had saved the winter wonderland and that the portal was closed.  We returned to West Britain Bank and were directed to return to the Eastside Park.  There we found EM Crysania’s Toy Chest as a thank you for our efforts.



[News] December 2013 EM Trivia Contest

January 05, 2014 By: Wildstar Category: Baja News

EM Crysania hosted a trivia contest at the Rewards Museum in Malas on Saturday, December 7, 2013.  She asked questions from several categories including the virtue system, Baja specific history questions, and general game questions and you had to answer in the form of a question (typos allowed – Thank goodness!).





Laura was the first to answer a question correctly.





The winners were:


1st place – Laura


3rd place – WildStar


A statue was placed in the Reward Museum with the winner’s name, place and event.





After the contest was over, EM Crysania announced both a Winter Holiday Theme House Decoration Contest and the EM event on December 21nd saying “DON’T miss it – you’ll be sad if you do :P.”

[News] Rat Queen Defeated!

January 05, 2014 By: Wildstar Category: Baja News

On Saturday, November 30, 2013, we meet Grindylow the Hag at West Britain Bank, Trammel to resolve the city of Britain’s water issues.




We were directed to find the Old Rat Gardener located at the Poison Water Plant Garden in the Rat Village Ruins located near the Sacrifice Shrine in Ilshenar.





The Old Rat Gardener was very unhappy with his assigned task and helped us with information regarding the Rat Queen.  He told us about a shrine to the Rat Queen, which was located due north along the mountains.  In addition he gave us the words that would activate the shire.  They were “RUKCKO CHARUCH KYRK TT!”





Grindylow and the Rat Queen had a discussion which ended with the Rat Queen saying “As You Wish.”  Everyone including Grindylow knew that that was not a good sign.  Almost immediately after that, the Rat Queen’s army appeared including Rat Queen Guards and Defenders, Mutated Rat Wardens and Poison Water Plant Bugs.





After defeating her army, we engaged and defeated the Rat Queen herself.





We returned to the Old Rat Gardener and gave him the curative waters to start the processing for curing the waters.



[News] Rat Queen Poisons City Water?

November 30, 2013 By: Wildstar Category: Baja News

It appears the rumors King Blackthorn mentioned at the Governor’s Meeting about the Rat Queen plans appear to be true.  The water supply of Britain has been poisoned and citizens are falling ill.




We meet with Grindylow at West Britain Bank on Saturday, November 23, 2013 where she brought this situation to the attention of the citizens.




Grindylow directed us to speak with the Sewer Worker nearing the entrance to the Britain sewers.  This leads us on a quest for information which took us from Britain to Zento and finally to Isamu-Jima Island’s south west area near the shipwreck and kappas.  It turns out – for now – that this is just a problem of the city of Britain and Brittany Bay as the contamination has spread into the bay and is affecting the marine animals.





A man named Moagra was there mediating on the problem as he had been in Britain and was aware of the problem. Next to him was a basin of curative waters.  After defeating creatures sent to stop us, we each took a sample. 





We were also advised to look at locations where rats where known to be.  Laura located a barrel of poisoned water at the Rat Village located near the Sacrifice Shine in Ilshenar guarded by a Rat Queen Guardian and several of us rush there to help her.






The waters remain poisoned and we are scheduled to meet with Grindylow on Saturday, November 30, 2013 at 7 PM PST at West Britain Bank for the next step in curing the waters.  Until then I would bring your own drinking water when visiting Britain.